Tim Hortons

1146 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 775-5203

Recent Reviews

wayne faithful

Great staff fast service

Jeff Stoehler

Not a lot of room for social distancing while standing in line. Tight parking lot.

Garnet Watkins

Was a comfortable social atmosphere.

dave choquette

They keep scrwing up my orders

Dylan Lucas

It must be impossible for this location to get an order right in a reasonable amount of time

John Sr Thompson

good service. Coffee was good.

Judy Newton

Nice place to get together with friends. Great coffee and donuts.

Gretchen Barrymore

quick, food was good and their coffee is their coffee. I like the dark roast best

Jun Salazar

good people and nice place to have hot coffee..


Just came home and I live up the street. So there was no way the chicken wrap should have been soaked like that and under cooked. The end was so soggy the skin came off the chicken and became detatched in the bottom in a soggy mess of a wrap. The bagel I ordered was also not toasted. I don't care how fast you have to serve people, making the toaster run faster just under toasts your items! I was nothing but polite despite the young man at till forgot to ask me about dipping sauce along with other questions you are expected to ask like "would you like to make that a meal." And not pushing down all the way on the lemon flavour for our frozen lemonade. It was very plane and had hardly any taste. I have worked with this company for 3 years and sadly I will not go to this location if I see the same corner cutting staff there. :(

Jim Ducharme

Nice little snacks and hot meals! Just like all of the other Tim Hortons

Dan Hart

Good place for Tea & a vizit..

long johnson

If I'm honest. They've gone down in quality a lot the past few years. And the staff can barely ever speak English at almost any location anymore...the coffee is a 50/50 chance of freshness...doughnuts are seemingly always out of what I want. Some locations seem to always say they're out of what I want until I continue to order another kind. Then suddenly they have it. (Once they realize I'm still gonna buy one regardless...not all locations do this it seems. I'll be honest) and if you're white...good luck getting a job there...wont happen unfortunately..that's the reality. They're rather racist at most locations due to the fact it's all foreigners and there families working there now. (My friend actually worked there so I do know this to be fact) the nest thing is the speed. The place has been set up for quick service. But don't be surprised if you still wait 5 minutes for pretty much anything. Sorry to say...my old favorite place...is now somewhere I avoid going if possible. I actually choose Mc Donalds coffee over this place now...which is kinda sad. Lol

Jordan Fisher

Horrible experience here . Took forever to communicate through drive thru microphone to an uninterested employee who was very hard to communicate with in terms of enthusiasm regarding an ingredient to replace milk/cream with in coffee. We proceeded to wait 10 minutes at the window burning gasoline just to receive A refund. They told us they had almond milk, they told us they had soy milk and then they sent us away saying they didn't have any at all. No offer for a refund until we demanded one. They made us wait in between while chatting and laughing to one another and eating food. awful experience definitely not ever recommending or going to this location again, I hope they get new management.

r miller

Had a beyond meat burger. Poorly done. Better to go to a and w. Donuts, coffee always good here though as is the service staff.

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