Chipotle Mexican Grill

13501 Connecticut Ave, Aspen Hill
(301) 598-2215

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This Chipotle has gone down in quality these last few years. Firstly, the portion sizes are bad. They give you tiny scoops of everything especially if you order online. Though there are some exceptions, the workers are going to give you attitude and be unpleasant. If you visit this location you have to be vigilant and make sure they’re giving you everything you asked for unless you’ll leave disappointed. The only good thing about this restaurant is the taste of the food compared to other Chipotles. I recommend spending your money and time elsewhere.

Mona Mahrous

The service is very bad and they are very rudeI asked for a a steak and she put chickenWhen I told her I want the steak she add a litte bit of steak on top of the chicken !I told her I don't want chicken at all.she giving me a look.As a punishment she started to do other online orders and left me waiting for 10 min to finish my order

ED Folan

I have been visiting this locations for years now and the service has gone down hill over the past year or so.The staff is mostly rude and for multiple occasion, they yell at customers if they request change of what the staff put in their food without asking the customers. For most, they speak little to no English so they would rather ignore your request. Last week I was there and the cashiers refused to give a kid in front of me a cup for water. I will never go to this location again.

Brenda B.

Horrible customer service. Employees seem so annoyed with customers. I placed an online order and my order was not done by the time I was scheduled to pick up. I was past the time of pick up and still had to wait a while. Always something with this location.

mayerly fuentes

Not goodI still can't believe what happened today at chipotle mongomery mall. the staff are so contemptuous when dealing with customers ... how is it possible that they hide to not attend, regardless of whether they are not to your liking, it is A SERVICE THAT I AM PAYING so that they hide and to top it off they serve with a bad face what a thing so horrible to feel that they don't want to serve you even because they were begging for their food

Will K

The kitchen looked like a mess, especially the mobile order pick up area. The printer that printed the order names reached all the way to the floor from the table. No one attended to the line of people waiting for mobile orders. I had to interrupt or call out for a worker while they were handling the dinner rush. People were cutting ahead of each other. There was no order or system. It was chaos.My food tasted cold. I set a pick up time for my mobile order but I bet it was maid ahead of time seeing the mobile order ticket printer. The portions seemed decent for the price, but definitely skimped out on the meat. Didn’t even order double meat but there was barely any meat.

Tetiana Efremov

My friend ordered a burrito for me. I was already having a bad day and then I got my burrito with no meat for some reason( it was supposed to be a beef). Thank you chipotle for making my day even worse

Steven I.

It's so weird every time I eat here it makes my stomach hurt. They also skimp on meat/ portion sizes. Definitely not going there again.

Mvr P.

Extremely poor customer service. Extremely rude, condescending cashier. Need to figure out a way to set up a second line to do online orders so that the in-person is not completing with an losing to the online customer.

Ayana H.

Aside for chipotle being my kids favorite food there is nothing left to desire here. Service is horrible, staff are constantly rude and speak about customers in Spanish especially to their faces if they don't think you understand. Today Zach decided to be rude when we asked for double chicken because he assumed we didn't care to pay for double chicken. Unacceptable behavior. Food was hot and fresh which is why I didn't completely take away the 2 stars I gave but honestly this has to stop!!!!

Eric U.

Cant get their orders right to save their lives. Ordered a meal with lettuce. They didn't put any lettuce, last time I ordered, I ordered their new steak and only got 3 pieces. This place needs new management & workers. Preferably one's that can read.

Nagi Nocturnal

Usually good. Went to pick up a mobile order and the food we got, while having the correct order and name in each item, we're completely wrong. How much energy does it take to confirm you are doing your job right? I'm allergic to avocado and my chicken bowl was a pork bowl with extra guac.

Tamim Amini

The worst Chipotle store in Silver Spring area. Order online and then you will have to wait hours to get your food. Definitely not ordering from this store anymore!

Brad T.

Worst experience I've ever had at a chipotle. Very unorganized, poor communication, registers down, and I waited for over 20 minutes for chips and guac and queso and walked out.

Talia Y.

Unfair treatment here ! I went to order behind another customer, and asked for guacamole. I was told it was reserved for online orders. Although that was off I accepted it. Then I saw the cashier hand the person in front of me guacamole. I then asked the cashier about guacamole again, and mentioned me seeing him give the person before me it. He replied that he couldn't give it and that person talked to the manager and asked, "would you like to speak the manager?" After saying yes, he came back to me without the manager and smirking saying "we don't have any". I looked to the right and saw the guacamole in the "to-go" station. He continued to smirk and ignored me when I addressed him. The manager never came out, I was lied to, and watched a customer before me get treatment that I was unable to get as a paying customer. Won't be returning to this location!

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