Original Captain Harvey's Submarines @Logan village shopping center

3435 Dundalk Ave, Dundalk
(410) 284-7772

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Ebike life

Great atmosphere! Great food!

Samuel Venable

It's like going back in timeSame courteous service same food everything is great

Norkeita Beckham

I haven't been here since I was a little girl. My Dad used to take us/siblings thare when we were Kidz. I've been wanting to go there since I thought about it as an adult. A friend of mine took me there out of LOVE!! He even brought my food. I got their famous cheese steak sub. IIT WAS THE WORSTESSSSSST!! NOT LIKE IT USED TO B!! IM GOOD, THE ONLY THING ABOUT GOING THERE IS BEING ABLE TO LOOK OUT AT THE BEAUTIFUL WATER. ONCE U FIND IT!! GOOD LUCK!!

Nancy H.

I live in Arizona but was visiting in Maryland and grew up as a young adult eating at Captain Harvey's on Dundalk Rd I was so excited to see that it was still probably the best cheesesteak sub Anywhere

Pamela Gatewood

Be more like the original that everyone remembers..Real steak! Yelling down the line, and getting enough meat to make multiple subs. The meat was flavored well, but definitely not worth the price from the original Captain Harvey's. Sadly disappointed.

Sean Holland

love they for they and i go they every season

Wayne Kmieciak

The best steak -n- cheese sub in the World! Been eating them since 1973. Live in NC since 2018,and still travel to Dundalk every year to get the sub. FANTASTIC!

Dutch Havoc

Back in the day, Caprain Harvey's used to be the best. In the past 10 years they've changed drastically. I remember when they used to be packed, but now it's hardly anybody customers there. I think the owner changed and clearly the cooks. The meat don't even taste the same. Soooooo disappointed. Somebody over there needs to be paying attention and saying something.

Joe Schmoe

One of the worst cheesesteak subs I think I've ever had. I have never seen a cheesesteak not cooked to order before. There was a big pile of onions and a big pile of steak just sitting on the grill. I watched the worker put the cheese on the bun instead of on the meat so it melts into the meat. I'm perplexed. Someone please forward this place instructions on how to cook a cheesesteak. Put the steak on the grill and cook it fresh, chop it up then add onions then put the roll on the grill to heat it up so it gets a little resistant from the steak, then add the cheese when it's almost done and mix it around. I've never had such a wet and soggy cheesesteak before. I don't even know what else to write.

Daniel Maryland

Food is absolutely awful. Earlier in the week I purchased a cheeseburger sub....I’m not sure what the patties were made of but it was absolutely awful. It tasted like some type of unflavored meat byproduct and had a grayish color to it, and also smelled awful. I’m all about second chances so I gave their cheesesteak sub a try and that was just as bad. It seems the ingredients they are using on their sandwiches is of very low quality. My entire bun was soggy and could not even pick it up to eat. I ate a few bites of the meat with a fork and called it a day. The fries were good though. Lol. I would not recommend this food at any price. Will not be returning. Definitely not the old Harvey’s I knew years ago.


Horrible cheesesteak, nothing like Captain Harvey's use to be. Trashed my sub after 2 min of opening it.Soggy bread, not even toasted, steak not cooked well. DO NOT EAT HERE.

Bob Miller

Quick service. The sub was loaded with steak and onions. Very good


Great experience. Food was excellent, and service was top notch. This place is still fantastic and a Baltimore staple! Keep up the great work.

J Kang

The meat that naturally falls off while eating your sub will be enough to make a filling steak sandwich. I've been coming here for years and I loved every steak sub since.

Tammy Mcmillen

The best sandwiches in Baltimore tons of meat real steak not from a box yummy fried mushrooms

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Original Captain Harvey's Submarines @Logan village shopping center

3435 Dundalk Ave, Dundalk, MD 21222
(410) 284-7772