Toki Tako

711 W 40th St Suite 155, Baltimore
(443) 708-4993

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Delcia Whitaker

The sliced picked radish was so good. Also got a mushroom lettuce wrap. The mushrooms were Oyster mushrooms cut up in chunks n tasting great.Kid-friendliness: Nice for children. Pink tones inside calm.Parking: Plenty of Convenient spaces.

Ashia Shelton

This is my 5th time ordering from this place. The food is OUT RIGHT DELICIOUS.

Leah Knapp

The food was really good and tasty. We all had bowls, and can’t wait to go back to try the tacos and tots.

Ruth Harrington

This place is soooo good!! Like best fusion tacos I’ve had a in while! Everything is so fresh. The ambiance is super cool and fun! Definitely gonna be the spot to come if you in the area!

Alyssa Boyd

Oh my goshhhhhhhhh!!!!! This place should have long lines onto 40th Street! The Korean Chicken Sandwich is better than Chick fil a! Popeyes!!! Anyone! Hands down the best bites I’ve ever had in my foodie life! I also ordered a taco, Toki tots and a rice bowl……ALL SLAMMING!

K Danyelle

Went here & got the rice bowl there was a strand of what I thought was hair, I told the hostess/cashier and she inspected it and pulled the strand out & informed me that it wasn’t hair, but that it was actually “clothing fiber” and I should be okay to eat it. To me that’s very disgusting and unsanitary! No refund or new bowl was offered. Will not go there again because of this! Nothing should be in my food except for MY FOOD…not hair, strands of clothing, nothing!

Erinna Kinney

My daughter loves this place. We go at least 3 times a month. Excellent food. Quality ingredients. Definitely recommend.

Elan P.

Treat workers with care , get great service I order this on break and it's always receiving orders I'm sure so the only thing I would do is order ahead of time!

Michael L.

We eat here twice a month for lunch - coming from Mt. Vernon just for the legit Korean SSAM with spicy pork belly and some other fusion food (like their tater tots). Been here at least 6 times and never disappoints. Even my co-workers, non Asian food eaters usually like it. Prices aren't "cheap" but medium for a lunch out and healthy if you order the lettuce wraps.

Shauntia M.

Just look at the place Toki taco is an amazing addition to the Rotunda store front, offering A the perfect fusion of Korean and Hispanic flavors. I stumbled across Toki because I was really craving Korean barbecue but I also when it tackles and it blew my mind that a place like this existed. I ordered the bulgogi and the pork belly taco the bulgogi taco was by far the best taco at Toki when I tell you flavorful I mean flavorful the meat wasn't dry and it was so mouthwatering I want to say the same for the pork belly taco but that taco fell a little bit short it didn't have any sauce on it and it was just underwhelming it could use a bit more seasoning and a nice sauce to really elevate it. The Korean fried chicken sandwich is definitely one of the best chicken sandwiches that I've had this year it's glazed in the sweet gochujang sauce with mayo and like a cabbage slaw and it was only eight dollars when I tell you that sandwich was huge the sandwich was huge I had to split it with a friend and we still didn't end up finishing it. Overall I do recommend Toki. I'm eager to visit again to try all the other menu options such as the tots

Muriel J

Another new local food in Bmore! I enjoyed my Doshi! Ordered pork belly and it was really good. I like how you can choose different sauces for it and it comes with 2 kinds of sauces per order.

Christopher S.

One of the best Korean tacos I've had! Toki Tako is a small restaurant that shares the plaza with other shops and with MOM's grocery store. Previously only offered take-out due to COVID but looks like they are now allowing dine in as well. The tacos are definitely the thing to get here (3 for 13$). I personally enjoyed the Bossam tako (pork belly with some pickled veggies) the most but the spicy pork was a close second. The tacos were incredibly flavorful and well balanced with lots of Korean influence demonstrated in the pickled radish and the gochujang flavored sauce on the pork. The pineapple kimchi was such a creative take on classic Al pastor style tacos! The taco portions may seem small at first glance but they three of them definitely make for a filling meal. Also tried the Korean cheesesteak and the Japanese style tater tots which were also great.

Pam G.

This is better than I expected and they have a lettuce option. Everything was flavorful and fresh. The bulgogi and chicken SSAM were so good. I will be back.

kevin boles

These are Korean Style Tacos ? I got the 3 pack short rib tacos and was totally satisfied. The flavors complimented each other to make this an unexpected treat. I will be adding this to my list of places to visit when I get hungry.

Tracey Holley

Had the new Korean beef cheesesteak. It was heavy. Needs lettuce and tomatoes maybe to lighten up. Flavor was good.

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