Valentino's Restaurant

6627 Harford Rd, Baltimore
(410) 254-4700

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Rebecca Purdie

This has been our go to place for most of our lives. We are long time customers who have ordered every week. Lately, the customer service has been so poor, we are looking for a new place to order our family take night from. Most of our friends in the area have long ago given up on them but we stuck it out. Tonight, they made my food wrong and it is inedible (happens sometimes, not anything gross, just not edible) so I called to ask for a credit or refund due to not being able to go back for a replacement at this time. The girl who came on as manager was rude and told me they could do nothing for me unless I bring it there. We are 20 mins each way away. We have already been there once tonight. She offered I could bring it another day. How long do you think I should keep the food that will be rotten? I told her she could clearly see how often we order. The problem with the salad is actually noted ON OUR ACCOUNT. Under both phone numbers even. We call so much, the girl told my boyfriend our order as he ordered it. But we aren't good enough customers to trust us and reimburse us next time I guess. Too bad, cuz for the most part, the food is delicious. The front of the house is ruining their long time reputation.Looking for a new spot to spend my money.(No pics or details posted only because the mistake with the food was absolutely NOT a deal breaker. The customer service IS)Dietary restrictions: Request wasn't followed

Bangie's Daughter M.

Finally tried something different. Got a cheesesteak sub instead of the Alfredo. It was actually good. It wasn’t the messy sub I wanted lol, but it had good enough steak, pretty seasoned, bread was fresh. It was cool.

maralice scacchetti

I came to this restaurant while exploring Baltimore with my family. The service was first-rate, and our great waiter put us at ease right away. Definitely coming back.

Amanda Farren

Great place to come in for take out. They have it down pat. It's like a high quality restaurant and a fast food place combined. Not sure if they open the dining room these days or not. I'm always a late-nighter. Staff is friendly and serve very efficiently.

Shannon W.

Wow Valentino's delivers! I couldn't believe it when the DoorDash driver handed me the bag. It is 5x as heavy as the food I ordered last night! With all the sides like bread, veggies, etc this meal is like 3 meals! The portions are crazy generous and the food is high quality and delicious. It's rare to find both at the same place! Not sure why this restaurant has 3.5 stars??? I'm one picky foodie and this place deserves 5 stars. I ordered a Greek Salad and the simplest pasta spaghetti with marinara sauce. And a breakfast sandwich for tomorrow. I haven't read the other reviews but if it's because of the cost of their seafood be lucky Valentino's still has seafood. Many restaurants discontinued it because of supply chain issues and fear customers wouldn't pay the increased costs. I think it's honorable such a Baltimore staple has the integrity to keep with its menu and what their customers want.

Eric A.

So happy to see this community staple still standing after so long. Food was just as I remembered.

Prentice Mellott

I found this eatery while traveling with my family around Baltimore. The staff provided excellent service, and our outstanding waiter immediately put us at ease. Definitely returning.

Hailey N.

Hands down the best onion rings ever. I always order the cheesesteak and onion rings and it is the best takeout meal ever!

Virginia Harrell

I have always loved the open face turkey dinner until this last time. I never minds the cost because the turkey was real sliced turkey but this time it was made with smoked turkey lunch meat. Not sure what happened but I’ll ask next time before ordering from there again. Very disappointing.

Tamelia Ward

My wife ordered some shrimp Alfredo and I ordered some chicken and shrimp Alfredo,the food is bland. The sauce is very bland and watery and the salad omg is just dreadful. Tried seasoning the food and it didn't work. We use to eat here all the time,I'm sad to see their food is failing. But the customer service is still great! ?

Shania H.

Omggg Soo I just had my Dinner from this lovely establishment and. I must say this cheesesteak was good juicy and flavorful. The only bad thing I have to say is. I just wish it was more meat on the sub but maybe next time cause. I'm definitely ordering again

Elizabeth M

Stopped by for carryout on a Fri evening,got our food 20 min after ordering which was not a long wait.The cream of crab soup was on-point and delicious, first time trying it and def will again!!! Fiance ordered the steak and Caesar salad,he said the steak was a bit dry,and the corn was bland-under seasoned. Overall they have good food,and prices are reasonable so will give 'em a go another time probably.

Adam N.

Valentino's is a community staple. I have been ordering food from them for 3 decades. This is why sharing this review breaks my heart. I placed an order today and it arrived incorrectly prepared. When I called, I wasn't rude, but whoever the supervisor this day was. All I asked was that it to be corrected and I was met with an indignant attitude. When I make a mistake in my line of work, I do my best to make it right. I had hoped they would too. I've loved this place for a long time and can't imagine this type of customer service is what George envisioned when he opened this restaurant. They have always had great food. But today, their customer service was absolutely abhorrent. When you examine these more recent reviews, they seem to be developing a reputation for treating patrons poorly. A truly proper way to kill any business.

Rozay K.

i ordered the steak and cake and the crab meat was old and had a bad smell and the foundation was poorly made it crumbled into pieces

Kayla Hinton

Food is always pretty good but I ordered a chicken Caesar salad and it was alright except for having to pick out wilted lettuce. Update I wake up and I couldn’t even make it to work because I have the runs. Smh something had to be bad. Taking my stars back.

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