Five Guys

45250-B Worth Ave, California
(301) 863-6111

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Fries were awesome! Burger not as big as usual.Food: 4/5

Michelle Robertson

Very satisfied with the customer service and food at this establishment. Mr. James Darling promptly offered a solution when my meal was not accurate and even gave a hand-written apology for the inconvenience. This place is very well managed, clean and takes pride in its customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them.Kid-friendliness: They are always attentive to children's needs and always tell the kids to help themselves to peanuts as they wait.

Mark Lynn

MIKE SAVES THE DAY!!After walking out in the midst of a TERRIBLE experience elsewhere on Veterans Day we decided to go to Five Guys (California, Md.) for a guaranteed great meal and great service.We were greeted by Mike who could not have been more welcoming or professional. I humorously relayed our prior experience at a nearby competitor and then chuckled when I said, "No pressure, Mike" He smiled and replied, "I can handle pressure".Everything was flawless. Mike even took the extra moment to follow up with us and make sure everything was to our liking. We assured him that everything was perfect.If you read this and you visit the California, Md location, please ask for Mike and tell him I said hello.

Betsy Stevens

This is one of the very few restaurants that never disappoints. The food is great. They are FAST. And everytime, I have left in a better mood than when I went in because they are always friendly and personable, with customers and each other. It is always a pleasant experience.Food: 5/5


To each it's own..I love the ? can't eat the fries too greasy for me.

Samantha Haering

Took 3 different tries for them to get my burger right, forgetting different toppings each time. Really glad we were sitting in the parking lot to check instead of going straight home. I got a free soda (thank you to the gentleman working the register, I’m sure my frustration was written all over my face) and “they don’t always read the order right” as their apology/reasoning/excuse…not sure the best one to go for there…it’s appreciated, but would’ve been better if you guys had got my order right the first time. Five Guys is usually good…don’t know if it’s this location or the people on the grill…but what a disappointment.

Ray M

Came here and got 2 burgers and 2 fries and I placed the order online and when I got there after they said it would take 10 min and I went it to get my order and they all laughed and said they gave my order to the wrong person and that it would be another 10-15 min as they continue to laugh... First... I get mistakes happen... But If you make a mistake don't sit there and joke and laugh at the person that YOU messed up... I WOULD NEVER GO BACK TO THIS LOCATION!!!!! HIRE PEOPLE THAT AT LEAST CARE AT A BASIC LEVEL.and before they wanna try to defend against my comment... I've been a professional Chef for about 15 years and NOT ONCE have I EVER laughed at a customer when I MESSED UP!!!

Liz Purcell Leskinen

Ordered burger with lettuce wrap. Got plain burger in aluminum tray. Did not discover until home. Called and was told they were out of lettuce! No warning. No apologies. No mention. A burger joint next door to a grocery store - out of lettuce!


Thinnest burger I’ve ever seen in my life, too small for the bun. Old fries, just the ends nothing normal sized. This place has gone downhill. For this stuff could go anywhere else and pay half

Joshua Long

Just went to five guys burgers and fries and they told me they didnt have any fries like im sorry what there like well we do but we are in the process of cleaning like bruh how you gonna clean yo restaurant with customers still there and telling people we dont have fries and its like the last hour of closing its called five guys burger and fries not five guys and burgers been a loyal customer for years shame had to go thru that experience

William Lennen

Great burgers. Very friendly attentive staff. Awesome shakes!!

Chyna E.

Fast and convenient for on go dinner and great options for family.the Milkshakes are to die for and the fries cooked to perfection

Rhonda Bethea

Friday, February 4, 2022 at 5:07pm. We placed an order of two large fries for curbside. I arrived at 5:24 to pick up the order. I called the store and was placed on hold for three minutes ( the male put the phone down and not actually placing me on hold). I waited and watched from my car to see if someone would pick up the phone. Nobody picked up so I went into the establishment and informed a young male with glasses if an order was ready for “Ronni”, he went and asked but never said anything to me. I waited ten minutes more and went to the same male and asked if the order of fries were ready. He went to check but did not say anything to me and walked back to the register. I then asked him if they were ready he said “they’re coming”. I then waited another seven minutes before the two orders of fries were ready.This should’ve never happened in this manner and I will not go to this establishment again!

Ronni LovesLadybug Gray

I ordered from the California, MD. I wanted curbside service. I called the store upon my arrival and I watched someone answer my call, put the phone down and not return. I wait 10 minutes. I have a physical ailment and have trouble walking (which is why I ordered curbside). I got out my car and went in asking for my order, this is now 15minutes since I arrived. I had to wait an additional 10 minutes to get my order. I am angry because I have a brace on my leg and a brace on my back. It is very difficult to get in and out of my car. I will be discouraging as many people as I can to NOT patronize the California, Md Five Guys. This isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m disappointed, frustrated, and really wanted my money back.

Li H.

The burger was so thin, I thought I was at McDonald's. In addition to being unusually thin, it was also burnt. I will never patronize this location again.

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