Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

45000 St Andrews Church Rd, California
(301) 861-3281

Recent Reviews

Kristan Stephens

Looking online for a healthy place to eat. This food is amazing!!! Everything is dee-lish!! You build your own bowl from a very large amount of fresh toppings. Rebecca, the manager is super friendly too. We will def be back-OFTEN.

Chop Loki87

Thank you very much for being patient as I combed through the many options available at your location to assemble my wrap. The food was delicious and the service was outstanding. I look forward to visiting this location again.Food: 5/5

Whit Davis

First time here and loved the food, but check your receipts. The prices I was charged did not match what was posted on the website. I have tried several times to call and get this corrected but no one is returning my call. I've even tried calling when I was told the store manager (Elm..) would be there and told to call back because he wasn't there.

Mountain Spirit HOA

Excellent food! Excellent staff! We go to Mezeh weekly. Fresh ingredients, and made to order. Rebecca and Diego are very welcoming and take pride in their work. As always, we will be back.

Catherine Donley

Good food. Excellent flavors. Polite and helpful staff.Update: normally have a bowl but had a wrap today. Another winner

Michael Jones

15 minutes after accepting our order thorough the Mezeh website they called to say that they didn’t have the food we ordered, demanding we pick a substitute. When told we didn’t want something else and wanted a refund, they refused to give us a refund and said we had to contact a third party for a refund.

Tom S.

Had the Veggie Addict salad with a dash of warm basmati rice topped with the Lemon Garlic dressing. Very fresh and tasty!

Samuel Cannon

I went to Panda Express. After getting to the register the employee informed me that they would not take Cash (Scheriously, what a strange world we are living in). So I left and walked over to Mezeh. The staff was very friendly and because it was my first time there they let me sample many different items. At the end of the day the reason I was out getting food is I wanted to get my "Rice Fix" not only did Mezeh meet that expectation. They surpassed it! Thank you to the warm staff working on 6/17/22 at 9 p.m. YOU ALL ROCK!

Taylor McCarthy

I love Mezeh!! I love their wraps and that you’re able to customize it however you want with whatever you want at 1 set price. The price is very reasonable and so are their other items. The pita bread is AMAZING and you get 2 very big pieces for $1.00. I would definitely recommend looking up their menu online to get familiar with what everything is but you definitely need to try Mezeh, you won’t regret it!

Madre Naturaleza

This is the third time ordering for pick-up. I founded 2 black hair on my food at the bottom... when I lift my fork up to get some of the salad a long black hair came up and the other was tight into it. I was very sad because I really wanted to eat my lunch but not with hair.

Cynthia Nguyen

I came to here last night for the very first time after receiving extremely bad service from Asahi sushi restaurant and I must said thank goodness asahi didn’t let me order carry out because I had the best customer service from the lady that was serving me at Mezeh unfortunately I didn’t not catch her name but she went above and beyond and was very patient with me since it’s my first time and I didn’t know what I wanted. I’m very thankful there’s still kind people in the world and I’m very thankful and grateful for such delicious Mediterranean food . I’m so glad we actually have such good food in southern Maryland that is not the typical. Thank you Mezeh for sharing your delicious food with southern Maryland and I will definitely be a regular.

Caroline R.

Love love love this restaurant. The decor is fun and the tables are large enough for my big family to eat together. I normally get a bowl with two proteins then save half for leftovers the next day and it is just as delicious. The servers always have a smile and the atmosphere is perfectly laid back.

Bryana Harrington

Love this place! We go every Saturday. Definitely get their app! I got $10 off my meal after using it for a bit.

Alan M

Great lunch place. Fast and always tasty. Bowls the way you like it. Not sure what something is, they will give you a taste. Not sure what Mediterranean food is, give it a try. You may find you actually like it! Very filling.

Timothy Haut

I got the Vegetarian Bowl and I really enjoyed all the flavors. It was very fresh and not high in calories. It's going to be one of my favorite places to eat. BTW I'm not a vegetarian but it was really good.

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