Mission BBQ

22599 MacArthur Blvd, California
(301) 880-0857

Recent Reviews

Levi C.

For St Mary's County, it's either here or Sweet Blue Smoke. There really are no other contenders. Food is always good. Place is clean and everyone is super nice. Plus, they support veterans! What more can you ask for?

Anna L.

Hey I'm Anna ...let's learn to love wife and have cool meals at mission BBQ...I'm the meals manager...([email protected])

Kobe Craddock

I forget his name (I think Dilly?), but the cashier with the black Afro DEFINITELY needs a raise. Amazing customer service through-and-through with demonstrated knowledge of the menu, and he even provided recommendations and gave free samples of the pudding. I would of thought he worked for chic-fil-a! Post-meal review: 5-stars.

James Crampton

Good meal and service each time I go. Love trying the different sauces and the condiment setup is something to check out.

santiago hernandez

I left the area 3 years ago, and came back to town for a week with my friend. I have to say the food was delicious when I left and it was still delicious now!!! The people were so polite, the restaurant was clean and the food and different sauce was amazing. You guys have not lost your edge you have an excellent leader!Thank you for the great experience and thank you for the great memories when you hosted numerous events for the military and friends in the past. I can't believe someone complained about not having a military discount, being proud and supporting the military is not about giving a discount it's about showing pride in the community (military and first responders) on your walls and the kindness I saw that you gave your customers. I am proud of you guys I will always love this place for what it stands for. I wish you all the success for years to come. Active Duty for 26 years and counting!

Candie W.

Freedom isn't free, BUT a meal is on Veteran's Day!!! I can not stop raving about Mission BBQ and the support that they give to the troops and the once-were troops!! I have been to several of the restaurants around the DMV area and I must say I am always impressed. I was happy to see that they pulled out all stops for Veteran's Day!!! I stopped in this location for a sandwich but it was a celebration!!! It was so bright in the restaurant, there was cake, veterans everywhere, and the staff was wonderful. As they took your order, they said "thank you for your service". They were tripping over each other to serve! It was wonderful to witness. Thank you so much Mission for providing a little extra!!! Oh...and the turkey sandwich - really worth every penny. Mouthwatering...juicy...fresh and way too much for a sandwich - heavy on the meat. And if you look at my other reviews, you know about the sauces :) Visit as often as you can - support those who support!

Josh Bowen

Excellent place to eat. Also we tipped the guy who cleans the tables when you leave, and he was so greatful that he ran outside to thank me. Great service, accurate, humble, etc.Food: 5/5

Logan G.

Went on a Wednesday with my mom, we got our food quick, it was fine, the service was cool everyone was nice. What really stood out to me was a gentleman working there took our trays once we were done (we sat for awhile talking) and later came back with their apple dessert. I'm not sure if this is common or not but I wanted to say that random acts of kindness like that do not go unnoticed and I, as well as my mom i'm sure, appreciate it. So, thank you!

Jeremy Sykes

Always great food and service. Can't think of anything I've ever gotten at MBBQ that wasn't amazing. Really nice portion sizes as well.

Donna Jacobs

Since moving to St Mary's county, I have had take out 3 times from this location. Never disappoint. And the Brownie is good too. Staff is very pleasant and patient. My first visit, she showed patients and explain the menu to me.

Elizabeth Easter

This was my first time here since moving to the area, and it was really good! I had the pulled chicken sandwich and the banana pudding. The selection of sodas was pretty cool too!I do have one small gripe ? as a female veteran, it was a little odd to see all the pictures of badass (mostly) dude veterans around the whole place, and then go into the ladies room and see all the pictures in there are of women crying and waving goodbye to their men... That seems a bit outdated, maybe add some pictures of badass military women? It would just be nice to included, we do exist too ?? Hell, if you wanted, you could add in some Top Gun beach volleyball pics for the ladies, that would be hilarious ?

Ashley Manning

Very friendly service and the food was great. Also it was our first time there and the manager had a free banana pudding sent to our table!

Siheme S.

We love this place! We are never ever disappointed. I usually get the smoked salmon amd fries and my son gets the smoked brisket. Such a great place to go to for brisket.

Debb W.

Nice chain BBQ. Lots of choices of meat and sauces. The sandwiches were loaded with meat. The regular pulled pork sandwich was delicious. The pulled chicken was tender with enough meat for two!

Picky N.

Shout out to Mission BBQ California, MD for repeated dedication to customer satisfaction. Special thank you to their awesome team today for going above and beyond to correct my order even though the mistake was mine.

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