Mom & Pop Pizza & Subs

22775 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 863-2500

Recent Reviews

Dennis Mullen

Having read some of the reviews, I was a bit hesitant to try this place. Im happy I did. My order was ready on time, and the pizza itself was very good. Its better than Slice House, Noli’s or any of the multitude of chain pizza garbage our area is overwhelmed with.Mom and Pops , and Nicolettis are the 2 best pizza places in St. Marys county.

Jimmy Hayden

First time ordering and ordered for family. All the food, wings, pizza, sub, fries, we ordered was good. We had it delivered and that was a little late but no complaints! Will order again for sure.

Katherine Phillips

Two stars because I’m only ten miles away and out of their delivery radius for their drivers AND for GrubHub. Kinda wild considering other pizza joints 15+ miles away deliver.Food is great but yikes. We like food on 5 too!

Tor V

Honestly use to love this place but service has been horrible lately. Ordered a pizza online and it said 30-35 mins. I show up on time to be told it’ll be 30 more mins. My order hadn’t even been made yet. I honestly felt bad for the one and only worker they had there because he was left to take orders AND make the food!!! I’m sorry but that’s just not right. Will not be going back.


This place was fine six months ago, but the quality has gone downhill. Multiple times over the past few months they've lacked something as common as fries.

Ashley Lynn Connelly

Went to mom and pops and got a large pepperoni with extra cheese and a cheesesteak. The pizza has been the best around so far. Totally beats Nicoletti’s any day. The cheesesteak was very flavorful but a little on the small side for the price. We are new to the area and will definitely be getting pizza again.

Mitch Hursh

Used to enjoy the food very much here but it’s gone down hill lately. Ordered a cheeseburger sub with onions, pickles, salt and pepper. What I got was a sub that is technically a cheeseburger sub but was all chopped up and on a soggy grease roll. No onions and even the pickles where chopped up just like the ground beef. There was 0 patty shape just very greasy chopped up meat. Won’t be going back.Customer service did reach out and addressed the issues and made things right. Thank you for that.

David Curry

This place is slipping awayI ordered from my house last night. Was told 35-45 mins Great ! Very good. I wait 15 mins to leave to pick it up . Heading down my driveway I get text says order ready in 15 mins Great! Very good. Make it to Mom and Pops .Wait for about 10 mins before asked what # am I. Hey my Pizza is not even made yet. Ok I give them another chance . They make a pizza put it in oven. I say I can go get other things I need from store. I go 35 more mins go buy. I return They pull my pizza . Oh sorry not my Pizza. Now what . No Pizza. Upset hungry kids to explain too 1 1/2 hour past their bed time. . No explanation . No sorry. Nothing. This was a great place.What happened. Oh by the way that place is dirty and nasty these days . What has happened to this place?? Anyone know ??

Ashley C.

We recently moved to the California area. And our family loves good pizza and subs. So someone recommended Mom & Pop Pizza and Subs. They are now are go to place for pizza. specifically with their xxl pizza. In stead of buying almost 4 large pizzas. Yes we have a big family. And the kids always ask for "Mom & Pop's pizza"

TubaDude Gaming

Up until recently, my view of this establishment has always been good. I’ve had some AMAZING food there every time I got food. However, I went in almost a week ago to get food there and experienced some mediocre service. One of my friends asked about the style of wings (whether they were dipped or not) to which they answered. However, when he ordered the wings about 15 minutes later, one of the employees who had answered the previous question states they are out of wings. Why would you not say that when asking initially about the wings? From there, everything else SEEMED smooth. However, things started to get sketchy after asking for my phone number. I gave it assuming that’s how they will contact me about my order. While they did send a message about my order being ready, they also signed me up for a royalty program that I did not consent to. That is sketchy and bad business practices to auto-sign customers up for a loyalty program without their consent. The cashier behind the counter only asked for the number, not if I wanted to sign up for the program so either it was a simple mistake, or this business is having the employees sign people up for the rewards program without consent in hopes to get more business. I understand that accidents happen and also that there is a food shortage, but having seen both these issues happen makes it seem like there are more things happening than simply mistakes and shortages. Until the service is better, I will likely not come back.

Joseph Joubert

My wife and I were in town for our honeymoon from NJ and were in the mood for some pizza ,wings ,and mozzarella sticks. I would’ve given this place 5 stars but the only issue is they forgot marinara sauce and the pizza was not made as we wanted to. That being said the food was pretty good. The taste was exceptionally good. I do recommend this place.

James Starr

Ordered pizza and wings. Pizza was ready when I got there, but the wings weren’t. Waited 10 minutes for wings to be cooked. When I got home the pizza was cold and we had to reheat the pizza in the oven. Also paid extra for all flat wings and didn’t get all flats. This use to be our favorite pizza place but not any more.

Kelsey Dunn

Will never order from here again!Ordered dinner for my family, and of course, after waiting 1 1/2 hours for delivery, part of the meal didn’t even come. When I called, they blamed it on the door dash driver and said “he left it here”! In reality they forgot pack some of the food! They pack the bag and tie it closed. Door dash drivers are not suppose to open and contaminate food. They offered to make me a new meal and have their driver bring it, BUT only if I paid a delivery fee and tip! All they care about is charging you extra fees for their mistakes! I am all for supporting local restaurants, but this place is NOT worth it!

Lisa Ballard

Horrible service. Place is filthy. Went to pick up my pizza after getting text it’s ready. Paid and waited in the store for 25 min for the pizza. The pizza was done and sitting on the warmer the entire time. The guy quality checked it. Got home to find it was burnt. They would not refund my money. Said a manager would call at his convenience and never did. This is the second time this has happened. First time I got there after text saying it was done and the guy said I don’t know what happened I’ll make it now and bring it to your car, it will be 10 min. Waited in my car for 30 min and went back in. The guy said sorry I don’t know what happened, we didn’t make it, but I’ll make one right now. I asked for a refund and they charged my card again. Don’t know why I gave them a second chance just to have the same experience.

Lisa Proffer

Horrible service. I went to pick up the pizza after getting a text saying it ready. Paid and waited in the store for 25 min. The pizza was done and on the warmer the entire time. The guy quality checks it and let me walk out with a burnt pizza. Got home and called the store. They would not refund my money and said if I wanted them to deliver a replacement I would have to pay extra or I could have 20% off a future order. They said the manager would call at his convenience an

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