Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

45265 Abell House Ln, California
(301) 862-3890

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I celebrated my Birthday Last night here, Our server Channel was so professional and very nice to us. A small incident with my friend soup has hair and manager came up and apologized. Overall I was happy staff came in and sung Happy Birthday to me.

Eddie Torres

Just came from Olive Garden with my mother.. The service was absolutely perfect outstanding our server is called Sierra first week alone on the bar side.. She took care of us both and we had an amazing time, Sierra was and is the perfect example of what hard work and dedication truly looks like because Sierra went above and beyond regarding outstanding customer service and personality too match.. Sierra truly is an amazing asset to not just the Team but to this specific Olive Garden Location ???????? Thank You Sierra For Your Service And Kind Soul!!!!!! ?????

Victoria Lape

My Chicken Scampi had so much minced garlic in it that it burned my tongue. I had the waitress take it back. She was a gracious waitress and had it taken off our bill. Other than the food, we enjoyed our evening. The raspberry lemonade was outstanding and our waitress kept my glass filled.Dietary restrictions: We told our waitress that we had sensitive pallets and if they could, go easy on the red sauce. I had no idea that the garlic would cause a problem.

Julia Kates

Omg…my friend was there before me with her 2 yr old twins. No server acknowledged them at all for 15 min before I got there with my 4 yr old. Then I had to ask the manager if we even had a server. She then had like 3 different servers bring us drinks. Not the correct drinks btw. Then at least 2 more times we had to ask other servers if someone could help us. Once we finally found out who our server was she was slightly more attentive. It was a pretty terrible experience to have everyone around us served quickly and attentively and we were ignored unless we asked for someone.

Tammy Buckler

Service was horrible. Tried to take my 11yr old son out to eat for his bday dinner. African American waitress very rude. Brung out our drinks. She never came back for a long time. Then she took our order. Never asked if I wanted soup or salad. Then she comes out with salad. I told her she never asked which one I would like. But I would like soup. In the meantime I had ask for a straw 3times. She brings out the soup and I ask for a straw again. Then she says well I was getting your soup now ill go back and get your straw. Needless to say I'm not paying for any kind of service like that. I got up and walked out. Letting the lady up front know that our waitress needed an attitude adjustment. Thanks for ruining my 11yr olds bday dinner.

Elizabeth Buckler

Warning - LONG ... but very happy review. I don't write reviews, but I had to share this.My Son and his Fiance married this past weekend. They did not want the usual Southern Maryland wedding menu (greasy, fried with taters & slaw on the side) They both LOVE the Olive Garden and mentioned they'd really like it at their reception. We didn't even know if they did that sort of thing, but we inquired. Mikayla (sorry if spelled wrong) the manager, said they did and that they had recently pulled off a very successful event MUCH larger than ours ! They are trained in delivery and food set up and even supply the chaffing dishes and serving utensils. We were sold ! - both impressed & confident in their service.After a few very helpful and pleasant phone conversations with her & Brittany our catering order was completed and they even approved a few special requests we had !The morning of, Brittany called me to go over everything one last time and let me know she would be involved in the set up herself. I was very excited !She and 2 very nice young men (I'm sorry I dont remember your names) showed up on time, fully prepared and had everything set up quickly and without disruption to the reception, which had already begun.My only regret is I did not take a picture of the final buffet set up to share. It was perfectly arranged and looked delish!I believe everyone enjoyed the offerings and uniqueness of the wedding reception fair.Sorry that was so long, but I am just so impressed and thankful for the perfectly coordinated, delicious, abundant & super affordable catering the California, MD Olive Garden provided for my Son & new Daughter in law's event !!!! Thank you to everyone that helped make it special !!!P.S. before the wedding, they also set aside a wonderful area for the bridal shower & provided great service & food for that as well. I was not directly involved in that portion of planning, but it was a seemless & beautiful event and they even gave the Bride a special gift from them !!

Sherman Sabie Jr

Service was absolutely horrible! 5 diners, 3 AYCE Soup and Salad and bread dipping sauce, 2 had very Americanized pasta dishes. Had to ask for water refills and more soup, salad, breadsticks and dipping sauce. Water and the bill showed up... not kidding! Will not go back! Not a fan of OG since the first time I ever ate at one about 40 years ago in Ventura, CA, but I am occasionally drug there to eat with family and friends. This is by far the worst one I have ever, ever visited.

Gloria Quinn

The food were great. First, my mom and I got the Spinach and Artichoke Dip as our appetizer which were very delicious and flavorful. The pita chip were crispy on the outside and spicy on the inside. I would totally recommend people should try it. The spinach flavor was not as strong as most other places.

Kai Judge

Feel like family 10/10; waiter came to show us the cat outside after informing us of the gallon of gnocchi soup that we ended up purchasing. Will be tipping very well

Kelsie S.

absolutely fantastic. the peak of my college experience. the servers are all extremely friendly and check on us the perfect amount of times. the cat outside the restaurant is also very very cute and i would come here again and most likely would. xoxo the college kids that asked about nutella

Ashleigh Pangelinan

Currently in the restaurant. I came here from out of town and brought my mom and daughter here for a girls day and we had the best experience. Our server Chanel C was so amazing to us and so kind! She even overheard my mom and daughter bickering over the last pepperoncini pepper and brought them more ? such a great time with her! She definitely made already great food even better with her personality! Love her!

Yvette Wood

I placed a take-out order for the salmon dinner with salad and breadsticks. When I got home to eat, the salmon looked as if it had been sitting for awhile. The fish was dry, the bottom and end of fish was burnt and it had no seasoning. The broccoli was bland. The breadsticks were old and no garlic/butter on them. This is the 2nd time that I've ordered take-out from this Olive Garden and the results were the same. I will never order take-out again...it appears that take-out orders get the old food. Next time, I will go inside, place my take-out order, wait, check my food, pay and then leave.

Cici D.

As soon as we walk in a server with braids called me and my party dumb f*cks because we got there an hour and a half before close. Then had us wait for a table while they all just standing around talking. If you don't wanna make money after 9 don't be open till 11. I've literally never seen a group of employees be so disrespectful! I'm a server and I understand being tired or ready to get off work but I'm a paying customer and me and my friends always tip well. There was no reason for the amount of hostility we were immediately greeted with.

Meet Ms.Sallyy

Italian called American Italian “ the Olive Garden”. large portions, very well seasoned, cheesy, salty American Italian Food… we are loving it. ?

Samuel C.

Road trip to this place. The food was great. I have soup and salad all you can eat. The staff are nice and friendly.

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