45485 Miramar Way, California
(301) 866-0580

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Heather S.

Extremely rude customer service. while I was waiting in line for my sandwich to be made, the employee Ashley said "you can go make your drink. I'm not doing that for you", as she laughed with a customer she appeared to know. This is the same employee that laughed at me when I walked in dressed up for Halloween (it was an employee dress up day at my place of work) and proceeded to talk about me to the other employee. Not someone that I would ever employ that deals with customer service.

Tina O'Shea

Husband wanted an untoasted meatball sub with toppings. They toasted his sub after he said no and then cut his sub and wrapped it up before he had the chance to ask to veggies. Highly disappointed. Should have known better because when we came in we had to wait at the counter for 4 minutes before they came out, even after dinging the bell. And we tried to be polite as she was making my sub and she acted like she didn't want to talk.The only one I like to make my sandwich is the manager because she is sweet, friendly, and pays attention to details. One of the other female employees will leave the bathroom without washing her hands holding her wallet and phone, come into subway and set her stuff down by the sink, wash her hands there and then grab the dirty phone and wallet she carried out of the bathroom before putting on gloves to make food.Those ladies could learn a lot from the female manager. She's been at this subway for years and turned it around.

Tylasia Adams

The two foreign women there are very rude and disrespectful something needs to be done or I feel they will lose business

Patricia Howard

Who doesn't love subway ?

Chow chee

I witnessed one of the female employees leave a restroom stall without washing her hands, and walk back to the Subway restaurant and proceed to go back to work behind the counter. I informed a manager of Walmart of this disturbing incident, and he advised me to contact Subway directly, agreeing that it was disturbing.

Alethia W.

I was disappointed because the girl that served me charged me the full price (which was fine) but cheated me with the meats. She gave me one type instead of all three and when I confronted her she lied and said it only come with one kind of meat She made it look bad on the business, it make me wonder was she doing it for herself and if so what do she have to gain from it or was she doing it for the company!The food and cleanliness of the store is a five star but overall because of what she did it's gets a 2 star

chris rembish

Awesome subs all the time

Unknown Unknown

Just the smell walking in

Thea Albert

Love everything but they could drive down there prices everything else was spectacular

Amber Brown

It's ok

Michael G.

We visited this location a couple weeks ago and was disappointed. The location works but that's about it. The lady behind the counter was too busy to bother with the people standing in line as she seemed to do things that could of waited. She was rude and impatient when she finally decided to help customers. I wouldn't stop here again even if it was only to get a drink. If you want a sub or cookies make that extra 50 foot walk to Walmarts deli.

raven mcwhorter

Customer service was great and the food is always good. This is my daughters favorite place to eat. She loves that she can create her own sub.

Timothy Rye

Service is never good food is SUBpar

Dennis Lewis

Good food, ok service. Dinning room need to be cleaned.

bogdan ion

These things they call sandwiches here arent even food.. The lady behind the counter rolls her eyes at customers.. I woulndt recommend it to anyone.

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