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22599 MacArthur Blvd, California
(301) 862-2345

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Derik R.

I was sitting at work psyching myself up for a sweet lunch with my workmates. usually the order of operations is as follows; Step one - Draw from the "Cup of Destiny" to reveal where our next meal is from. Step 2 - go to previously mentioned place and eat lunch. after ordering a 7 layer burrito with fries in it, I took one bite and it tasted worse than it looked. although the picture makes it look delicious, the actual product does not reflect the picture. HOWEVER, it tasted worse than it looked. I was able to stomach 2 bites down before wrapping it up nicely and depositing it into the trash. After a few hours of letting those two bites marinate in my belly, Taco Bell decided to play an encore while I was pulling out of my parking spot at work. luckily, I recall the days of boot cam where we had to use our "Cup Hand" when we went into the gas chamber. I was able to catch all of the two bites that were now liquified by belly acids. a quick opening of the door and a fling like spiderman shooting a web I thought it was over. Needing to wash my hands now, I decided to try and make sure no more encores were to be had and try and puke a little more. when all was said and done and now pulling back out of the parking lot, I had to make a stop by the near by trees because Taco Bell wanted to make another encore like a bad Molly Hatchet show. This time i was able to empty the tank fully and move on with my life. the only thing that could have made this any worse would be if there were old bay involved. do not recommend.

Dino S.

the blonde girl with the lash extensions at drive-thru was a huge bitch to my mother. hope she gets fired fr cus i know she doesnt make a lot of money, but that doesn't give her the excuse to be rude to customers. taco was missing sour cream. place still said "hiring now" but blondie said they werent anymore so whats the point of having those signs up??

Positively Jess

I hate to give this place a bad rating because I go here so often, but this whole year they have not gotten my orders correct most of the times I go! It’s disappointing when they read the order back totally correct and give you exactly what you asked not to have on the food. Or tons of missing items that were paid for.

Rhizza Nokleby

I order soft shell chicken tacos and hardly in there.And when I call them they don't answer our call.We ordered 2 soft shell chicken tacis. 2 soft shell regular tacos, and 4 hard shells regular tacos and all of our tacos is not worth our money. Hard shells are saggy and all tacos are hardly anything on it.

Dante Thomas

When we pulled up, there were 3 employees outside smoking. Should have been a sign to keep driving. Ordered soft taco's and they were a mess. They had three times in normal amount of meat, lettuce and cheese. They were rolled up like burritos inside very hard tortillas. I will never visit this wretched place again!

Dan Thoms

Outstanding, food prep very well and sweet tea is good.Great cashiers and client focusReturned mulitple times, thanks

Karen Armstrong

Food was good but atmosphere was unprofessional. Employee walking around on phone talking about another Employee who was terminated for theft. Then another one spent more time outside then in.

Bradley F.

So there i was in taco bell getting the usual taco bell screamers, go to the bathroom and the smell of cigarettes slaps you right in the face like a freight train. But with no other choice i continue onwards to the stall. Only to find the toilet seat burned up with cigarette ashes. Not good. Not good at all.

Sabrina Johnson

The worst experience ever only had tea and water, it was dirty, the staff was rude they was out of chulupa (chedder) and why the heck would yah stop selling wedges!!! Also i cancel a order to find a better deal with a box that was never mentioned about the specals, to only find out she still double charge me even tho i said cancel it i will not be back staff is to ghetto store needs new Management!!!!!

Mary Stephenson

Mexican pizza!!! I was quite excited this was available and it was delicious. So was the other food, although the flour tortilla on the soft taco was a bit hard on the edges, and that's not the first time that my soft taco was crunchy.

D W.

This Taco Bell was having an issue with their credit card machine. So long story short they ran my card twice and double charged. Now they want honor a refund not just simply provide an in store credit. I'm still on hold at this moment thus far for 12 minutes. I heard the shift leader or even manager say, "I don't have time right now". I mean seriously you can't speak to a customer for a few moments and refund the mistake caused by Taco Bell!? They left the speaker on the phone open and they sound like a disaster. I personally don't eat Taco Bell but my family does. Probably last time for a while. Poor customer service actually below sub standard. We are also a military family. Yet the manager said they didn't have time for this. Needless to say I emailed corporate. Just think if they do this to say 50 people. It's not that serious but at least apologize or offer an in store credit. Geesh! So basically Taco Bell stole from me and then when I presented the duplicate charge had the audacity to say, "I don't have time for this!" I'd place Taco Bell on the off limits for military personnel; seeing how this area is a military community.

Sunshine Wine

Terrible. They have signs up advertising drinks they don’t even have anymore. They ask you what sauce you want then don’t put any in the bag. Then serve you old cold fries and you have to pull up and wait when they aren’t even busy. Do better

Amy Farrar

I just dont personally like Taco Bell but my kids love the cheese roll ups. cinnamon twists can be hit or miss. perfect, stale or not enough cinnamon.. I will order again from here myself when they bring back the mex pizza(which I heard was happening!)

Chyane Jiron

They were missing quite a few items from the menu because of "supply shortages" but the food we were able to order was good and was made pretty quickly.

Woody Norris

Encountered a rude employee for the first time here today. Didn't know the sour cream was included in one of the boxes but they were rather rude about it and didn't seal up the boxes well- making them and two drinks hard to carry. The manager was kind and sealed the boxes for me before I left. Opening the sides of sour cream up out of the bag upon arriving at home, we found we received hardly any and it was smeared all over the containers very messy. This is unacceptable . Hesitant to return ....

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