Teariffic Cafe

22599 MacArthur Blvd, California
(301) 866-9688

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Bruce Banner

The food is always really fresh and great tasting.Its a small like hole in the wall Cafe but worth findingFood: 5/5

Tiffany Wheeler

usually the food is really good and the tea is pretty good too but what's annoying is when i drive all the way there to get lunch on my break and they're only taking cash so i have to go somewhere else! the $15 credit limit is stupid especially when you advertise yourself as a cafe if people come in just to get tea they have to use cash or buy more food they didn't want

Martin Braun

I've been coming here for a long time, and now whenever we come down to SOMD we always make it a point to come here, it's like a tradition! They've always been a little understaffed, but the food is always good and the inside hasn't changed in years (which is a positive in this instance!).Food: 4/5

Cameron Brown

FALSE ADVERTISING!! Looked online to order food. Was ordering based off budget, and when I got to the restaurant the price was 25$ more than the online prices. Then when on to say that the online menu is different than the one inside. 3 dishes was 55$!!

Amanda Burgett

With all the good reviews, I wanted to give this place a try. Now that I have, I wish that I didn't. The only good thing about the food was that it was hot. Food was very bland and seemed like it was already cooked and under a heat lamp. I gave 2 stars for the crab rangoons, everything else was not pleasant. Even the chicken and broccoli on the kids menu wasn't great. The broccoli wasnt cooked all the way and the chicken had a weird texture. The fried dumplings smelled like peanut butter and we took one bite and threw the rest away. The menu prices differ from what is online, so we spent a lot more than we planned on.

Tina Porter

The food here is excellent. Look forward to going again.

Theresa Alvarez

Gave Tearific Cafe a try and our first dine didnt disappoint! Friendly staff, Our food was served fresh and good amount of servings. We love the Orange chicken, Fried Flounder fish and taro milk tea. The Singapore Mei Fun was okay but too spicy for us.

Duane D.

FANTASTIC food!!! The staff were very nice, and polite. Their location is a little hard to find, but it is a big place & very clean; from my view there. As already mentioned in other reviews here, We got TWO orders of crab Rangoon's, They were freshly made & AMAZING. I would highly recommend. We WILL be REPEAT customers from now on!

Tod J.

Have been going to this restaurant for a few years. It is a true treasure to eat there. Food is always fresh and hot. Portions are perfect, flavor is delicious and HIGHLY recommend go to this restaurant.

Chloe L.

Noodle soup bland. Flat wide noodle/ho fun in the soup smell like chlorine..wasted my $ 11.95. The egg drop soup bland too. Green tea bubble tea not too bad. Singapore noodle used to be good. Now so so.

Kathleen C

Teariffic's food is fresh and perfectly seasoned. Dining area has about 13 tables. Tables can be slid together for large groups. Bathrooms are clean. Order at the counter, tip there too. Workers bring food to you but you must get your own utensils, sauces, crunchies, etc. at the supply area. Quite place to eat while visiting with a friend.

Grayce S

This is such a fun place. My framily (friends who have become family) utilizes the take out option at least once a month. The pineapple fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, udon with pork and Tea with tapioca pearls. Everything is made fresh and hot when you order. WARNING: Make sure you ask if they have tapioca pearls available. No one in my framily (3 adults, 2 children) likes the "jellies" they have as an option.

Marielle N.

Great food and very polite staff. I love their fried tofu and vegetable dumplings. They also have delicious tea.

Cara Taylor

I have never had a bad food experience at Teariffic, or a poor interaction with their staff. The cafe is always clean, and I feel their food is reasonably priced. Teariffic’s my favorite place to go out of any local eatery, and will always hold a fond place un my heart.

Katie Marie Ketterman

***This place is amazing. We always get their taro and coffe bubble tea. Their prices are very reasonable and the food is very good. The best part is they have seating so you can eat. Not many restaurants like this have dine in. The employees are also so friendly too. ***

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