Cambridge Diner

2924 Old Rte 50, Cambridge
(410) 228-8898

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Brenda Hose

How do you mess up breakfast? They sure know how to do it. I ordered eggs over medium. They were over easy. I ordered bacon crispy, it was damn near raw. Do they not even bother to read the ticket before preparing the plate? The waitress wrote it all down. I seen it!! Pancakes were cold and the butter didn’t melt on the pancakes or the toast. A $30 breakfast and probably the worst I have ever eaten. This was the second time we tried this diner. Left disappointed each time. We won’t be returning. They didn’t bother to ask how everything was while checking out. I guess the disappointment on my face said it all. They didn’t mind swiping that card. I’d give it no stars but the waitress did her job.

Traci Fannin - Poole

The establishment is a total Mom & Pop place with very good meal options. I had the Greek Salad for my main meal and the beef barley soup as a starter. I was expecting my dressing to be homemade and on the side of the salad. It wasn’t. It was Ken’s Balsamic dressing (prepackaged). I gave the waitress back the packages and asked for vinegar / oil to add to my salad. She said they didn’t have oil & vinegar. I frowned and asked again, hoping it would ring a bell for her. Again, her answer was the same. I ate my salad plain. What kind of restaurant that doesn’t have oil / vinegar?? Prepackage dressing for any sit down and eat is a huge mistake. Homemade dressing for salads is one way to get the word out for great food. It’s an opportunity to let the business shine. Balsamic dressing isn’t a good choice for a Greek salad either. In all honesty, prepackaged dressings to me, is pure laziness. It takes very little effort to make dressings and there is plenty of recipes on the internet to choose from.Our waitress was very kind and friendly. We will be back because we saw the many choices on the menu. The desserts in the case looked fantastic!

Tom Gerni

A variety menu at reasonable price. From classic American dishes (dig the Meatloaf), to specially prepared in- house comforts ( I enjoyed the home made Lasagna!) All served efficiently in a casual atmosphere. You won't regret the choice.

James Dennis

Food decent price for this day in age.Honestly, the chipped beef was creamy and good....but , no ....or barely any chipped beef...Wife enjoyed turkey and gravy....Mixed veggies were from acan...not a deal breaker....Son had a burger and fries....Did good by him....Plus, he thought the waitress Torie was very cute ?

Cheryl Murphy

I normally enjoy this place, but today I ordered creamed chipped beef over toast and instead oh it having chipped beef in it it had bacon. It wasn't terrible..just weird and not what I expected. They should have advertised it as creamed bacon over toast!

Mike Leonard

Go here often and always have a good meal. Good food, made right and fast service.

Deborah Cantler

I would like to give a shout out to The Cambridge Diner in Cambridge MD. Buck & I have been stopping there on our way home from OC for breakfast for many years. On Saturday, we stopped and Buck’s wallet fell out of my pocketbook onto the seat of the booth we were sitting. When we got home 2.5hrs later, We noticed it wasn’t in my purse. I immediately called the Cambridge Diner and thank you Jesus, they found it and locked it up for us until we could there to pick it up. They tried to stop us in the parking lot but we were already gone. So back to Cambridge we go…. Thank you so much to the manager, BAHA and buslady, Berta for being so honest! It just proves that there are still honest people in this crazy world.PLEASE if you’re looking for a great place to eat, breakfast, lunch or dinner, patronize the best little diner in Cambridge!

Abigail Sivak

As someone who worked breakfast shift for 10 years this place provided a great breakfast with generous portions and was served in an appropriate amount of time (not too fast not too slow). The place was clean and had good service. If you can't do a good breakfast you have no business being called a diner.


I eat here a decent amount. Rarely have issues.

Alex Jackson

Breakfast was awesome. I has a scrapple omelet. Talk about delicious. I can't wait to return.

D. Wayne Smith

Chip beef gravy over toast is bangin! Reasonable prices.

Linda kellner

Cream of crab soup seemed old as it was as thick as wallpaper paste. Not enough sauce on chicken parm.

Jessica Collins

Take my daughter here weekly for breakfast. I always enjoy their florentine omelet. Service was especially fast this last time. Ladies are always pleasant.

Jonathan Lee

Best seafood place to go to if you are vacationing in Cambridge Maryland. Maryland is known for seafood and if you want to try out some seafood, I suggest you take your family and friends with you. I went out with my family and friends there and the server was great in which she was able to do her job thoroughly when she just started few weeks ago. She was very polite. The clam soul is the best and worth trying as well as the oysters. They have a variety of choices that you can chose from the menu. If you are vacationing with your family and friends, I would suggest you take them out to dinner there because this Seafood place is worth it.

Jill Barkman

Awesome place for a dinner.

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