Einstein Bros. Bagels

8542 Connecticut Ave Ste A, Chevy Chase
(301) 656-0766

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Joshua Daniels

Staff is rude and messed up my coffee and bagel. They could care less if I come back. No worries because I won’t.

R C.

Ordered a Turkey sandwich and chips online and the app wouldn't let me change from cream cheese to mayo so I called them up, the woman on phone sounded annoyed before I said a word and when I asked if I could change it she said yes. My sandwich just arrived, they didn't change it, and they forgot my chips. I called back and talked to same woman. Not only was she unapologetic, she was annoyed I had the nerve to point out the mistakes. If they're being honest, they should change the name from Einstein Bagels to Dipshlt Bagels.

Nicholas Moore

Been several times, and the bagels are great, but the service is awful. This is especially true from one employee in particular who is consistently incredibly unfriendly and often downright rude, and after witnessing her unnecessary and hostile interaction with an older gentlemen today who dared to inquire about something he ordered, I will not be returning anytime soon.

AdMan The “ATLR” Lab Rat

Einstein's bagelry of North Chevy Chase Village in Chevy Chase Maryland is a very competitive bagel shop parked right next door to Starbucks it's nice to know I have redundant Wi-Fi when patronizing these two establishments. Now the help here is very fast average friendliness and very accurate. Not to mention tall like trees big big people work here that's that's not a bad thing it's not a good thing it's just a observation. The food is spot on very very consistent with all the other Einsteins I've ever been to even now that Einstein's is owned by Panera and supposedly they're making bagels in your groceries freezer which I can't seem to find the Giant food or Safeway or Harris Teeter, yet. Did the usual half a dozen bagels and some schmear which is a non generic non brand specific cream cheese in plain so don't be surprised by the unfamiliar white tub that it comes in and it's called plain whipped cream cheese spread and it's ingredients are pasteurized milk and cream salt stabilizers like guar, locust-bean and xanathan gums and there's some cheese cultures, potassium sorbate which apparently maintains freshness...And 'in-bold-letters' states:"Contains Milk"Just two scoops and your spreading on 70 calories (per serving=2 table spoons).And, you will have yourself a lactose intolerant blessed day, this beautiful rainy gray day being the first Sunday of October 2022 AND our thoughts and prayers go out To All The Good People Of Florida... May all y'all's tomorrow's be as good if not better than y'all's yesterdays (and sometimes todays. PEACE OUT

Brandon H.

Don't bother stopping at this Bagel shop. The Customer service isn't there and you never feel welcomed. Was rudely greeted upon entry without even getting to look though the menu to select my order. They talk shit behind the counter about the customers as they never get your order correct. Might not get your order correct but you do get an eye roll after every employee interaction. Better off going to the Starbucks next door. It might be your only source of income but there is a thing called hospitality and customer service, if you're not willing to fit the description then don't work in that environment.

Dalet 1.

The food might be fine but it's obvious the staff does not want to be at work nor do they want your business. How easy would to be to say hello when you walk in the door rather then being scolded for standing the wrong spot?

Isaac B. Tanihaha

I love Einstein Bagels and it is the only reason I am giving a 4-stars on this review. Otherwise I would give a 2-star review based on the service (or lack thereof). Other reviewers have noted that the employees don’t really care much about the customers. I experienced that first hand. No greeting. No smile. Store is not even busy. Literally no pleasantries exchanged. I am not one for a small talk but there should be some standard for a store to give proper greetings to welcome the customers. Anyway, bagels were good. So that’s what matters I guess.

Katie C.

Literally the worst costumer service ever. The cashier was so rude with her facial expressions and attitude. Literally every time I go in there... the cashier always has an "idgaf and don't talk to me attitude". I was not going to leave this review until I got home and realized our whole order was wrong as well. Wtf is this place and why has the business not gone under yet. Get some new employees. I want a refund.

Michael Hoffman

Pretty much entirely empty on a Sunday morning, now I see why. Simply asked if the coffee was still warm (It wasn't) and got major attitude back. Coffee was cold. Starbucks is right next door. No reason to come back here.

Jennifer W.

love their bagel sandwiches and hash browns its a little hole in the wall but the food is def good and the lady and cook who work on weekdays are super cool

A. Makela

The staff here was SO welcoming, kind and courteous! This exceeded my expectations and they got my order right and were overall awesome! I went at 6:30 am on a Sunday morning - that says a lot about the pride the staff takes in their job - totally priceless!Note for other people going for the first time, turn on the cross street next to the store to get into the parking lot (Northbound - further into Maryland, make a left on it right after you pass it (on your left); conversely, Southbound - toward DC, make a right before the gas station on the corner.

Alex D.

I have visited this location multiple times and I think i have only been greeted once when I walked in. Every time I visit I don't feel like I'm ever fully satisfied. I had placed an order on their app this morning so I could pick up my breakfast once I got to work. I ordered a honey whole wheat bagel breakfast sandwich with one egg turkey sausage and cheese. My bagel was a little too toasted for my personal taste but that's not so bad. I couldn't really taste much else besides the amount of pepper on the egg. It made me not that hungry anymore but I don't think I will visit again unless I need something quick.

Renee C.

Horrible experience. The "cooks"behind the counter gave me nothing of what I ordered. I paid for a Sante Fe bagel and what I revived after opening it after I pulled off, was a cold bagel with sausage and egg... NOT what I ordered. The man or woman behind the counter clearly didn't make the sandwich correctly and dare I say deliberately. You gave me the simplest sandwich and what I ordered clearly had more ingredients on it. The cashier I was barely able to hear when standing in front asking the name of another possible sandwich I'd want. Needless to say I never got it, couldn't get a clear answer out of her. Ugh, why does it always have to be US ‍ I'm all for needing a job but if you have a bad attitude choose another career please. Food tastes better when those preparing it are happy and well.

Emely GVP

Very disrespectful to delivery driver and the costumers. They got he order wrong and we tried to fix it for the costumer and halfway through trying to explain it to them over the phone they hung up on me after they said "whatever". When I arrived back to the store he ripped the bag off and threw the costumers food in the new bag. It was their fault they put the different name in the receipt and still very rude. Hope the management read this review. They need to learn GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT.

Izzy Moskowitz

It’s 12:15 I no walked down to the Bagel store to pick up 1/2 dozen assorted bagels ,No one in the counter , a person sitting on the bar stool talking on the phone I waited like 5 min and then someone came out of back and asked me what I wanted , I gave him the order and the person on the bar stool came behind the counter to place my order ,6 staid bagels costing $9 , pathetic place it became . Used to be on top of everything in that c store today I will never buy their again

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