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Haley H.

starbucks can be rated 5 stars easily for their menu and usually i love this location as my drinks are done quickly and correctly but today i waited for ten minutes because there was one girl out of four actually working and then a man walked up and ordered a coffee with milk which he got right away when i ordered a cold brew which i could've gotten right away. it turns out the girl didn't know there were two printers so us with cold drinks were left waiting and waiting again while they continued to pump out warm drinks

Michelle W

the employees only greet and are nice to the Caucasian people lol!! The customer service is trash. Sometimes there are two young ladies that work there that have good customer service the rest won’t even greet you or attend to you until you speak up and never get your order right either.

D'Angelo Woods

Was out of croissants and scones. Understood.But the tall caramel macchiato was about half empty. And that’s speaking as an optimist.Baristas were pleasant.

Lili Fuentes

Starbucks, in general, has pretty great employees. This store is no exception. The workers here are diligent, friendly and expedient. Thank you all!

Cassy B

Not the best starbucks, they usually get your order incorrect. Pretty inconsistent service but I suppose that half of the time they will fix it.

Tim B.

If you don't order using the app, you're totally marginalized. I get it. They want to churn and burn through orders to keep things going but there's zero human touch here.


This location is ALWAYS running out of items, particularly matcha. You’re lucky if you can actually order a matcha latter since they are always out of stock. For a Starbucks. Bizarre!I like that this is conveniently close-by tho + Teddy, is probably the only nice barista that actually makes an effort to remember customers/ customer drinks. Other than that it’s just sad

Ps Serenity

Normally when I go to this particular Starbucks I am met with mediocre service. When I say “mediocre” I mean that not one staff member exudes the highest level on customer service. All of the associates lackluster in their demeanor, performance and attention to detail.Nonetheless, am I writing this review about my experience this morning with a young lady named “Becky.” I asked for my usual drink that I get almost everyday, made the same way.Venti Strawberry Açai, with lemonade, 1 pump of classic, shaken with ice but no ice in the cup. (They didn’t have any lemonade)When the drink is given to me the cup is half full, I asked Becky why this was the case and she said because you asked for it shaken with ice. I told Becky that’s how I always ask for my drink and it’s never given to me half full; I ordered a full drink. Becky, immediately gazing at me with irritation looking over her glasses, storms in the back and began speaking with another associate. When she returns, her disposition and tone was completely unprofessional. When I asked who the manager was, she pointed and said “him in the blue shirt” Becky didn’t even attempt to rectify the experience.I will not return to this Starbucks, Id rather travel to Bethesda instead of receiving poor service. Starbucks, please train your employees to understand that the experience the customer has is what keeps them returning aside from the beverage itself.Do better!

Nicole S.

I had ordered a venti and was given a grande so I told the person who handed me the drink and he dumped the contents of the grande cup into a venti cup, added ONLY ice, and just handed it back to me. So rude. It's already nearly $7 for a cup of coffee..... everyone waiting for their drinks saw and the guy just shrugged his shoulders.

Annette M.

Another Starbucks made a mistake with my order, and although not bought at this location...they were extremely nice and helpful helping remake it for me :)

Valerie Schneider

I get that Starbucks is about coffee, and I'm a tea drinker. But on more than one occasion, I've found the wrong tea used in my order. That tells me that people aren't paying attention. They're always apologetic and remake the order without prompting, which is great. And if this were just a one-off, this isn't the review I'd be writing. But it happens often enough that I now never leave the premises w/o checking the label on the tea bag. I just wish the barristas would do the same.

Brian Frankel

Good place, little dirty, nice staff, good location, high prices.

Charlie M

This Starbucks absolutely blows. They had no food of any kind besides cheese danishes and cookies, and they messed up my drink order. Go to a different Starbucks.

Just Ruth

The ladies there are always smiling and kind. Wrong order?No problem- different item? Not an issue.The staff clearly works as a team. You hear, ( if you're nosy like me), you hear them quickly and quietly communicating about orders, product, and stock.**A Starbucks staff with calm, customer directed personalities!!??A consistently pleasant experience.

Ian Everett

When I ask for whole milk and you make my chi latte with WATER at $5+ you get one stars. SMH. Thank you for strengthening my resolve to get breakfast at home. You are lame.

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