Tavira Restaurant

8401 Connecticut Ave, Chevy Chase
(301) 652-8684

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Tried to order carryout from the 3-coure meal menu. Told that the items on the 3 course meal were not there. Tried to order filet of sole and salada da Horta. Seemed like bait and switch

T Pham

Absolutely delicious! We came here for a lovely dinner. The restaurant is cozy and beautiful, and the food brings back memories of our trip to Portugal.I love the fried cod fritters. We had the calf liver, which was cooked so well and tasted like a steak. The braised pork was so tender and delicious with bread. Topped it off with a warm pasteis de nataThe staff was friendly and welcomingParking: Easy parking garage access

Neil K

Had been meaning to try this place for many years. So glad I made it. Easy underground parking. Nice white table cloth environment and good atmosphere. Very reasonably priced. Staff was excellent and professional. Food was tasty and presented well. Tables spread apart so you do not feel like you are in top of others. Easy to have a conversation. This is a great place and will return. Entire party agreed it was a great place.

Beatrice Gomes

This is excellent, authentic Portuguese food with ingredients and dishes that taste like they were fed to you in Madeira itself. Every single thing we ordered was fantastic and I am recommending this to all of my family when they visit the area.For anyone coming for a first visit, park in the parking garage with a Tavira sign over the entrance. Then, along one of the walls of the parking garage there will be black doors with large windowpanes that have a faded “Tavira” sign on it. That is your entrance so you don’t get stuck at the wrong one!

Paul Martinez

In seeing the star rating for this restaurant, I was hopeful to have some delicious Portuguese food for lunch. But left with a bad taste in my mouth.Food: lunch menu seemed very Italian focused with whispers of Portuguese in it. I ended up ordering the meatball sandwich because I couldn't find anything that grabbed my attention and opted to add on the Caesar salad. There was nothing overtly wrong with the meatball sandwich. The meatballs were a bit overworked but decently seasoned. The bread was a generic "sub roll" the sauce was sauce. Caesar salad was a decent size with some red bell pepper sprinkled in, which is a nice touch. But where else can you find a sandwich and side salad for $8. It was a real value and I'd return to the inexpensive lunch menu.Service: Lack luster. The person who eventually took a while before noticing me. But it's hard to do that when your back is turned to the counter. My order was taken and that was it. Food came quickly. But then I was informed that I my food was carry out and in order to dine in, I had to pay a DIFFERENT price. I was told there are tables in the lobby I could eat at. Two thumbs down for these policies.Atmosphere: I can only describe it as beige. No music, no warmth, no friendliness. I couldn't even experience the restaurant unless I wanted to pay admission for my food. Might give it another try in time, but for now, I would not recommend. I gave the second star for the value.If there was a better/more Portuguese menu, would get another star. If I could get a server at what appears to be a sit down restaurant, would have another star as well. There's work to be done hereParking: If you are there for under an hour, parking is free

Emily S.

The Taste of Portugal ($23 for 3 course meal on Fridays) is the way to go! For lunch, I ended up getting the Caldo Verde (Portugal's National soup) which was creamy and tasty (but probably could have had more than two small pieces of meat that tasted like hot dog). For the entree - the pork shank - which was fall-off-the-bone delicious. My mom got the Cornish Hen dish, which I was not too impressed with, along with chips, which were mostly burnt. And for dessert I got a decadent chocolate mousse cake.

John M.

The quality of the food was excellent. However the service was aggressive. We were served our appetizers, then we were visited not once or twice, but ten times for various refills, new water, removal of various dishes and plates. They asked to remove our appetizer plate three times. I had to confront the waitress and tell her that we were still eating. Then came the main entrees, and we had to eat as fast as we could. No respectful time for us to relax. We felt unwelcome and that we were being driven out of the restaurant. The price of the meal was $120 for two people. We will never return.

Betty Kester

Excellent food, excellent service. A charming interior. The bar area is dressed up like an outdoor cafe. The white tablecloth dining room dining has mural covered walls and is delightfully decorated. Tables are graciously spaced, uncrowded. For five people we spent about $60 per person with tip and two bottles of wine included in that. Portions are normal size.Vegetarian options: Beautiful salads and fish for the pescetarian.Parking: Ample indoor garage parking. The entrance door to the restaurant is in the main level parking garage and well marked. It's on the left as you enter the garage. It's an odd location but easy access.Wheelchair accessibility: Direct access from the garage to the door of the restaurant. There is a small ramp in a smallish entryway and two doors to navigate.

Marie G.

We just had an excellent lunch here on a Monday. This is my 4th time over the years and Tavira never disappoints. After a trip to the south of Portugal many years ago this is a perfect venue to recapture those flavors. The best part is their Portugese taste of Portugal menu for $23 in this scary time of inflation. There were excellent choices under appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The three different dishes we three diners ordered were beautifully prepared and delicious.

Paulo Pereira

Food and service was amazing. My wife was not happy with the fries that came with the streak. Servers and kitchen staff went out of their way and made her fresh fries. They were amazing. Definitely coming back. You will not be disappointed.

Helen M.

Food was absolutely delicious. The service was excellent. It was fun to try Portuguese food. The decor is cute but could use a little freshening up. The parking is excellent! We will absolutely be back.

Manuel Pineda

food is good - excellent service.very clean.

Will C.

Has very good service and atmosphere. Steak is amazing. Order it every time! Everyone we have brought here has loved it. Hidden gem!

Lia M.

Tavira is a well-kept secret. While it may seem underrated because it's not hip and new, the two times I've visited, this Portuguese restaurant has been busy. It's tucked away into the ground floor of an office building. There is plenty of parking, which is appreciated. They are open for lunch and dinner, which is worth keeping in mind. Service is excellent. Servers are trained to serve properly. Also, I hadn't visited in months, and one of the servers, Horis, remembered me, which is nice. They take care of their customers here. The ambiance isn't quite that of a Massachusetts Portuguese restaurant, but Tavira does embody an old-world feel. Food is also excellent. I've had the garlic shrimp, pasteis de bacalhau, piri-piri chicken, suckling pig special, lamb shank special, and the pistachio and chocolate lover's cakes. Everything has been delicious. The roast suckling pig is the standout and you must order that if they have it on special. I'm looking forward to returning to try the pork shank and cod dishes. Presentation of all dishes is beautiful. The wine list is nice, especially as I love Portuguese wine. If you are dining with companions, I highly recommend a bottle. They do not have a cocktail list but do have a full bar. On Friday nights, there is live music, which is appreciated. While this restaurant might be as close as I can get to the city of Tavira for the time being, I'll take it. The amazing food and service ensures Tavira will be on my regular rotation, and it should be added to yours as well.

Henry M.

We loved Tavira in the past, but the on Valentine's Day was inexcusably non-existent. Informed the manager, but free dessert with no discussion or apology was insufficient to make me want to return.

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