Bagel Bin & Deli

5325 Village Center Dr, Columbia
(410) 740-0024

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claudia barac-roth

Best bagels in the area♥️ But blah ambiance and ugly decor. And terrible customer service. Front cashier lacks manners and could use a smile to hungry customers.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 5

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Bagel with Cream Cheese

Jason Knauer

Columbia is such a weird place if you don't live there. I was looking for breakfast near a job I was early for, and I couldn't see this place on google maps until I was in the Starbucks parking lot. Once I saw that it was near, I skipped Starbucks to patronize this small business. It still was not easy to find and they aren not on the the shopping center sign post. The inside of this place is nothing special, it is old and kind of dingy. I had a jalapeno, bacon and cheddar eggel and and iced coffee, and it was great. The bagel was fresh and spicy, the sandwich was well made though the bacon seemed like it may have been pre-cooked shelf stable bacon. Overall it was good, great from such an unassuming place. The prices on their menu board are out of date, but if you are local I guess you know that. What I was really impressed with, and why I left this review was the iced coffee. MUCH higher quality that I was expecting from a place like this, better even than the Starbucks that shares the shopping center. They make it to order, I believe with an aeropress, and it is well worth it. If you find yourself here and need a bite to eat or breakfast, don't be put off by the appearance, it is a quality bagel/deli joint.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 4

Service: 5

Jake Weidemann

They assault and hit their employees if the SLIGHTEST mistake is made. Absolutely unacceptable.

Chloe Just

We have been here several times before and had decent food, however the wait times have always been long. Today, we unfortunately had a really negative experience. After waiting almost 25 minutes for an eggel, omelet, and two iced coffees, we were upset to find a clump of tiny hairs underneath my boyfriend’s eggel. He asked to have it remade, but after waiting a few minutes we both decided we were too grossed out to eat there and told them we no longer wanted the food. I threw out the entire omelet and we just left. Probably won’t be back for a long while at the very least. Rating two stars because past experiences have been average/decent, but this was pretty bad, to be honest.

Atmosphere: 2

Food: 2

Service: 2

Sasha H.

I remember when this place was sold (a very long time ago). The first thing they did was make the bagels smaller, put less cream cheese on them and raise prices. They eliminated the bakers dozen. And when the local photographer died, they took down all of her pictures and replace them with cheesy prints (which they sell) they're not pictures of Columbia, I don't know where they're from, it's tacky. I still continued to come here because I have great childhood memories. I will not spend my money here anymore. The service is terrible. There is always a person at the counter that either doesn't speak English or a kid that has a problem with ringing up your order, but of course their new register system asks you for a tip. My most recent and last experience there was just another day in the life of the Bagel Bin in Wilde Lake. An idiot at the counter tells me everything bagels will be ready in 20 minutes, I asked "are you sure?" Then she asks the owner and the owner says he's not making anymore. That girl would have rang me up for a half dozen and had me waiting around. Now I place my order of three bagels to take home & two sandwiches. My daughter got her bagel with cream cheese (that's not too hard to screw up) but I ordered a power house aka a rabbit (a veggie sandwich it's delicious). I asked for avocado, I paid $1.50 for avocado. Our order was to go. The owner handed me my order. We get home and no avocado. This is not the first time this has happened. The two previous times I was shorted avocado I did not make an issue of it. I didn't call I let it slide. This time I called. The owner tells me that there is a communication issue between the guys in the kitchen and the girl at the counter. The girl was unaware that they were out of avocado. The owner tells me that they need a better system of communication. The kitchen is 5 feet from the counter! He told me my $1.50 would be refunded (hasn't been refunded). What he should've done is refunded my entire order. My issue is not with the $1.50. My issue is with the owner and how he took a beautiful business and killed it with terrible service, price increases (Not due to our current inflation this guy rose prices immediately when he took over), tacky ambience and disrespect for longtime customers. The Bagel Bin in Wilde Lake gets two star only because the bagel recipe is the original recipe from the original owners.Oh! And let's not forget the time I got iced tea out of their iced tea dispenser and the mold came out of it. Gross!

Andrew Dunn

Only customer there it took over 20 minutes to get a egg and cheese bagel. Employees were just talking and playing with there phones.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 3

Service: 1

Recommended dishes: Egg and Cheese Bagels


The people working are very nice. Food is pretty good. Location looks dirty because they haven't updated in like 20 years. Everything bagel is so disappointing. It has no garlic or salt. It's a shame because it would have been much better. So hard to find a good everything bagel!

Amber noonkester

Ordering from the Bagel Bin was a complete scam!! Doordash does not have their corn beef on the menu, so I ordered directly from their website, but their delivery fee was over $9! I would have ordered thru DoorDash but I really wanted the Corn beef which was only listed on their direct website. The driver called to let me know my food was here, it was a call from DoorDash!! They used DoorDash for their delivery but up charged me because I ordered from their website?? Complete scam

Craig Storozuk

Simply put, their breakfast bagel egg sandwich (eggel) is phenomenal in any combination you can think of (supreme bagel, sausage, egg, American cheese here - my go to). This also means their bagels are phenomenal. Everything is great in fact. They’ve recently added online ordering and that would add a 6th star if the review would allow it. Love this place!!

Jenn N.

No frills bagel spot with good food and courteous service. The interior is nothing fancy, more deli than coffee shop but still looks like a nice spot to camp out for a bit with your bagel and coffee, read a bit and sit a spell. A couple other patrons were doing so when I arrived. I got a sun dried tomato bagel with egg and cheese, and it was exactly as advertised. Would come back if in the area!

M. Maskal

I placed an online order directly from their website and after waiting in a long line, the business indicated it didn’t receive the order. They provided no assistance. I’ll now need to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

Kimberly S.

do not go to this establishment if you want a nova lox on a bagel. I asked for a slice of red onion nova lox on a double toasted bagel with light cream cheese. What I got wise chips of nova lox two small pieces of onion and no cream cheese. Epic fail. I should've just made it myself.

Elle Lozano

This local business has different options for breakfast or lunch, they offer different flavors of cream cheese ( I love the strawberry one). Coffee is tasty, different flavors offered.Sometimes, cashiers are so distracted that they messes up the orders, they don't listen or know the ingredients. It looks like new people are not well trained, etc. This used to be a better place, hopefully they work on their team and customer service.

Matthew Harvey

Off the charts awesome. What a great place for a quick breakfast. This place is a local treasure.

tom thiesen

Good food, fair service but the place really needs an overhaul. No ambiance because of the bright florescent lights, shabby booths and it could use a bit of redecorating and paint.

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