Bas Rouge

19 Federal St, Easton
(410) 822-1637

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I love European cuisine and the past year's moratorium on European travel, plus the fact that we live in a small (darling but small) Eastern Shore town with no European influenced restaurants, made me so curious about Bas Rouge. And generally it was absolutely superb -- great wine choices, friendly if formal staff, lovely setting and the best, best food! Every taste was out of this world. I was dining alone at lunch and the thoughtful table choice (a settee against the wall but not in a corner) was so lovely, and that it was set for one, was appreciated. In an a restaurant of this caliber, what knocked it down a point was the finish. If you start strong and finish weakly, well, what does the customer remember? Admittedly, Bas Rouge got "slammed" as two other tables were seated as I was finishing my meal. But my finished plate sat way, way too long in front of me as staff scurried around to accommodate other diners. I finally just moved it away from me -- was tired of looking at it -- and one noticed. I get that it's tacky but I just felt invisible, which is never what you want to communicate in an expensive restaurant. Sort of odd. I'd go back for sure, the food was delicious but I would encourage the staff to pay a bit more attention to detail at the end of the meal, as well as at the start. One other thing: I also thought it was off-putting that you have to give a credit card upon booking a table. Perhaps that is a NY thing but we're not in NY, we're on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Murray Gerard Jolivette

Outstanding food, elegant dining room, friendly, attentive and flawless service.

Jo-Ann Marks Saville

Absolutely wonderful meal. So happy to have Bluepoint Hospitality in Easton, MD.

Nikolai L

This restaurant is my favorite place. Of all restaurants I know I favor it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this restaurant. everytime I I need a special lunchon, this is the place that comes straight to my mind. Great and food and a rich menu.great crew, and nice ambience. In addition to that, the pay is modest. I suggest this restaurant with no hesitation.


What a wonderful restaurant. The atmosphere is perfection, the food divine and the service exceptional. Such an amazing dining experience in downtown Easton. Bravo!!

Kodi R.

Incredible restaurant. Everything here is the height of class from the impeccable service by Charlotte and the bussers, managers, etc assisting her. Beautiful dining room, lovely 4 course prix fixe meal. I had the cauliflower panna cotta, scallop crudo, beef filet, and poached pear with almond cake for dessert. Everything was beautifully plated and tasted superb. They also knew my wife and I were celebrating our honeymoon and provided a champagne toast to start. An incredible dining experience.

Michael Morris

Great meal. Service, food and ambiance were ?. Can’t wait to go back!

Oijai Onlamun

Great owner. Good luck.


I've eaten at Bas Rouge twice this summer. The first was for a visiting chef dinner and the second was for lunch. To be able to go to a restaurant on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and eat food prepared by an NYC Michelin Star Chef (Hirohisa) was an unreal treat during these unprecedented times. The service is impeccable, the space is gorgeous yet not overdone. Both dinner and lunch were two of my favorite meals ever. I feel like I've made friends with the staff and I can't to go back and see them.

Jan W.

This restaurant is excellent due to the care of the staff, delicious food and atmosphere. I've been there three times and each time was spectacular.... You can depend on sumptuous food and drinks. I'll be back after COVID rules change.

Anna Duff

A wonderful fine dining experience. From the service to the ambience to the spectacular food! Everything is executed flawlessly. A rare gem on the Eastern shore!


Perfection. All dishes are perfectly executed and the decor is flawless. We drive over the bridge to dine here - you should too before all of DC finds out about this place!

Pool Peterkin

Yesterday was our first time we came to that good restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last time. We had great time with the attentive service, with the fine meal and fine drinks and with the modest pay. We will definitely return there again.

Alexey B

We had one of the best dinners in many months at Bas Rouge. The food, presentation, ambiance and service were impeccable with Viennese and French accents throughout the menu and wine list. Do go there if you in or around Easton.

Nickie Diggs

impeccable service, fantastic food, we met the owner he was very friendly

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