Waffle House

261 Belle Hill Rd, Elkton
(410) 620-5630

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paul t

piles of hash browns all the way together with mounds of eggs and your favorite meats are so delicious after a few hours of heavy drinking....you always get what you expect

Evelyn Ortiz

Just not good food at all. And not that I expected anything gourmet here, but I thought perhaps the waffle would be good, but it was nasty. I have had better waffles at many other various places.

Nirmal Sabu

I used to go to a Waffle House all the time when I was in grad school. It was the only place that was open on late nights and gave me the much needed comfort of warmth and food. Ever since I moved to Michigan 3 years ago I haven't been to one until last month on a trip to Baltimore.

Serena S.

I love this Waffle House! Great service and food is always great. Usually get the waffles and hash brown bowls which is amazing.

Deanna Lee

Its waffle house! Quick, fast, consistently decent breakfast and waffles. Service was very good here. Sat at counter,its like a show,Watch how hard they work!

Murat Tamer

Every time they are helpful and nice. Tasty food. I like this place. Me and my wife go there once a week. I request onions with hash browns makes it more tasty. Sunday mornings can be packed. When I park my car and walk in, our favorite waitress Whitney was already put my coffee on the table. That's true Waffle House cooks everything quick and makes a mess in the kitchen which you can see. That's the way they work in all locations. That's never been a problem with me as I also like to see they work. I never had a problem with this location and if somebody had, it has to be his/her problem for sure.

Manan Parikh

Food was great, service was great too. They do serve limited number of dishes but all dishes are very reasonable price and great in taste. Waffle served here are fresh and delicious. We visited here first time. But as name says "waffle house" they have very great waffles.

Jonathan McRae

Server was Jess, fantastic attitude and food was great. Busy Saturday morning and you wouldn't notice as they handled it easily. A very organized crew and excellent personalities. Made a good morning great.

whitney batson boyd

I just witnessed the most disheartening situation. Being someone who trains others on customer service amongst other things. I would like to say to customers you can’t become irate with the employee, and expect nothing to be said. I just witnessed a “customer” curse out a young lady who was cooking on the grill. The employee verified with the male taking orders about the “customer’s” request. The “customer” then blurted out, “day shift always gets it right.” The “customer” then called the employee a vulgar word. All this took place while I was waiting to pay for my food. I saw the employee turning red, because of feeling embarrassed possibly. The employee gave the “customer” her food, and the “customer” went off. Saying derogatory things towards her. When the employee finally responded she yelled I’m a paying customer. After sitting through someone calling me out my name, yelling and making a scene it would have pushed me too. All this occurred while I was paying for my food. I just want the “customer” to know....customer or not we are people first before you put a title in there. My heart to the employee. I’m sorry you experienced that tonight.

Jody Quiros

Ordered hash browns and eggs sunny side up and hash browns w biscuits and sausage gravy , had them before and they were good, this time the eggs were over easy and well done, the gravy was like colored water w sausage in it. Manager replaced the eggs sadly we did not discover that the gravy was bad till we were home . We called and instead of removing it from the bill we were told to come all the way back after already spending to much time for the convenience of not cooking on this experience and screwed up order! Go to a different “awful house”

Viktor Lidor

Was fast, food came out perfect, clean bathrooms, friendly waitress, and a great place to stop and stretch. Plenty of parking and very easy to get to and back onto the highway. Has station close by if road snacks or gas is needed


The food was good here and the waitress was really good. My nose is too sensitive, so I smelled the mop water when I first came in.

Trisha Ann

Excellent food... our waitress TT was wonderful. Very polite. Great experience passing through.

Laura W.

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE GHETTO SERVICE!!!!!! I asked for my bacon to be cooked a certain way for to go order. I checked it before I left and it was not correct . I showed them and asked them to fix it. Some very dirty looking female by the name of "AMBER" (one of the cooks)with 5 different colors in her hair started calling me a bitch and flipping me off because I asked for them to fix the mistake and then she proceeded to yell at me In front of entire restaurant. The head cook pushed her away and told her to stop and go to the back. I told her I would be contacting corporate and she said "I don't give a F$$K tonight is my last night and then put her middle finger up at me. Thank goodness for cameras. This was the worst experience of my life. Waffle House has the best food but this location has no consideration of customers and just hires anyone and they don't care about the customers and they make the food TASTE TERRIBLE......just a warning I would not waste your money at this location because I promise it will be a disappointment.

Richard A

My wife and I travel a fair amount and always look for a Waffle House because we know we'll get good food at a fair price cooked the way we like. This location was great as was our server, Erin. Our eggs came out the way we like, as did the bacon. They listen to what you say.

Becky H

We stay at the La Quinta ride by this waffle house. It is so convenient and we love the food. My favorite is hash browns and an omelet. Highly recommend this for a quick inexpensive meal that taste good.

Adriane D.

Great location. Went during the week for breakfast. Coffee was yuk and grits were not that great, but the Pecan Waffle, Plain Waffle, Bacon, Sausage and Hash Browns were fantastic. Waitress was extremely nice and the food came out quick and hot. Service was excellent.

Aditi kamatkar

Food is great, service is fast. Huge portions for one person. The only thing I noticed was weird smell. Although I ordered veggie omelette there was a strong meat smell to it. Other than that all good. This place has a Nice little parking lot of it's own. I almost missed it from highway.

Luv Bronson

Wonderful waffles, great grits, the ice tea is sweet customer service on point

Sabree W.

I LOVE WAFFLE HOUSE! This particular location is always delicious. No one makes better waffles. The bacon is also the best I've had at a restaurant. Service is always quick and friendly. I will continue to come to this Waffle House.

Waffle House
Waffle House

Waffle House

261 Belle Hill Rd, Elkton, MD 21921