Waffle House

261 Belle Hill Rd, Elkton
(410) 620-5630

Recent Reviews

Renee Fuller

It's a Waffle House...go here while traveling! They are all exactly the same. Great, fast service and good food at reasonable prices.

Robert Ward

This was my first time at the Elkton,Md location. But like all the others I've been to they make you feel welcome. Food is good as are the prices. Service is also good.

Steve A.

Waffle house is a classic restaurant, go to any waffle house and you'll get similar experiences each time. I've come to this waffle house a couple times and I mean when you come to places like this you can't expect to much service wise. You will get good and bad experiences so dont expect to much. Food wise, something's I would get and some I would stay away from. The waffles are great no complaints about them. The grits are nasty, one time me and someone else got them and we compared the taste to toilet water that's how bad they were. Eggs are alright, the hashbrowns or potatos are good. Although theres been times where they are extremely oily and when you get to the bottom of the plate a puddle of grease and oil will be waiting for you. So overall I recommend to only get a couple things at waffle house, but if you want a better traditional breakfast just visit a local diner.

Marcus Van Gorden

Waffle House is always fast, affordable, and quality. The servers don't have to leave the kitchen to serve you so they get your order in fast and it gets to you fast. The hash browns (all the way of course) are fantastic. As are their waffles. They are open 24/7 so if you are traveling or up late and want a full breakfast the Waffle House has you covered. Also they are almost always guaranteed to be open. Rain, shine, snow or other....

Adam M.

A food experience like non other. Always worth the 90 dive. Waffle house has my heart.

Nick C.

Lovely late-night staff! Came here for some midnight feasting, and our server Georgette and "Rock Star Grillmaster" (a well-deserved title) Dakota made this a great Waffle House visit. I didn't even know there were tiers for the Waffle House grill cooks until coming here, and not gonna lie, we were served some of the best bacon we ever had by Dakota. Also had my usual Texas Cheesesteak with Topped Hashbrowns which hit the spot. Some friends got the Pork Chop & Eggs along with Cheese Eggs that were cooked spot-on. Swing by to this Waffle House if you're in the area!

Joshua LeVan

I have recently become a 'regular' I get a triple hash brown smothered and chunked. I have been to a few other waffle houses but they aren't quite this one. This is the only one I go to now, they cook it up right, and the customer service is amazing! You guys are the best! I mostly know night crew so I can't speak much for mornings.

Sarah Chamberlain

My parents and I were traveling on Christmas and we were very hungry. We decided to stop by waffle house because it’s always good but the waffle house was wonderful. There was a cast of characters working Christmas night and they were all very nice and happy. Our waitress Mackenzie was attentive and friendly. The people working tonight made this Christmas very memorable.


We came here for breakfast. I ordered the waffle, egg’s over medium and loaded hash browns with chili. Everything here is cooked to order. My wife had the egg’s over medium, hash browns & bacon well done. It was all very good except she got the end of the bread. Besides the toast factor she still enjoyed her breakfast. This is a very good waffle house. The waitresses are very friendly and give you that waffle house experience, high energy and a great vibe. I would definitely return to this restaurant.

Theresa Bodine

Staff was awesome. One cook seen that my daughter wasn't feeling well (she had an upset stomach)so she went and got my daughter a ginger ale. She went above and beyond and it was greatly appreciated.

Jon Skvir

The Waffle House is always a good time and consistent experience. It's not healthy food by any means but it's greasy goodness hits the spot.

Justin M.

Honestly, Waffle House is probably the most unsanitary places you could go to eat, but the food is amazing. It's always on of those places you have to question yourself "why am I eating here". Today, stopped here on my way back to Maryland. The first and biggest problem I had was that the person who was taking names for the waitlist and to eventually sit them was sitting people who were just walking in. We had been waiting for about 15 minutes so far and some people walked in and was seated before us. This happened more than twice and we had mentioned it t her. I guess she didn't really care or wasn't paying attention. I believe her name was Christine (I can't remember). Half of the staff weren't wearing hair nets or gloves, but there were touching plates. Don't get me started on how they "washed" the plates and silverware. We had to ask for plastic utensils because it looked so bad. After all that, I overhear one of the waiters tell another employee that they could show this group a fight that had happened in their establishment recently. She emphasized to him to show them "quietly", but she didn't realize I'm an yelp reviewer so I listen and watch wherever I go. Our server was nice and polite and besides all that I enjoyed the meal. The one picture I have is disgusting. Why is the meat in the refrigerator like that just hanging there and on the rails. Unsanitary

Sarah soda

My parents and I were traveling on Christmas and we were very hungry. We decided to stop by waffle house because it’s always good but the waffle house was wonderful. There was a cast of characters working Christmas night and they were all very nice and happy. Our waitress Mackenzie was attentive and friendly. The people working tonight made this Christmas very memorable.


My server was friendly and professional. Got our order correct the first time. Food was very good and tasty. Great coffee. Fast clean welcoming.

Kenneth Scott

If you are dieting, then this is not the place for you. If you are totally into the goodness of food that is probably not the best health choice, then the Waffle House is for you. Their food is so good, it is probably possible to gain 5lbs or more in one visit. I have learned simply to treat myself every once in a while. If I ate here as much as I wanted to, I would weigh well over 300lbs. This place is really for people with fast metabolisms or those who don't care about calories. To be clear, the food is very tasty and very well priced for what you get.

Yes No

I only come here for the waffles and bacon I haven't tried anything else their Grits good

Lyle Saperstein

A great meal cooked to order. I always enjoy the waffles and the rest of my meal.

Mike P.

The All Star Breakfast was Awesome! Portions were satisfying and delicious. Ya can't beat a large waffle with maple syrup and butter. Also hash browns with eggs bacon sausage or country ham. The biscuits were tasty too!

Brian O'Connell

I enjoy the waffles, bacon, sandwiches, hash browns, and eggs. You can get flavor syrup in your soda. And I recommend the blueberry waffles.

Omi BlessedDiva Day-Posey

Traveling with children. Is always a toss up. But the staff were aaaamazing and very accommodating. Definitely will be coming back!!


Even when they were busy staff made it a point to ensure everyone had what they wanted and needed. Food was good and everything was clean. Good place for a cheap bite.

Ainsley Wynn

I've been here over 5 times now. The food is always excellent and the servers are friendly folx who like to have a good laugh. In between commutes from Philly and DC, it's always worth the stop

Chris Wilder

I love Waffle House. Steak and eggs with a waffle. This location is important because Waffle House is a Southern thing and as far as I know, this is the Northernmost location. It is literally a mile or so below the Mason-Dixon line. It is just under an hour drive from Philly so, I don't go that often, but when I do go, it's great.

Rob D.

I hadn't been to a Waffle House in years since there are none near me. I stopped off here for breakfast and it was just as I remembered. Great, fast, value priced food that's served by people who care. The staff here was very attentive and probably what really make this stop tick.

Devin McGilberry

Waffle House is amazing!!! I feel as though the staff is like my family. I really wish one would open closer to me in Jersey but it's so great I take that 2 hour drive on a late Sunday night

Meenakshi Jeyaprakasam

Actually myself and my husband moved to Kentucky , Louisville and very first day to start we had breakfast from this place there it was calm and pleasant experience. And people there were very welcoming . Love this place now we came back to Newark would love to visit this place . Excited

Jason Pichcuskie

My food was cooked perfectly and the waffles were amazing. The server was funny and friendly. I'll definitely be back!

Chris Thompson

Clean, friendly staff, easy access from the interstate. Look, it's waffle house, the food isn't exactly healthy, it's not exactly mindblowing, but it's tasty, and hits the spot. You get hot coffee and lots of cheap food!

Cindy Vega-Guzman

Went there this morning to have breakfast with my daughter. it was packed but service was great. Tony the manager really is friendly and nice and was busting his butt to help and make sure everything was running smoothly. was impressed and great job.

Tj Beyer

This was the best waffle house experience I've ever had (and I've had many). Whitney was my server and was attentive to all of her tables, efficient, friendly and accurate. There were a lot of employees all working together to make things happen - nobody was standing around. The restaurant was clean, even during a lunch rush. Visit was on a Saturday around noon.

Andrew Anker

A unique experience. Always good food. Great value

paul t

piles of hash browns all the way together with mounds of eggs and your favorite meats are so delicious after a few hours of heavy drinking....you always get what you expect

paul t

piles of hash browns all the way together with mounds of eggs and your favorite meats are so delicious after a few hours of heavy drinking....you always get what you expect

Evelyn Ortiz

Just not good food at all. And not that I expected anything gourmet here, but I thought perhaps the waffle would be good, but it was nasty. I have had better waffles at many other various places.

Nirmal Sabu

I used to go to a Waffle House all the time when I was in grad school. It was the only place that was open on late nights and gave me the much needed comfort of warmth and food. Ever since I moved to Michigan 3 years ago I haven't been to one until last month on a trip to Baltimore.

Serena S.

I love this Waffle House! Great service and food is always great. Usually get the waffles and hash brown bowls which is amazing.

Deanna Lee

Its waffle house! Quick, fast, consistently decent breakfast and waffles. Service was very good here. Sat at counter,its like a show,Watch how hard they work!

Murat Tamer

Every time they are helpful and nice. Tasty food. I like this place. Me and my wife go there once a week. I request onions with hash browns makes it more tasty. Sunday mornings can be packed. When I park my car and walk in, our favorite waitress Whitney was already put my coffee on the table. That's true Waffle House cooks everything quick and makes a mess in the kitchen which you can see. That's the way they work in all locations. That's never been a problem with me as I also like to see they work. I never had a problem with this location and if somebody had, it has to be his/her problem for sure.

Manan Parikh

Food was great, service was great too. They do serve limited number of dishes but all dishes are very reasonable price and great in taste. Waffle served here are fresh and delicious. We visited here first time. But as name says "waffle house" they have very great waffles.

Jonathan McRae

Server was Jess, fantastic attitude and food was great. Busy Saturday morning and you wouldn't notice as they handled it easily. A very organized crew and excellent personalities. Made a good morning great.