230 Crown Park Ave, Gaithersburg
(301) 963-1200

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Yummy Asian

My daughter really like the cookie monster roll so much. It is her first time to try this roll with the topping. It is so fresh and yummy. Also, it is good service and place.?

Bali Adawal

This has been on our bucket list since we heard about it’s opening about an year or so ago. Being vegan we are always excited about stores serving these needs opening in our neighborhood.The store has a bright and welcoming look. The store manager practically rushed to us and was effusive in welcoming us, especially when we told him that it was our first time to the store. He briefed us about the store (everything was vegan) and the popular options. In response to our more probing questions he was also honest enough to candidly admit that he was new and did not have a lot details.We ordered a couple of donuts and our first impressions were mixed. The donuts were on the harder side and were too sweet for our palate. At $7.50 per piece they were on the pricey side.The store was doing reasonable business and there was a steady flow of customers (mostly women :-) but was a bit surprised to see two Marines also there! Then kicked myself mentally for stereotyping).The wait time was a bit on the higher side (only one harried looking young girl taking all the orders). The manager mostly focused on meet, greet and order taking.Wish them all the best!


These are delicious!!!!! I got the Tropical Bliss and it's worth every calorie and the price!! DEFINITELY will be going back. Oh and they're made to order. Nice and hot!

Ariel Golightly

We got three rolls which were all delicious, love that it’s all vegan. Service was also excellent, can’t wait to come back again!

vib u

The quality of the bun, the cream and the toppings were good. The first bite of the bun was delicious, by the time it came up to last bite I was sugar high!

Klate Cele

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Andrew Robbins

I’m a huge cinnamon roll fan, and I both buy and make them frequently. When I heard about Cinnaholic, I was really excited to give their cinnamon rolls a shot.What a letdown. On a scale of one to ten, the cinnamon rolls were salt. Everything tasted of salt. My friends and I bought five different kinds of cinnamon rolls and all of them? Tasted like salt. Maybe someone knocked over a barrel of salt in the kitchen the day we bought them—who knows. But I’ll never go back.Yeah, still salty.Update: Purchased at around 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, August 21.

Makeyvia Goodwin

Very good spot. Love the cinnamon rolls! Def a good spot to take the family for a family date!

Lisa W.

We got an original cinnabon just to see how it would be and it was okay, nothing special. But the vegan ice cream we got for free for signing up for the rewards program was amazing! It tasted like an orange/vanilla sherbet. I would definitely go back for that.

Charles-Stephen Laubhouet

All the dentists in the area are rubbing their hands like Birdman since this place was built. Its taste very good but its extremely sweet, i didnt try to inquire on how many grams of sugar each contained but i might have to drink tea for 4 days detox from that sugar.You can choose to eat inside but we chose outside since the location is so close to the big garden in downtown crown. Servers were cool. Would definitely go again.

Champion Darlington Akaya

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Kara S.

Hands down the best cinnamon buns in town. So gooey and fresh. You can add whatever toppings you want also. And they're vegan

Vicky C.

I don't watch much tv, so I didn't know "Shark Tank" was their claim to fame. Delicious rolls. Prices are a bit high.

Amber K.

I heard about Cinnaholic on a vegan forum, but didn't know their locations. I was pleased to find one not too far away so we took a drive. The menu has so many options it was hard for us to choose. My family all got something different and none of us went wrong. The cinnamon rolls are amazing. They have such rich flavors. Such a good treat and love that it's all vegan.

Lindsay H.

Cinnabon is great, but this place is Cinnabon on steroids! I was on the hunt for a quality cinnamon roll and this place did NOT disappoint! I customized mine with cake batter frosting and pie crumble topping. PIE CRUMBLE! Their cinnamon rolls have all of the elements to make a perfect cinnamon roll: great icing ratio, warm, gooey filling, and a pillowy dough!

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