Five Guys

653 Center Point Way, Gaithersburg
(301) 926-9200

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Andrea Hernandez

I love five guys however Costumer service shouldn’t be rude at all. There are manners to ask someone to step outside of your store however this time the manager did not have manners at all. Which is very unprofessional of her. If you don’t like working in costumer service this is not your job. As someone who has experience with costumer service I would never say something like that to my costumer. Train your people well.

Elizabeth M.

Consistently poor service. Twice, I've ordered milkshakes with my order and they never come. The first time I called and was told a manager would contact me- never happened. The second time, same thing. So frustrating because this location is very close to us. Tonight, my daughters grilled cheese was mush and the fries were soggy. Try another location if you're craving Five Guys.

Debbie Stern

One burger and fry. One person in front of me. $20 and 20 minutes. (And where’s the vinegar??)I frequented the original store. I have no reason to return.


The burgers are okay but they are very overpriced.


I don't eat beef so I opted for fries only. The wait was slightly long but the fries are so fresh and not salty (I usually get my fries without salt). It was a great experience.

Mikhail Sukhenko

Small burgers, ketchup is only available in packets, need to ask for additional napkins.

Scott B.

This review is only for the manager on duty on the evening of June 28th at the Kentlands Five Guys and not a review of the food. The manager needs to go through customer training, specifically how to listen to a customer when the customer is communicating with them. The customer repeatedly told the manager that the order was not right and just wanted their money back. The manager continued to ignore the customer and did not acknowledge the customer's repeated request. The customer told the manager that all they wanted was their money back at least ten times, but the manager continued to ignore the customer's request until the customer said please stop and just listen to what I am saying. For the franchise owner, please take the time and train your manager's how to acknowledge and communicate with customers--this is one small step, but a big step in having repeat customers.

Sameer K.

Very bad service. Called in to order and it wasn't ready when I got there. Took order and stood there for 10 mins to get a small fries which was ready but they ignored. They didn't forget but they did try to forget that I was there .

AbuMuhammad AlHindi

Ordered cheese burger and fries. They should clearly mention that the cheese burger has 2 patties though.

Chuck N.

Funny how just down the road on Quince Orchard is a far superior Five Guys franchise. Emulating other Kentlands restaurants, this location features bad food (how do you mess up hamburgers with terrible prep and construction so that burgers fall apart immediately), chintzy service which is really precious on number of napkins, forgetting items (having to remind them every time for some missing item like a milkshake or a hotdog), and unhelpful employees. Never again, we're going to other Five Guys in the area. Terrible.


Went to Five Guys last night to get burgers and fries for dinner. Been a long time since I have been there. The facility is clean and well staffed. People were friendly and efficient. They were busy but processed my order quickly. I ordered one little cheeseburger with catchup and one little cheeseburger all they way along with a small order of fries to share. Five Guys has gotten a bit pricey but so has everyone else. $22.33 was the final tally. The burgers were great, juicy, done right. The all the way burger was loaded up and a meal in itself. Great soft buns that hold up until you are finished completes the sandwich. A small fries is all you need for two to share. They fill the cup up then dump more in the bag. The only complaint I have is Five Guys Fries are never crispy. That is there style. They are very good but a bit on the greasy side. But we ate it all up anyways! Enjoyed the meal, a special treat.

Hend Alweeshy

The entire stuff that is working on a Monday February 21 at 1:00 p.m. it's just rude the entire staff. I wanted to have a milkshake for my daughter and I asked her for a cherry because she loves their milkshake and she just slammed the milkshake at the counter and scared her. It's easy to be kind .so easy.

Bardia B.

I just am so confused as to how you could ruin/ absolutely burn a burger when all you are selling is burgers really If you only sell burgers primarily and you don't do that right what is the point of coming here?

Anna W.

Love your food I have had 5Guys for years but recently i noticed it is just so so greasy! I suggest, if there is any way to lessen the amount of grease that would be perfect as I felt horrible after eating it for the rest of the day.

Anne H.

Love your food I have had 5Guys for years but recently i noticed it is just so so greasy! I suggest, if there is any way to lessen the amount of grease that would be perfect as I felt horrible after eating it for the rest of the day.

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