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258 Crown Park Ave, Gaithersburg
(202) 335-5991

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Trap Mike jack

Great service here in Gaithersburg location. Very professional and got my pizza in a timely manner. Who ever is manager is doing everything right must say!Kid-friendliness: Very professional and charming

Courtney Okojie

Came back in town to visit family and I couldn't pass up on my favorite pizza place. I come here every time I come in town! Great pizza and even better service. In addition to the fresh pizza, Lambert gave such great customer service. Will definitely be back again !

Jaden Sims

Service here was amazing! Super kind and lively staff and the pizza was amazing. Got served by Michael, my usual 1 spinach leaf with every meat and every cheese with BBQ sauce and it just gets better everytime I order it!


Really enjoyed the food and the customer service I've received was exceptional! The store manager Lambert was very helpful and professional with going over some of the specials that were available. Haven't found a pizza joint this authentic in years

brianna okoro

Today, was my first time ever eating at an &pizza’s restaurant. I was so indecisive as to what I wanted to try. The gentleman Mr.Lambert was very helpful when telling me what was popular on the menu. I had the buffalo 66 and mozz knot. Definitely would recommend.

Dorothy B.

We love this &pizza! When visit our family in Rio we always come here before heading home! Great service all the time!! And the pizza is awesome!!!

Ganavi S.

Michael is the best employee brooo. Give that man a raise!!!! He be chefin it up in that joint.

Camella B.

food and customer service is amazing! all excellent reviews! fresh ingredients & clean inside!

Aramaslh Moore

Michael the manager gave me great customer service even though it was busy, he kept a positive attitude. He also gave me new topping suggestions for my pizza, since they took away some of my favorite drizzles and it turned out good.Vegetarian options: The vegan sausage is good

Tapan P.

Great Customer Service! My kids love coming here! They were accommodating, allowed my kids to order (5&3) and even gave them a treat!

Stephany Kagha

I was not able to get any pizza because I had my service dog with me, and as soon as I came in, one member from the back told me no dogs were allowed. I told him that he was a service dog, and that I was planning to eat outside, then he asked me for proof. I did not have my purse with me, so I left and went next door to Mezza Mediterranean Grill, and they were so gracious and served me, without any problem.

High Lights

New favorite place to eat at! The manager Mike really knows what he’s doing! Made me the best pizza I’ve ever had ! Along wit great customer service I felt like he invited me into his home and made a pizza out of his house it was such an amazing experience

Ameedah R.

Do you like Burned Up Pizza? Then you'll love &Pizza in Gaithersburg, MD!!! I don't enjoy indigestion or Burned Pizza, no matter how much the young man who burned up my pizza tried to justify burning it with Numerous Excuses. The most ridiculous excuse was "it's just the way our oven cooks them"! How about adjusting how close your oven cooks them by Not putting the pizza so close to the flame? It's called cooking the pizza Not burning it! Well you can call me picky or just a person who cares about my health...but I don't eat Burned Food and that includes Blackened Pizza Crust and burned to a crisp veggies...no thanks! I left this burned mess at &Pizza in Gaithersburg, MD. So if you care about good food and your health..don't eat Burned Up Pizza at &Pizza in Gaithersburg, MD!

Dave W.

It was getting late and we had been running around all day, so we just wanted some pizza. This was the closest option to our destination so we placed our order online. When I arrived after the promised pickup time, they had not even started our order, which was a little disappointing. As for the food itself, these are definitely unique pizzas in shape and flavor options. We had the American Honey, The Billie and an order of Knots and we really liked everything we ordered! I usually avoid a lot of chain establishments, but this was new to us, so I made an exception...and I'm glad I did!

Bri W.

Gommy and Lambert were great when I came in this weekend! The service was quick and they both had a great attitude. Will definitely be coming to this location more in the future.

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