Silk Road Choyhona

28 Bureau Dr, Gaithersburg
(301) 330-5262

Recent Reviews

Kelvin C.

Still the best plov you can get in the area and some of the best Uzbek soups -- go for the Shurpa or Mastava. I've been here many times and decided to write another review after a few years, and the quality of the plov remains just as good. Soups (shurpa or mastava) were excellent and well worth getting. The only item I would suggest not getting is their Turkish coffee. I was in Turkey last year and drank a lot of Turkish coffee, so I decided to try it here knowing it'll likely be a miss. Their Turkish coffee is lacking in flavor, feels diluted, and you're paying $3.50 for this fancy small cup (the size of a shot glass) which you can take pictures with and use for the period of your meal. If you've had Turkish coffee you won't like it, and if you haven't you shouldn't bother to try this overpriced item here. All that said, I came here for the food and left happy. I will be back.

Albina B.

We often get food at this place and the staff is very friendly. Our favorite dishes are plov, samsas, and cabbage salad - all very delicious.

Levi W.

The food was great. Especially I like the oxtail and beef liver. It is tender, juicy and flavorful. I will explore next time for sure.

Jocelyn A.

The last review I wrote, I had given 5 because everything was perfect...variety, the amazing service, the flavors. Tonight I tried the lagman soup and was disappointed ONLY by the missing protein and that it was more of a vegetable soup. No strips of beef at all. Flavors were wonderful with the rich broth and abundance of said vegetables. I searched and these four pieces were it at the bottom of bowl. That is a tablespoon for reference.

Jack L.

Had a nice lunch two days ago after not being back for quite a while during the Covid pandemic. I would say the food is still good as before and the price is also very reasonable, especially their preselected lunch specials. Definitely will be back again.

Min Z.

We came back with friends. We ordered all 5* dishes we liked the first time, plus some new ones. We stayed away from desserts and beef tongues. Everything we had today was great and delicious. Silkroad offers fantastic food and great value. We will be back. 5*Grilled trout: surprisingly tasty and delicious. It's the best trout I have ever had. 5* CHAHOHBILI--Georgian style stewed chicken and fresh herbs. I didn't think chicken can be so flavorful and delectable. Meat was tender and tasty, and stew sauce was so good that we soaked bread naan in it until drying out every drop. Simply delicious! 4*DOLMEH BADEMJAN- Eggplant tomato and bell pepper stuffed with ground beef lamb and rice served with white sauce. Fresh and good, tasted better with sauce. 3*Naan: big and thick round bread, slight salty flavor. Pretty good. Not a must order item for me.

imtiaz ahmad

Enjoyed the food but service wasn’t the best.I would still give it a try and hope that they can make service a bit better.Here are couple of the reasons for bad service:1. Order Samsa as an appetizer but wasn’t served. Upon asking when they brought the check (there was a charge for it) I asked and then the server went back to the kitchen and returned with the news that it was burnt and therefore never served. Unfortunately they never bothered to let us know.2. We were never approached to inquire if we needed anything else after they served us the food.I hope that they can improve the service and make it a better experience for all.

Dallas H.

We enjoyed the Red Fruit punch drink, plov, lamb kabob (chicken pictures looked good too), manti, lagman. Delicious Delicious Delicious! Cool waiter; understood that we were from out of town and on a tour. Thank you Yelpers for recommending this place.

Zee F.

I like it very much . Good food is good too and we will have to take a nap soon lol. Yea please thank me again for the great food

Edward Dumitrache

My goodness!This may be the best food in the whole DMV!I found this restaurant after craving for some Eastern European food, never knew that Uzbeki dishes were so similar to Romanian food! Again, most of the dishes here are amazing! The staff is very friendly and great!Take a look at some of the dishes I’ve had while here, mind you not all in one sitting. One soup and one entree will make you feel like you can’t walk and will make you say “starting on Monday I’m going to the gym”


Positively amazing. Loved the food and service. The unique cuisine was flavorful and we'll seasoned. The compote (fruit punch) was fresh and mildly sweet, the soup was delicious and had fresh noodles, and the dumplings unique and the dough springy and delicious and the plov (rice dish with lamb). Will definitely be back and bringing friends.

Wei L.

This restaurant is a hidden gem We are Chinese but like to try all kind of food. My whole family love their food Will def come back to try their other dishes.

Nasim Al Sajjad

Loved every single bite. Tried assorted kabab plater, bread,beef kabab , lamb ribs and a big jar of Tea ..all for just 60 bucks. Couldn't wait and so again today went there straight from work. Tried some more dishes. So happy to find a restaurant like this.

Nasim Al Sajjad

best and generous amount halal food for affordable price

Angie A.

Not good at all. The meats taste weird and the French fries was the only decent thing but then boom a damn hair in the fries. Oh and the service awful. I was there with my 2 year old and it took our server like 10 minutes to find a high chair. He didn't say hello, all he said is what do you want after walking away once given me the high chair. At one point I wanted to leave but my little one was hungry. Service awful, my little one ate fries until I stopped her because of the disgusting hair, oh and the ginger ale was the other decent item. Never again!

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