Golden Corral

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Carolyn Atkins

My husband and I enjoyed our meals, the service was great, we were taking advantage of the early bird special. The cashier was friendly and helpful. I am handicap and appreciated her assistance. Thank you

Donna Shockley

Very busy. Hot and delicious food. Friendly and helpful staff. Huge selection. Even has steak! Affordable and family friendly. Loved it!

Cliff Welch

To be honest, okay is about as good as I could give it. Many items we're not available and at times, it seemed to me that the Grill Master that was cooking the steak was underperforming and providing undercooked meat and rationing it out as if he was taking it out of his personal stock. Pretty disappointing.

Helen Mullen

The air conditioning must have been broken because on one of the hottest days of the year the place was stiffeling! We could not enjoy it. But the food was good:)

Rob B

Surprisingly we really enjoyed the food. I say that because we arrived a bit after lunch start and it was little to no food on the buffet lines and what was there was dried up and skimpy. But then came that next wave of hot and delicious food that Golden Corral is known for. Food was very good. Will return soon.


The food was ok. Too much salt in some if the selections. They were having trouble with the ac on the day I went, so it was hot. The server was nice. He was making the best of the situation.

Stephen Alexander Andrezeywski

The food is always burned or undercooked. Sometimes, it's blended together. The grill cook doesn't know how to grill food. The meat is always burned on the outside, where as it's not fully cooked inside. We've complained to management multiple times, but it never gets improved. It's almost like they don't care if you're eating a good meal after paying to dine. They don't have any competition in this area, so it doesn't affect them negatively.

Sandra Hebert McDurmon

Highly dissapointed in Golden Corral Buffet & Grill’s treatment of our church group. After patronizing their business and spending well over $700, we’re being required to produce our receipts for the police just so we can go back to the hotel. Rather than taking responsibility for their poor management of multiple large parties, their employees insist on passing the buck even when customers are willing showing them their receipts (and being ignored as police are called).

Robin Overick

in the past the selection was good. Friday night my son and I went to dinner. the few choice I had were less than warm and the taste poor. Golden Corral is no longer on my choice list.

Angie Dobry

We had a great time because it was what my daughter wanted for her birthday. But if I'm judging food and service. The man serving us might have just been having an off day

Darra Bryant

I love love love Golden corral. I've even turned some family members that have a lot of money to blow on spending it here instead. The steaks are always good AF. The roast is banging. The mashed potatoes are good.. everything is always so good!

Emma Sembly - Brodie

In general, eating at a buffet is a pedestrian experience, but Golden Corral is fun. The food is plentiful, flavorful, and looks attractive. Good place for a group, a couple, or to eat alone. Bring the kids. Everyone is welcome and they probably have a dish that is someone's favorite. Free parking, clean bathrooms.

Mercedes L.

If I could give this place zero stars I would! Ate here last Sunday and everyone was rude like they hated their jobs. It's disgustingly dirty! The plates put out still had food on them, silverware had caked on food. The waiter cleaned our table with a dirty rag where food kept falling out of it. The grill where they make ur steaks was nasty! Don't come here


This. Golden Corral. was. great! I went with a group of about twenty, and we were seated within 20 minutes of arriving. Thee food was filling, the tea was just sweet enough and I ended up taking a slice of carrot cake for the road. My hostess looked happy to be at her job, and was great at it; I ended up giving her a 20$ tip. Highly recommend this for a filling bite-to-eat.

Jami Williams

Great buffet. Very clean and organized. The food was better than I expected! My kids loved the chocolate fountain. Great price for all the different kinds of food. The staff was super attentive. There are arcade games available too.

Sam Wyatt

Christina is about the most wonderful person in that building. I love this location. It's laid back and always good. My son loves the chocolate fountain. I love everything about this place. I just wish they could process folks in a bit faster. But that's because I'm hungry!

Leon Lewis

Is what it is, inexpensive quickly prepared buffet food. Steak is usda but not choice or prime. Staff is friendly but usually over-worked. Unfortunately, you usually have to ask for drinks instead of them offering. No complaints as it is a serve yourself buffet.

Gia Vaccaro

The servers were friendly (especially ours) and staff was friendly and polite. My kids love it. Lots of choices and the food is good. The only issue was how crowded it was. You could barely get food without a huge line. Some things would run out because of the amount of people waiting in line. Then people were all over. It scared me to let my kids go anywhere.

ms. williams

Good food...great service...clean floors. I think Melissa was our server. She was great. Always had a smile and kept the Sprite coming. No one at the front to greet or to ring us up but not a long wait either. Very dim lights at the front entrance. Only two gripes but overall a great place for family and friends to enjoy home cooked food. 😋

A Androh

There was a line; it moved smoothly; the staff was pleasant; David, our waitstaff person, kept the beverages coming; the food was fresh and delicious. Will visit again.

Golden Corral
Golden Corral

Golden Corral

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