Golden Corral Buffet & Grill

6701 Chesapeake Center Dr, Glen Burnie
(410) 590-0270

Recent Reviews

Dean Hammond

The place offers a great variety of delicious food. I love eating here. Employees are always super nice, rates are reasonable and the spot is always clean.

T. Price

The food was cool, but my server was too busy pandering to white folks and I had to wait 10 minutes for a refill on diet coke. After I was done I waited for a while so I could get change to tip my server, but She didn't seem interested. I was like.. Cool! I got up and left. Look I don't expect miracles when I go to Glen Burnie Golden Corral. Basically, it is what it is. Good Luck.

Duke V

I prefer this venue a lot. It has a friendly ambiance. The meals are superb. the service is dynamic and the waiters are professional. The price is decent. deeply recommend.

Amber S

Kinda varies day by day to if we?re gonna have a bad experience or not. I wouldn?t suggest going early or at peak times. When it gets busy, it?s the worst place to be, and the steak is difficult to get. I?d say go later cuz then you?ll actually get a chance at the good food. Desserts are amazing though. Those are a 5/5 for me.

Marilynn Matthews

Ate here few years ago,found wad of hair baked into bread. These people are dirty. My stomach still cringes at the thought.

L Brooks

I like to go with friends to this restaurant with my highest recommendations. I go to this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are appetizing and the team is generous and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a delightful evening. warmly recommended.

Kimberly Gross

I used to love going here with my kids and my family. I love the food. The only thing that is an issue is that parents don't watch their kids and their kids put their fingers in the food. Especially the chocolate fountain so they have to shut it down and clean it and restart it. They r constantly making announcements about parents getting their children. So note to PARENTS KEEP YOUR KIDS WITH YOU, YOU ARE OUT AT A RESTAURANT NOT AT HOME!!

Eric D McVicker

what a miserable expierence for Thanksgiving. spent an hour and a half trying to eat with constant reminders that I only had an hour to eat before I had to leave. constant announcements, waiters and waitresses the lady that took our money, the managers and the lady that sat us.... and then waiting in the lobby for someone to come out of the bathroom I was instantly told I was not allowed to play the games because they were closed. food was fine....but if no one wanted to work today they should've closed for the holiday

Angela Bennett

The food was delicious, as always. The staff was friendly and even though we arrived with a somewhat large party (22 people), after a moment of being frazzled, they were able to get us seated relatively quickly. The main reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 would be that one of the aisles where we were sitting was very narrow. My guess is that the tables got shifted over time. We had a lot of kids in our party, which meant a lot of walking back and forth and there were more than a few traffic jams. But again, it wasn't anything major and everything else was great.

Jayne Williams

My server was great. It's been a while since I have been there. Everything changed. I was there about 1hour a d 15 mins. The Mac and cheese was over cooked and tasted like flour so much I couldn't taste cheese. The fried chicken was dried out. The same chicken stayed in the pan the whole time I was there. Mashed potatoes were fake. Cooked broccoli seemed like it came right from the salad bar. That's how hard it was. The meat loaf was so greasy it squished between my teeth. The pot roast was awesome. Of course I will be going back sometime.

Marsha Bass

This location in Waldorf is better than the one in Magic Johnson center. The food is fresher and has more choices. The waiters are a little more attentive.

Troy Johnson Sr.

Decent food....good service

Michael B

This isn't a restaurant to go to if you like food. You go here if you want to fill your stomach or go people watching.

Ashley Marsh

Always love this place. Wonderful service

Nichole Ryan

It was ok. I'm used to the big nice Golden corral. This was was very small and each food section was isolated into different sections. The food was prepared in very large portions to prepare for the dinner rush that seemed to never come. That left us with trays full of food that had been left to harden or just get stale because they were not tended to the way that should have been. They also didn't have alot of thing's most of them do. We always get the tacos which they didn't have salsa, weird. The place wasn't as clean as I would have expected for them being as slow as they were but the manager sure was on it while the rest of the staff watched him do it. I'm sorry I just wont waste my money again. I'll drive the 45 minutes to Aberdeen before I ever go here again.

Lisa Golden

This Golden Corral is always great when my family and I visits. Fresh food. Clean area. Courteous staff. I LOVE IT!!!

David & Chloe Anuszewski

The food was fresh, hot, & so

Kenn & Adrienne

I have gone here for years and I'm so happy and full when I leave. They have a wide variety of food and a comfortable atmospere.The price could come down a little, but overall, the food is great! Would definitely go again! We are also Gold club members.

Lauren H.

This place was pretty great! Dinner on a weeknight was $12.99 and I think about $3 for the fountain drink. My husband and I were expecting a Home Town Buffet type of place. The environment was similar to HTB, but the food was WAY BETTER QUALITY. We were both surprised. Some of my favorites were the fried okra, the orange chicken, carved turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and of course the grilled steak. The dessert options were decent as well. I got a scoop of butter pecan ice cream. Yum! We will definitely come back. It might just be the newest addition to our cycle of eat-outeries!


My Church group allways stop her every year after the Annual Right To Life March in Washington, D.C. They are very good at handeling large Bus Groups. The service is great. My group ran into geveeral other groups from Churches in our area. They were able to handle each group, see that we were will fed and get us on our way. This location is about 1/2 way between D.C. and our homes in N.J.


I was here around 530. One would expect since it wasn't very busy that all food would be freshly put out for the dinner crowd. There was a Turkey carcass that appeared to have been there since lunch. Destroyed. There were no salad bowls in the holders. There was no sales in one of the mixed greens bowls. I have always been disappointed with this location with cleanliness, but it looked especially dirty this time. I believe this was my last visit. The arundel mills location is so much better.

Helen Davis

I love going to the Chesapeake center Dr golden coral. The food is always fresh and hot the desserts are always abundant, the salad bar is always full. I love it there.

James Anderson

The food and service have been great but, as much as I appreciate veterans service, this restaurant has an over aggressive effort for collections at the exit door by disabled veterans. They've been pushing my disabled wife for donations. She doesn't work and I'm a retired man that had to go back to work daily to pay my wife's medical bills. We're seniors and a night out to dinner means a lot in our life. We don't wish to be guilted into donations when out for a simple meal when we are suffering ourselves for every dollar we have. Please let these guys know that we thank them for their service but back off!

Lynn Holtz

I love Golden corral! I love them. And i've been to some of the best in the country,at least in my opinion. This particular Golden corral is not one of them, it's probably the worst one I've been to, east of the Mississippi. I had bad food, cold food, and food I had no idea what it was. Bad. Did I mention bad. The bourbon chicken was bad! I didn't know that was possible.

jinny Decker

This is actually my second review which is replacing my earlier slightly negative review. I went back again at my husband's insistence since he loves this restaurant. This time the food was delicious. The pot roast was actually better than mine! My steak was cooked perfectly. It was tender and delicious. Very good experience, would definitely go back.

Aiji Egypt

This my favorite restaurant of this month. The service is excellent and with a smile. The food meets my expectations. Their is a full variety of special dishes. The prices are affordable as well.

Terry Howze

Been going here with my family for years. Never had one bad experience great customer service. Food is always hot buffet always stacked with food. Food is great

Stephen Sussman

Food was good just not feelin it

Carolyn Atkins

My husband and I enjoyed our meals, the service was great, we were taking advantage of the early bird special. The cashier was friendly and helpful. I am handicap and appreciated her assistance. Thank you

Donna Shockley

Very busy. Hot and delicious food. Friendly and helpful staff. Huge selection. Even has steak! Affordable and family friendly. Loved it!

Cliff Welch

To be honest, okay is about as good as I could give it. Many items we're not available and at times, it seemed to me that the Grill Master that was cooking the steak was underperforming and providing undercooked meat and rationing it out as if he was taking it out of his personal stock. Pretty disappointing.

Helen Mullen

The air conditioning must have been broken because on one of the hottest days of the year the place was stiffeling! We could not enjoy it. But the food was good:)

Rob B

Surprisingly we really enjoyed the food. I say that because we arrived a bit after lunch start and it was little to no food on the buffet lines and what was there was dried up and skimpy. But then came that next wave of hot and delicious food that Golden Corral is known for. Food was very good. Will return soon.


The food was ok. Too much salt in some if the selections. They were having trouble with the ac on the day I went, so it was hot. The server was nice. He was making the best of the situation.

Stephen Alexander Andrezeywski

The food is always burned or undercooked. Sometimes, it's blended together. The grill cook doesn't know how to grill food. The meat is always burned on the outside, where as it's not fully cooked inside. We've complained to management multiple times, but it never gets improved. It's almost like they don't care if you're eating a good meal after paying to dine. They don't have any competition in this area, so it doesn't affect them negatively.

Sandra Hebert McDurmon

Highly dissapointed in Golden Corral Buffet & Grillâ??s treatment of our church group. After patronizing their business and spending well over $700, weâ??re being required to produce our receipts for the police just so we can go back to the hotel. Rather than taking responsibility for their poor management of multiple large parties, their employees insist on passing the buck even when customers are willing showing them their receipts (and being ignored as police are called).

Robin Overick

in the past the selection was good. Friday night my son and I went to dinner. the few choice I had were less than warm and the taste poor. Golden Corral is no longer on my choice list.

Angie Dobry

We had a great time because it was what my daughter wanted for her birthday. But if I'm judging food and service. The man serving us might have just been having an off day

Darra Bryant

I love love love Golden corral. I've even turned some family members that have a lot of money to blow on spending it here instead. The steaks are always good AF. The roast is banging. The mashed potatoes are good.. everything is always so good!

Emma Sembly - Brodie

In general, eating at a buffet is a pedestrian experience, but Golden Corral is fun. The food is plentiful, flavorful, and looks attractive. Good place for a group, a couple, or to eat alone. Bring the kids. Everyone is welcome and they probably have a dish that is someone's favorite. Free parking, clean bathrooms.