Ledo Pizza

16 E Ordnance Rd, Glen Burnie
(410) 590-2222

Recent Reviews

Barbara Moore

Literally SMH,

Stacey Chew

Hubby & I have had take out from Ledo's Pizza but never ate in the restaurant. Well last night 9/19 we ate in the diningroom for the 1st time. We had the most wonderful waitress( Sandra). She did an awesome job making our visit an enjoyable one. She gave my husband suggestions on the menu as to what each item was he picked. We had Old Bay wings as an appetizer which were Delicious & HOT!! Every food item we ordered tasted GREAT!! Shout out to the kitchen. I especially Love the Ceasar salad one of the best tasting in town in my opinion. We will be visiting more often now & will tell others how FANTASTIC this place is.

Jacqueline White

MVA fundraiser was inexpensive and the food was really good. I enjoyed the Italian cold cut

Ney T

Love, love, love ledos!!!!!!, We've been coming here for years and probably had just about everything on the menuπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I just cant seem to stay away from this place, especially when they have specials.

alisa michelle dashiells

Pizza and subs are good as well as their salads it is definitely a place to come it is very kid friendly

Henry Heisterhagen

BEST BURGERS ON THE PLANET! Sunday $5. BBQ with bacon the best!

Tammy Sherman

Good. Husbands loves it here. Sad no more southwest egg rolls. But theyr still on the menu!

Christina Zamora

The manager and Barabara is always nice and accommodating. My friend loves Ledo's pizza while I like their wings lol. I strongly recommend this place because not only does it provide great customer service the food is always prompt and served hot.

Michael J.

I went in sat down waited 15 minutes not 1 server said anything. I got up walked out.

Tyest Gant

Great staff and great $5 daily specials. I had the 1/2lb steamed shrimp for $5 and a salad. Perfect summer meal!

Brooke W.

I placed a to go order on the day the cheese pizza was .74 cents when u purchase I think a 20oz soda I placed my order by phone and went to pick up 15 mins later they were all out of good 20 oz drinks so the lady just let me have a fountain drink . Ledo's pizza is always good they would definitely have more business if they delivered or even if they were on a delivery app , this location even had there own specials


The parking situation is fine, the restaurant is usually clean and easy enough to get a quick table at. The food is always up to standard as well, hot and tasty and brought out pretty quick.

Jamie Blake

I Love there food. The reason I gave them 4 stars and could of really went lower but there hours say they close at 10pm. The last 2 times me and my fiance tried to order around 9:30 either the phone just rings and rings or someone actually picked up but hung up the phone before answering. I've worked in food business my whole life and understand how it is when someone calls right before closing but this was at least a half hour or more before closing. Someone could of answered and at least told us they closed early or something instead of picking up and hanging up on us. Kinda crazy but there food is always delicious every time we eat there.

Eric Connor

I wasn't going to complain, but the more I thought about this, I feel it just needs to be brought to your attention. We recently visited your establishment this past Saturday June 14th 2019, and the particular waitress was not only a bit too talkative, but later on when part of the meal was brought out we found a long straight hair on one of the plates. I noticed that her hair was not tied up in any way, nor was she wearing a hairnet. The other wait staff seemed to at least have their hair back in a bun. It seems to me that everyone should be practicing good food hygiene, as this clearly wasn't it. Just for the record, none of my family members have long straight hair.

Tahani Muhammad

When first entering I would have given this location a negative two stars! Due to the blonde with the earrings running up her ear not greeting my party. Then she walked away without greeting... Only to return and blandly announce someone would be with us.

Lauren S.

I enjoy Ledo's pizza a lot. The pizzas though have been slightly inconsistent. I also peeped in the back because the door was cracked and I didn't realize the gentleman making the pizzas do not have to wear gloves. With regard to the quality of the pizza there are times when the pizza isn't done enough. When it comes to customer service: I don't know the name of the girl who took my order, but she definitely needs some customer service training. I asked her what kind of white wines they have and her response was, "I don't know", then I stared at her and she was like, " ummm Mer-lot(pronounced like that), White Zin.....". I felt some type of way with her response being, " I don't know" because she works there...not to mention neither of those wines are white! She should know what they have! I then watched her basically just toss a box of fries into the box, she didn't seem to do it with much care. This girl also put the fries in the bag about 25-30 minutes before my pizza came out and tried to give me those fries until I asked for fresh ones that weren't cold. She said, " oh sorry, you're right". She basically seemed disinterested in anything pertaining to her job. She appeared kind of young, but that's really no excuse because I have students that would take more pride in the job and they are in 4th grade. I'll come back again and hopefully there will be better customer service.

James M.

Called to place an order for pickup. Was greeted with "Ledo's can you please hold?". Was placed on hold for 7 minutes. I hung up and called back, they could take my order immediately. Guess they just forgot about me on the line. When I get there there aren't any customers in the whole store and the waitresses are hanging out at the front desk. Somehow they couldn't remember I was on hold though. I had ordered an 18" pepperoni pizza. They show me the pizza that's half pepperoni half cheese. When I tell them it's wrong the cashier holds up the receipt and says that's what I ordered. No, it's not. She then gives the pizza to the guys in the back and says "Now he says he wants pepperoni on the whole thing" as if I just changed my mind. Said it'd be 20 mins for a new one. I told them keep it and left.

Lisa Stokes

Love their pizza. The food is consistent. I can call on my way home from work and it's always fresh and ready. Easy work night dinner.

Rachel Buettner

Waitress was sweet, place was clean, specials and prices were great, but I had the meatball sub and a side salad and the meatball sub was awful... mushy, flavorless meatballs. Ate the salad though! I only took the other half of the sub home so my date wouldn't be upset.. thank though guys. I'll try something different next time.

Kamesha Moore

Highly recommend the crabchetta which is 4 garlic bread topped with their crabchetta dip and oven baked. It was very delicious. We also had the shrimp scampi pizza which is an 8” pizza with grilled shrimp, onions and roasted tomatoes. We definitely enjoyed our lunch here today and to top it off our waitress Sabrina was awesome. We’ll definitely be back!

David Dayton

The last 2 times I went the service was really slow. 1st time a dishwasher had walked out leaving them short-handed. Last time they were breaking in some new cooks. The food is always very good and the $5.00 calzone or stromboli on Saturday is a must.

David Baker

Great Italian restaurant near the MVA in Glen Burnie. The food the prices the service are all great. The day I was there I met some friends for lunch the place was quiet as far as restaurants go.ledo's has some interesting takes on standard Italian food such as her personal square pizzas and the day I was there I had a cheese steak on pita bread fantastic.

Robi F.

This used to be our favorite Ledos EVER.. until a new manager apparently took over.. we have been a few times and it seems that it's getting worse with every visit!!!.God help the servers who cant their food on time or get it correctly.. we waited so long just to get our appetizer which was a blessing because others before us hadn't even gotten theirs. This is not an exaggeration, a server even quit right there on spot after multiple tables kept walking out because of the kitchens poor performance... BE AWARE!!!! BE VERY AWARE..

Tami LaRae

The best lemon pepper wings and lemon pepper chicken Caesar salad I’ve ever eaten so far!

Sheena Scott

This place was fair. We enjoyed the pizza more than anything. We tried the Italian pizza, with half of meat lovers. It was delicious. The only reason I have given them 4 🌟 is, the cashier seemed to be spaced out, or unaware of what was being asked of her. She had to constantly ask me what did I say, or what did I mean. I speak very clear, and articulate my words in a manner that anyone could comprehend what is being spoken. My other half had to repeat to the cashier everything I asked for until I asked her can she hear and understand me. She then said oh I didn't know you were even talking to me. I chuckled it off because we just wanted to try the πŸ•. Her attitude and attention to details could have been a little better but ‍♀️. So there you have it. Great pizza, weird customer service. Forgot to take a photo. Will do the next round.

Donnie C.

Great service and good food. I took my lady here for a quick lunch date and was very pleased with this location they actually have a few selections that only this location offer that I tried. The rockfish bites which were essentially fried rockfish fillets cut in small strips it came with a spicy sauce which tasted like ranch mixed with Siracha we also ordered small pizza and a hot chicken salad which were both very fresh and tasty. Also the server was excellent and funny

Bradley Burton

Great service even though we came in an hour before close.

Michael Snowden

Came in for a small work group lunch. Waitress was friendly and prompt. Orders were correct and came out fresh and tasty. Offered to-go cups for our drinks which was a nice touch. I ordered a 8 inch pepperoni pizza which was delicious.

R. Jones

I don't know what is going in in this place! New management?? Or in need of new management/cooks??...they have been good last several times I have been there..Now orders take a LONG time when you call the order in. They tell you 15-20 minutes..that turns into 40 !!! Food/pizza after the wait...NOT WORTH WAITING FOR!!

Marcel M.

I really like the food here. 1 word of advice for the staff. Very fast and capable young people. Address the customers as Sir or Ma'am. Not honey, baby, and sweetie. A girl barely 20 calling a white haired lady "baby" is just plain poor customer service. Not cute...and we dont like it. It makes me cringe...and others also...

Melissa J.

I called in a pizza order and was told it would be ready in 20 minutes. 45 minutes later the pizza still is NOT ready. This is RIDICULOUS. I've never had this kind of service. I will NEVER patronize this business.

Tiffany W.

I ordered two chicken Caesar salads the chicken was ok, the lettuce were welted! I don't recommend this Ledo Pizza.

Jamie Tsottles

Korean BBQ wings were awesome. Always great pizza and even though they were slammed busy on the holiday shopping season Friday night, the 4 girls working the floor handled all the needs of their customers.

Casey K.

Do not come here tonight. Waited over 45 minutes for our food. Our waitress never came back to check on us to see how we were doing. A party of 25 or more just came in. So I can only imagine what the wait for your food would be now. Tonight, skip the $5 calzone and Stromboli's.

EJ Smith

Really liked the Veg-in pizza. Service was very friendly.

Travis Koballa

$5 burgers on Sunday. Very tasty!

Ray Mancha

Good food and great service!

Gordon H

Staying at The Hampton Inn - found this place for first time - We started with Ceasr Salad and then a 1 inch Spicy calamari; as they advertise, 'LEDO pizza topped with smoked Provolone cheese, fried calamari, and spicy cherry peppers. Drizzled with a refreshing lemon aioli'. It was excellent, beyond my expectations. Our waitress was wonderful and we enjoyed talking with her. Highly recommend.

Judy S.

This is another of those wonderful hole in the wall places that you are pleasantly surprised once you try their food. Carried out twice while visiting family in MD. The first time subs were ordered, and the second time twos medium pizzas, bread sticks, and spaghetti; a variety of meat on one, and the other only pepperoni. Their sauce is the real deal and the crust and cheese tastes good. The customer service sealed the deal. Both times the people at the counter were professional, nice, quick, and went out of their way to make sure that everything else we needed for the large orders were there in the bag - no errors. Will visit again and dine in, and family that live there now will go there.

Monique P.

We chose to dine in, which we hadn't done in awhile. Looks like they did some remodeling and the space inside looks really good. We ordered the steam shrimp and crabruchetta special which were each $5 a piece and they were really good. We both ordered salads, which were very tasty but wished more toppings instead of just majority lettuce with very little toppings. All in all our experience was really good, I just wished that our waitress was a bit more attentive to our table. I would definitely return!