Buffalo Wild Wings

230 Railway Ln, Hagerstown
(301) 766-7250

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The wings are so good they're always hot and tasty same for the fries. Do not get me started on the mild wings there the tastiest wings it's not even funny. 5 Stars


Food was on point but definitely disappointed on the service and atmosphere. As a customer I expect my server to check up on you just even once is good but our server served us and disappeared. Didn't get any refills and noticed another table with the same server not receive refills. Also when we first walked in we were not greeted at all and definitely the place had a really bad smell almost like sewage.

Beth Buskirk

Wings were awful. Very very small, unlike the usual wings. When I asked the server about them, she returned from the kitchen to state that they were frozen wings today because they ran out. We were offered 4 more wings even though we had 10 of the 15 ordered go to the trash because they were so dried up and overcooked there was no chicken left. The server was great, however I feel management should have handled this situation.

Chris Fitzgerald

Me and my Daughter went here to eat on this past Thursday 10/27/22. Walked in the hostess was at the stand by herself. She literally had acne bumps all over her face, neck, arms. She had all 4 of her fingers on one hand just standing there scratching her entire face from one end to the other. Her face was red blood scabs and open bumps everywhere. She then pulled one sleeve down off of her shoulder and started scratching all the bumps on her shoulder and upper part of her chest. This is extremely nasty. We got to our table. I would not touch the menu because she did. We knew what we wanted so we ordered. It took quite awhile for our food to come out and when it finally came. The girl. Picking and scratching her bumps brought our food out. I refused to touch it. My 17 year old daughter touched the fries and said they are cold anyway.. A manager walked by. I stopped her and told her what happened. She said oh my I will definitely talk to her. I will also have your food remade. The manager Brought our wings and fries out quickly. Later the manager stopped by and said she talked to her. She said the hostess didn't deny it. She said her response was I probably was doing it. The girl said it is kind of like a person who bites their nails. You do it so much it just becomes normal and you don't think about it when you do it. We love Buffalo wild wings but not sure if we will ever be back to this location..

Larry K.

All BWW has been on a steady decline for at least 4 or 5 years now. Wings are a lot smaller. I've eaten in and been served a 10 piece that had 3 pieces that were ice cold. I've ordered take out and they fail to give the complete order. The dining area is always dirty and the waitstaff are very slow. And where is the manager? Time to find a better place for wings!

Rick P.

If you're desperate this is the place for you. Short walk from the nearby hotels but you have so many other great options. Why did I choose here then? The TVs. I wanted to watch the Monday night football game. Food was gross and the restaurant was filthy. Can't imagine why I was sick the next morning. Avoid.

Jesse McFerren

picked up food for a carry out, celery is beyond bad, sauces were missing and food was stone cold. manager on duty was no help and will be talking to the store manager next

Meg Wishard

Superb customer service! Called before business hours to inquire about an accessible table for 1:30pm on a football Sunday. The manager (I think) said she would try and hold us a table. The traditional wings were cooked perfectly! The Mango Habanero, a bit more sweet than hot (I will bump it up to Wild next time). Our waiter, Jason, was friendly, funny and helpful! Front door staff were kind enough to find the manager to have the television next to our table changed to the Raven’s game. A great experience!Wheelchair accessibility: Accessible tables and plenty of parking!

Kanashii Natsubara

I am disappointed with the new blazzin sauce. It has tons of garlic and now I cannot enjoy it. Due to my allergies I did not have anything to enjoy. It is still a wonderful place for people who love hot wings and have no allergies. For those lucky ones enjoy. Service the last time we went was excellent.

Mille E

Best wings I've had. And the size of them... omg.The Jalapeno Jammin was fantastic. Sweet and hot! Perfect combo with a beer.

Dave Keller

Such a nice time. It was my friend's first experience there. Had the honey bbq bar pizza and wings. Just love their wings. Hannah, our server, was an absolute delight! We were just passing through but would stop again if in the area.

Mary H.

I truly love Buffalo Wild Wings however as I sat at the bar tonight watching the bartender Run her ass off trying to keep up with all the tables on the floor and a full bar while making all the drinks for the entire restaurant on a MONDAY night football evening, no wonder we watched people walk out because they lcould not get service, not sure what the manage was doing but never laid eyes on anyone who could be a manager this bar tender is working above and beyond her duties and is very pleasant trying to keep all of her balls up in the air.

John Ramos

I have to say by far had the best service with Britney. Just above and beyond making sure drinks are filled and food is to your liking. Also, always with a great attitude very much appreciate her.

Jacqueline B

We eat at BWW often this was my first time in Hagerstown and I definitely won't recommend EVER!! We got there around 1 on a Saturday and I should have known the empty restaurant was a sign. Our food came out one at a time which I can handle but there was only 4 of us and my 2 sons had wings which came out first about 40 minutes after we sat down, then 20 minutes later my chicken sandwich came out and an hour later we were still waiting for my husband's hamburger. At this point we told them to keep it. They were not busy the waitress took her time with everything and it took everything in me not to walk out without even paying the bill. The "manager" was rude and immature. We will never ever go there again!! Should have gone to Frederick and will if we ever go again!!


Not so great! The air at the entrance smells bad. Then we had to sit for almost 40 minutes waiting to be served. We were completely ignored, but I have to give it to the lady who later served us. She was courteous and nice! Made sure our food got to us on time.

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