El Eden Latin Restaurant

1201 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown
(301) 739-0463

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Allan Carter

A friend of ours told us about this place. We started going for the papusas. We also ended up enjoying the tamales a lot.Both my wife and friend are from California, so the typical offering in hagerstown disappointed them, but this place was different.Our current favorite thing is the Talapias Fritas. True me, this is not your standard fried talapia from the grocery. The whole thing is fried, including the head. The beans it comes with are to die for. This is an easy recommend.

Jeici Serrano-Cruz

They have great food and good customer service as well

Kyla W

Wide variety of Hispanic food and delicious homemade drinks especially the horchata and prices were reasonable for the quality of authentic food. The servings were plenty as wellFood: 5/5

Tim Patrie

I don't get the chance to come here often, but every time I do, the food is fantastic. This place is terrific. There should be a line out the door for breakfast on the weekends.The platos típicos are excellent. The pupusas are as well. Staff is pleasant and other patrons are very friendly.

Paul Bench

Just in town for the night, so internet searched for“Restaurants near me”…. What a great find! Small friendly spot with great food and service. We tried an assortment to sample as much as possible. Nothing disappointed us.

Tim Parker

Do not assume when your order us taken that they understand you . You will find your self sitting their waiting on your food whyvpart of your families orders are brought out.Food: 3/5


Small restaurant with numerous Latin options.Good prices.

Lou Fegans

Fantastic hole in the wall. Tortas are great value, we tried chorizo but would try another type next time. Chorizo pupusa was great as was the squash. Also ordered two tamales

Chantal Riesz

Our first time visiting this place and we got it to go. Wow. What amazing food. What an amazing variety. The pricing was great. We will definitely be dining here again in the future.The papusas......? ?❤

Matt Shank

On the short list for best restaurant in town. I've been working my way through the menu and haven't found a single thing I haven't loved. Authentic and affordable. I'm still shocked how much food I can get for the price.

Stella Amos

Great place to eat but service was a bit slow.


I have been patronizing El Eden since they opened the restaurant. They offer good food and are the only Salvadoran restaurant in Hagerstown. They used to offer great food and friendly service, but lately the service has deteriorated tremendously. On several occasions, they gave me the wrong food or charged me incorrectly. I continued to ignore it because they are the only game in town. My last visit was the last straw. I ordered over the phone and was told that my order would be ready for pickup in 20-minutes. I arrived at the restaurant after the 20-minutes and the server had forgotten to place my order. I had to wait an additional 30-minutes for my order. I made a big mistake and took my food home without checking the order because I had several bags and they tye the bags tightly, When I got home, I realized that I was missing two entire meals and a couple of items were wrong. I called the restaurant and was told to bring my receipt the next day to get a refund for the missing items. I live in Waynesboro, PA and going back to Hagerstown is extremely inconvenient. I went the next day and got a refund for the missing items. I complained about the wrong items and the long wait, but didn’t even received an apology for their mistakes. I requested to speak to the manager to place a complaint and was told that the owner is the manager and he’s not usually at the restaurant. I wasn’t even provided with any contact information for the owner. I have stopped going to El Eden. I prefer to go where I am treated with respect and my business is welcomed. I’m Salvadoran and my family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers value my opinions about food because I grew u in the restaurant business. My mother owned a restaurant in El Salvador and worked as a cook for several major employers in El Salvador, Texas, and California. In addition, I worked in the restaurant industry for twenty years, including, Woodmont Country Club in Rockville, MD. Woodmont is one of the most exclusive clubs in the United States and their members are extremely wealthy. Members often bring special guests to the club . I had the pleasure of seeing secretary public figures including President Bill Clinton and Michael Jordan when I worked there. People trust my opinion because they consider me an expert in Salvadoran, gourmet, and fine food.

Ronald Diggs

Great Food Reasonable Prices and Good Service good recipe for I will be back Thank You and Please keep up the good Work

Sara Lozano

Se tardan mucho en la comida y sin groseros!!

Sulay O.

Awful customer service and food tasted as is was not fresh... Pésimo servicio al cliente y la comida sabía fechada a perder que no era fresca la salada de las pupusas chuca...

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