It's Just Wings

245 Railway Ln, Hagerstown
(240) 673-2630

Recent Reviews

Joan Rim Botts

Terrible experience. Wings had NO sauce. And our dry rub order was drowning in sauce. Fries were gross and inedible. Total waste of $30.

Jason Hignite

Food was good, but I did not get my entire order thar I paid for and they would not answer the phone when I called. Not ordering again.

Jason Barnhardt

I've had them before and it was good. Last time, and especially this time I ordered food and there was almost 0 sauce on the wings. highly disappointing. Guess it's time to find a new wing place

cletis pack

The order did not include everything that we ordered and paid for. Very disappointing.

m.c. screech

The best wings!!!

Kyle Henley Burns

The worst wings I have ever had.. old and obviously reheated.. soggy.. total waste of money and it’s a ghost kitchen

Kathy Dukes

Absolutely disgusting wings! Will never order again.

Alicia Long

Wings were just “okay”. They were meaty but also fatty and super dry. Charged extra dollar for 2 blue cheese that we didn’t even receive. And they split our 16 piece order into 2 separate containers and split the fries between the two containers with the 8 wings instead of putting the wings in one container and fries in the other container. In turn, the little bit of sauce on the wings ended up saturated into the fries. Won’t order wings from here again, will go elsewhere next time.

Aaron Acher

They took it upon there self to change my order without asking and still charged me the food was soggy from the chicken to the fries and didn’t even except responsibility for there actions. I would never recommend this place and if your ever in cedar city find somewhere else.

Tavonda Palmer Harvey

worst food ever. They sent me a raw wing, wet and cold fries. all of it went in the trash. on top of that the attitude of the employees was bad. don't do it!

Jeremy Obrien

food is good and the price isn't bad but customer service is horrible. ordered food got the wrong thing so I said something and was told to bad

Pradosh Pati

excellent food . Great to see a new launch with mouth watering delicious food

Calli Seven

Great food love the service good wings best flavors

Philip Anthony

This place needs shut down. I will be contacting my local food safety inspector and I suggest others do the same. I ordered my wings and then saw the reviews stating raw chicken... I thought there's no way they can have that many bad reviews of raw chicken...boy was I mistaken. I know it's operated by chili's so that will shut both restauraunts down. the managers there need fired. I worked as a QA in the kitchen at this chili's over a decade ago, and I never would have let this quality of food leave the kitchen. absolutely disgusting, and based off the number of reviews mentioning this, its not an isolated incident. luckily postmates gave me a refund. but I still waited over a hour for raw chicken. get it together or lose your business all together.

Christy Jones

The wings were badly cooked they were supposed to be smoked wings and they were not I was also supposed to have Fries with BOTH of my combos Plus an extra order of fries and received ZERO fries! Wings had no flavor and were undercooked!

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