Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

17524 Valley Mall Rd, Hagerstown
(301) 582-9305

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Guibson Prieto

Staff are always accommodating if there are not available pieces, they make sure to let you know instead of giving you all small pieces, very friendly and the food it's on pointFood: 5/5


It was horrorable. NEVER eat their chicken. I had a 6 piece chicken nugget and by the time I got home I was vomiting a storm. Go to chick fill a. It's close if you want chicken chick fill a never makes me sick. It always tastes good! Please don't eat Popeyes.Food: 1/5

Jesse Hasenbuhler

Never really cared for Popeye's Chicken most people do like it I don't care for it I think it's a little hard and I can't stand the rice other than that it's really nice place

Thomas Irvine

Chicken was great as usual drive thru went quickly. Got the dipping sauces we asked for thank y'all!Food: 5/5

Itiah Nam

They forgot my mac and cheese side and didn’t get my order for the other but made it up by giving me the missed on free

George Staunton

Quite nice to sit in a Popeyes instead of getting it to go. Good service and very good food ?.Food: 4/5

Tony Burgess

Good golly. Enough is enough. Closing the dining room hours before you close is insane. No signs. No notices. Just a lack of care or concern. Don’t worry, none of us will ever be back to this location.

Ryan Whittington

Cash only, got through the whole process to be argued with about a sign that wasn't there. Even doubled back to make sure I wasn't being dumb.

Bern Fran

Service was quick in the drive thru line. Food was ok.

ZSun-nee Matema

I was given the wrong side. I was told by the manager I could get the right one on my next visit. My name, I was told, was on a list. On my next visit no name on the list. For $2.50 they lost a customer. The food had no taste. Soda was weak.

Melynda Robinson

Came here before good experience this time today drive thru not good at all the guy that takes orders at drive thru was not clear at all (meaning speaking clearly) we asked does the hushpuppy meal come with fries since ge asked about sides and he just kept taking our order didn't acknowledge the question we asked

Jason Shughart

Probably my best experience at any Popeyes I've been to.Maybe I'm just jaded because all the other ones were terrible, but we got our food fast and it was hot. We ate dine in. The staff were helpful and the location was fairly clean.

Tamara M.

If I could give 0 stars I would. Went one evening last week with my husband and the young man at the drive thru clumsily spilled our drink as he was handing it to us. The drink went all over the outside of our truck, landed on my husbands shirt and pants, got on the steering wheel and dashboard, and landed on my shirt. We weren't given an apology or napkins to wipe up the mess. We kept our cool and did not get angry--we just wanted our order and wanted to leave as quickly as possible. My husband then asked the guy for two sweet heat sauces. For some reason they had put 8 bbq sauces in our bag that we didn't request. He went to get the sauce but someone else came back with the rest of our order and it was the manager. She told my husband he'd have to pay for the two additional sauces to which we responded by saying the drink had just spilled all over us and our car and as a courtesy the least she could do is give us the sauces. She refused and did not apologize for her clumsy employee. So we parked our car and decided to go inside and give the manager another opportunity to apologize and make things right before we called customer service. I think her name was Sabrina and she was very rude when we came inside. She said she could not give us the 2 sweet heats and that it was corporate policy and she was following her training. She also said she'd been working for Popeyes for 20 years. We found all this hard to believe as we never ever anywhere had such a rude customer service experience. At this point, I stepped in and tried to reason with her very politely that when a mistake is made it's customary for the manager to issue an apology and offer a resolution. She refused and then threatened to call the police because I asked an employee for the sauce in front of her. She said they followed her orders as if she were a tyrant. It was all very bizarre, unsettling, and extremely rude. We left without getting an apology from her and she took a situation that was a 1 and escalated it to a 20. I think she was fresh out of training and based on her conduct I think she needs to go back and get retrained. We contacted customer service and got a refund but it did not compare to the humiliation of having someone say they were going to call the police on us and refuse to give an apology for a mistake made. Also, when we finally opened our bag it was missing the sides, utensils, and napkins. Everything was a mess. We specifically asked for the district manager to contact us about the experience but it's been over a week now and no one has reached out.

steven harman

Awesome food...sales associate was amazing...very busy and she got everyone through...great job...

lola logan

The food was ok, but if you have no forks or spoons, don’t offer people a knife, to eat their red beans and rice. Are you kidding me!

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