Potomac Seafood Market

67 E Franklin St Unit 4, Hagerstown
(301) 766-4663

Recent Reviews

Thomas Stubbins

The best crabs I've ever had. Shrimp and crab legs too.

Elsia Bennaugh

Awesome ppl there super friendly, good food. #1 place for my family. Clean..


Eat there.

Kita Kita

I can't say enough about the quality of their seafood, the friendly service and its ownership. She made me feel like I was family from the moment I walked in. This is now my place for seafood and I recommend to everyone I meet!

David Duh

Great fresh seafood and a wonderful owner!

Anthony Zakrzewski

Amazing! So Fresh! Crab cakes so good and great prices!

janet callanan

I have been purchasing seafood from Miss Rae since I moved to Hagerstown in 2011 great fresh seafood ( try her MD crab soup) she's a lovely person and I truly enjoy shopping there

Dolores MidkiffPowell

I can't say THANKS enough! My family moved from Maryland in 2004 to Michigan (no fresh seafood other than whitefish). My family was in Hagerstown for a wedding. My daughter and I decided it was the perfect time to have crabs. I went to Potomac Seafood Market because of their reviews! I am so glad I did. I got 2 dozen of males #1 (hot from the pot) and 1 dozen of females for my daughter to try (cold). She also wanted some clams. We sat out on the porch of our brother-in-laws house and chowed down. It was so good! It was the first time in a long time having fresh cooked crabs. I have done mail order in the past.I want to thank everyone at Potomac Seafood Market for a wonderful meal and excellent service! It was incredible. When I am in Hagerstown, I will be stopping by! I promise! (I may have my brother-in-law pick me up some when he comes in the summer from you!)

Matthew Polito

Came down from Cleveland. Easy to find. The ladies were nice and offered great information. Prices were fare. Ordered 1and a half dozen crabs and they gave me two dozen. Crabs were fresh, heavy, and delicious! Definitely be back!

Jill Lee

Great crabs and the lady is such a sweet person

Joan Sentz

Best place to get crabs! The staff is wonderful! The price was wonderful! They were delicious! Will never go anywhere else!

Steve Heagy

We got a bushell of #1 crabs last Saturday. Without a doubt some of the biggest, heaviest and best crabs we have had in many years. love Miss Rae

Donnell Smith

Fish is always served hot but the at home atmosphere is Priceless I love this spot.

Samantha Barton

The owner is awesome. She makes it worth coming in. And the seafood cannot be beat. Always fresh and worth every Penny.

Brent Steele

Great food and excellent service....I will come back and taste those crabs ? was so ,Great

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