55 Eastern Blvd N, Hagerstown
(301) 665-1006

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my boyfriend and i love this quiznos. the owners are so sweet and polite. the store is always clean. and the food is amazing.

Daniel Alvarez I

The Chinese or Japanese guy is very impatient, dont allow me to choose very well, just say to me that another customer was waiting on the lane, means hurry up to order, this is anoying to me, will never come back to there.

Andrew Markel

It's such a shame that Quiznos restaurants left the south central Pennsylvania area. The Baja chicken and Lobster subs were so amazingly packed with flavor. If only more Quiznos would open back up. Such an incredible difference in quality of sub over competitors like Subway. Not even close. Well done Quiznos.

Cedillos Elijah

Great service and tasty sandwich

Kdog 1887

Best subs in the Hagerstown surrounding area. Period. Try the apple harvest salad too.

mandy m

Literally just walked out of quiznos and am so disappointed as I never had a problem here. I understand you were busy but to not ask me if I wanted anything on my sub and just wrap it up and send me on my way was awful. Thanks for nothing

Tiara Richardson

Omg yum! Got the lobster sub and it’s sooo good! They are fast and nice. Definitely recommend!


This is the Quiznos I've been to where they don't just do things right-- they do them best in the area. Quick help, many selections, and quality food with good ingredients.If you're near the area and it's been a while since you've visited a Quiznos, this is the one to go to. The company could learn lots from following this locations example.Better experience than Subway. Great stuff!


Love thier food

Mariel Camp

Best quiznos ever! Their subs are great and not soggy like other quiznos in MD. It’s a drive from where we live but we always go to this one!

Leroy Kesecker

Went there was just a little hungry and ended up getting a scampi sub ate a whole 12" sub?. Their bread is so much better than Subway I will never go to another sub place besides Quiznos the people there were so nice and made such a AWESOME SUB the best SUB I've EVER HAD HANDS ?? DOWN the BESTEST & AWESOME. An got a BREAD BOWL? to take home to eat later. So good ?

roastbeeftaco with cheese

I had not been to a Quiznos in a very long time but it's exactly as I remember. Clean, quick and delicious. We ate in house and I was very pleased that we did so. All the textures and flavors were delightfully refreshing.You can not get this at a subway. Will be back without a doubt.

Tammi Taylor

The salad was great

Katelyn Bradshaw

So happy to have found a quiznos again! Best food ever

Amelia Heffner

Friendly. Clean. Food is fresh and tasty.

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