Roy Rogers

1719 Massey Blvd, Hagerstown
(301) 797-8300

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Scott Rudolph

I stopped in for dinner tonight. This is far and away the best Roy's I've ever been to. The restaurant was spotless, the girl who took my order was friendly, as well as the staff in the kitchen and dining area. The service was extremely fast even though it was a little busy. No matter how you measure a job well done. They surpassed it. I hope the owner sees this and knows how valuable his staff is.

DL Williams

I am now a Roy Rogers fan. If I lived here long term, they'd know me by name. 2nd location I've tried in MD and the same quality exists from the first. The test for any food chain the offers fried chicken is how it prepares their breast pieces. A+! Well done and keep up the good work.


I know we are in a recession but sweet baby Jesus!!! Strawberry shortcake had a little bit of ice cream ? ? come on Roy Rogers don't do us loyal costumers like that . ?


All grizzly. The staff was less than polite, while the manager stood outside and talked with friends.

Serena 2.0

I will NEVER EVER go to that RR again. Today was the final straw and i should’ve kept my word that I said 7 years ago! The last time i went (7 yrs ago at this location) me and my son found a long hair in the food while we were putting the fixing cup on. Lost appetite instantly. Well today, i got 3/4 done and got nauseous and then violently threw up for hours!!! First time in my enter 36-1/2 years that i got food poisoning. I threw up the whole burger and fries. It was from the double bacon cheeseburger. NEVER AGAIN! I advise ppl to stay away!Reply to owner: i already left feedback so i don’t want to do it again. I find it crazy that you want to make things right but you send a feedback link. But anyways, keep your coupon, I really don’t want it.

C Dean

Roast beef was very tasty and moist, and the fixens bar was full of fresh veggie toppings. Restaurant was clean and bright, customer service crew were polite and friendly! Very nice experence.

Felicia Sullivan

First time eating here and I learned that I've definitely been missing out! The mushroom Swiss burger was larger than I expected and delicious. Their fries actually taste like real fries, not too heavily salted. The staff was friendly and quick.

Kyle Grady

Food was decent considering this was the first time I've ever been to a Roy Rogers. Roast beef sandwich was great as were the mashed potatoes. Drive thru worker was very kind and even gave our dog a milk bone treat :)

Elena S.

We just had the best meal at this restaurant!! All the food was hot. Fries were lightly salted (other RR's usually have little to no salt). Chocolate shakes were awesome too. Thanks to the young woman for scooping out all the ice cream for 3 shakes!! Quite frankly best fast food we've had in years!!! You all do it right!

Rhonda Sinkler

Customer service sucks here. The guy who took my order made it all wrong which I couldn't understand. However, the food was decent. The fried chicken was warm. The biscuit was the best thing they cooked. My fries was cold & the mashed potatoes would be better without gravy. My opinion. When a customer walks into your establishment speaking goes a long way unless that customer is being rude. I doubt I go back unless it's to a different location.

Cliff Gray

Went there half hour before closing and was served hot fries which I was impressed and someone come in about ten minutes before closing and they dropped fresh fries for them. Had there fried chicken before which was probably the best fast food fried chicken I ever had, got the burger this time and the burger wasn't too bad but nothing to really brag about, I would say your average fast food Burger so I will almost definitely be getting chicken next time or maybe try their roast beef.

RJ Moore

Me and my family went here on our way back home. The staff was friendly and courteous.. The food was very tasteful and at the correct temperatures. Both the restroom and the store interior were clean and well maintained. The fixing bar looked fresh and well kept. There was plenty of parking and the exterior was clean and well maintained.

Tara S.

Clean location, convenient on/off highway 81. I always try to stop at Roy Rogers when one is near, their fried chicken and roast beef sandwiches are the best! This is a great location with a large dining room and very popular drive through. It's always nice to have good fast food convenient to the highway. This will become a regular stop for me when I am in the area, there aren't many Roy Rogers in New Jersey anymore, which is a tragedy.

Charles Brower

First time in 30 years eating at Roy Rogers (aren't any near me) but it was even better than I remembered. The whe family enjoyed their food, clean dining room, friendly staff.

veronica dixon

Been a long time, but I got what I ordered and sat and ate it! I'm always on the go. Nice nostalgia to focus on?

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