Top China

18728 N Pointe Dr B, Hagerstown
(301) 733-8808

Recent Reviews

Gregory Keihl

Always good food and fast service.

Rebecca Rogers

We are new to the area but are quite disappointed with this place - ordered over the phone … 1st was told they had this “lunch special” only to find out it was deception just to get the sale( one thing I do NOT tolerate is lying). 2nd the shrimp/broccoli was to be spicy … no spice & very little flavor. We will continue to search for a better Chinese take out place.

MW Roll

The food here is always good. The fact that it's so close to home is a plus, but even if it weren't close, it would be worth driving to go get. There is no dine in due to being short staffed and/or COVID, but that's fine, I only order takeout anyway. I like being able to call ahead and the order is ready by the time I get there.

Leslie Harnish Beck

Great food, fast service. We get take out a couple times a month.

Chmoca Cole

Wish I would have read the reviews, before I wasted my money! Food over cooked, old and just straight nasty! Didn’t even waste my time trying to get my money back just won’t go back!

Mary Grimm

Food was great. Will order again.I live in Greencastle, PA. I don't like the Chinese in Greencastle. I work in Hagerstown,MD. So Top China is my new Togo place

Taking the Lead Dog Training

Excellent food! Fast, delicious and they even made me soup with veggie broth upon request.


The quality of food had here has been very good esp. the Lo Mein's, Szechuan and Hunan Dishes. Good Service

Ian Ahrens

Tasty, cheap, good for when parents are on a date and you don't feel like Digiorno.

Amanda “LiL Sassy” Norris

I love their To's chicken and shrimp egg roll. I go here on my lunch break I call it in and they always have it ready the price is pretty good. Thank u Too China I will see I when I'm hungry for my favorite lunch special.

Sven Flores

Great place! Family run and the orange chicken is great.

Mk Overacker

Best Chinese food on the north end of town. Can’t wait for the dining room to reopen!!

joey belyea

Meh.. it's generic run of the mill American Chinese food . But made well, good ingredients . Cheap .

Barbie B.

Simply mediocre. Not much taste. Very greasy. Charged for an egg roll - none in the bag. Ordered Mooshu and received no rice. Who eats Mooshu without rice??? No duck sauce, mustard or soy sauce. $20+ into the garbage.

Carol Clevenger


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