Papa Johns Pizza

25741-A Three Notch Rd Unit A, Hollywood
(301) 373-8911

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Rashell Tucker

This is rediculous I’m hoping I can get store credit once I call corporate tomorrow . The pizza I was supposed to get is on the right what I got was on the left there was no crust the sides were burnt a bit no pepperonis and the cheese was like slid around I get that happens but it looks like they just slapped the cheese laces on there . Nobody said anything about the pizza so it wasn’t like they had no pepperonis or anything they just gave me this I’m so mad

Emma B.

At first, my family and I were upset about a mistake they had made by giving us someone else's food, refusing to deliver our missing food and then never apologizing. Although, we understand mistakes happen, upon arrival there was a far bigger issue at hand. The community should be able to order from a restaurant without the fear of whether or not employees are practicing hygiene. However, the employees at this restaurant do not care. They do not wear gloves or hairnets. They run their hands through their hair and then proceed to touch food. I was absolutely disgusted by the lack of hygiene taken. At this point we were not even upset about the food anymore, but by the lack of hygiene. We will not be ordering from here again and I would advise others to stay away as well.

Melissa F Pierce

The worst I've been to. The papadia was overcooked and dry. No melting cheese and I didn't even taste my alfredo sauce. It was burnt. The wings did not look or taste fresh. They were very dark. Definitely not worth the $40 I spent. Totally disappointed. Staff wasn't that friendly either. Prices on menu were different than prices charged for food. Will skip this location.

Jessica Cook

Great service and great pizza.

Dawn burch

I'm very disappointed with my order tonight! The garlic sauce from the breadsticks overflowed onto all the other boxes, dripped on my floor when I carried them inside from the delivery lady. I also asked for bacon on my chicken pizza and they put Canadian bacon on it.

James McSwain

The worst of the Papa John's. Dont waste your time or money. Have had several issues with the Hollywood location. Pizzas not cooked all the way, order completely wrong, the latest being told that they didnt have an order for me after two hours of waiting even though I had a confirmation email, and they had charged my card already. Trash

Michael Luber

Very conveniently located for take out and delivery in northern Hollywood and southern Mechanicsville! Nice to a pizza place that delivers to us out here in the boonies, LoL!!

Nancy Obryhim

My pizza from Papa John’s in Hollywood was awesome but about 2 hours prior to getting that one the one from Lexington Park sucked and all my toppings where missing careful which you order from I wasted $25 on the first one

Alicia Dean

Just tried to order some pizzas and wanted to use a discount card. The first time the person hung up on me when I asked for it to be delivered. When I called back, the person continued to make rude comments about my order and when I ask what was wrong he stated “you are just making this too complicated”. I then responded with, “don’t worry about the order then I will take my business somewhere else”.


Best Papa Johns experience each time. Follow cooking instructions and always deliver early.

Natasha Guy

Very fast delivery.

Wesley Hill

Stopped accepting mother Catherine cards said they were fake. Bad business!

Ashton English

I very much liked the dishes and customer service, good area very close to my apartment. The employees are always very nice. Will visit here again.

Stan Messineo

It was OK would much rather have the crab pizza from Pizza Boli’s with double meat

Karina Holt

Employees are often not wearing masks properly. Either half off hanging on one ear or pulled below the nose.

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