25188 Three Notch Rd, Hollywood
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James Penrod

We all got breakfast sandwiches with bacon ? and homefries. Potatoes ? ? ? tasted great and will go back to try dinner meals.Only one small issue is one sandwich was supposed to have the egg overhard, and the yolk was runny still

Sherry Welch

Server was good. Cute little place.Home fries were not good, some were undercooked. We came because on may 20th 2023 on their Facebook page they said now every Sunday was brunch buffet, then got told after we sat down that was not true (even though it still says it on facebook). French toast was good, regular & oreo. I would not recommend the blasberry(or whatever it was called). Sausage gravy was good, but it came with grand layer biscuits & I thought everything was made from scratch. I got the chicka-cinna & from the description I thought I was getting chicken on a cinnamon roll, but that wasn't the case. It was a bowl of Chopped up chicken chunks, bacon & 2 little cinnamon rolls that tasted like they came out of a can (not grands). The flavor of the bacon & chicken was good. We got water for a drink & it tasted like luke warm tap water that was not good, even though the glass had ice in it. Most Seats are not fluffy-friendly.

Mike Richardson

Less than impressed. They were out of shrimp and grits. We then ordered the smash burgers.They substituted a fruit cup for fries because they were out of them.When we took a bite from our burgers, they were sausage patties.Turns out the menu is wrong.Apologies were offered.The check came in the form of our server with a card reader.I prefer to get a check and the words, take your time. This felt like I was being rushed and didn't get a chance to see what I was being charged for.This is a new business, but being out of supplies at noon on a Saturday is not a good look.

Julia Shevchenko

Went for Saturday brunch. They won't have their liquor licence 'till June. The brunch menu is a bit limited and they were out of a couple dishes, but the service was good and so was the food. The place is quiet and has a charming atmosphere.Kid-friendliness: Kids brunch menu available.

Ronald Lewis

Great food, friendly and reasonably priced. Awesome local business, not a chain.

Shamus “Kummerspeck” McCallahan

Best Weekend Brunch I've had in a long time. Love those biscuits and gravy.

Carrie Fox

Went for the brunch buffet over Easter weekend. It was our first time going and the food was amazing! You do expect food to slip when it’s made buffet style but the owner was smart only having small portions out at a time so food didn’t sit and lose its value! First time I’ve ever like shrimp and grits….my husband considered himself a sausage gravy connoisseur and it was rated an A+ in his book. Bacon was actually crispy!!!! I had a mini breakfast burger and that was so delicious as well. $28 is a little high for a buffet since I don’t eat that big of portions but I was happy I went for the buffet and got to sample all the items! The regular menu is a better price point for me and I can’t wait to go back and try the dinner menu as well!P.S. They actually perfected the customer service element too and sadly that’s gone downhill at most restaurants!

Aurelia Stevens

Great brunch options, excellent service and food. We will be back.

Kelly COX

Went for Brunch and had the Sausage and gravy biscuits. It was by far the best I have had! My husband had the shrimp and grits which was also amazing! The service was great and everyone was very nice and professional! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone!!! Thanks ?

Meg Berghorn

I have been to Stirred three times and absolutely LOVE it! The energy of the place is cozy and wholesome and the staff have been very sweet and friendly. My favorite item on the menu is the shrimp and grits…to die for!!! The restaurant is clean and absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend to anyone looking for good food and a unique and cozy environment!!

Carol B

The brunch is outstanding! Service and food couldn’t have been better. We had the spam & grits as well as biscuits and gravy. Everything was delicious. We are looking forward to trying out lunch and dinner. Highly recommend!

Sandra Nicholson

My first time ordering takeout at Stirred. I ordered the blackened salmon and it was delicious. The garlic mashed potatoes were amazing. I’m going to recommend this place to my friends!!

James Bailey

Checked it out awhile ago, was upset that I went to a “martini bar” and there was no alcohol. Food was just ok tasting and hours after eating I got sick. Inside was not great looking for a especially for a “martini bar” it looks like it was decorated with dollar general decor.

Cheryl Moore

No alcohol served until MAY I heard ??? And no menu listed here either Very unprofessional. And it’s false advertising. Opening a martini bar with no liquor license ..Thanks ! But apparently you’re incorrect . Whoever you are!! Do you read all the reviews? Even all the bad ones ? So you can correct your mistakes?

Barbara Kopp

The service was excellent. Ambiance was so inviting. Food was delicious. We will definitely be coming back.

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