Ogas Asian Cuisine

22745 Washington St, Leonardtown
(301) 475-0188

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Valkyrie Fire

The sushi tasted great but it wasn't wrapped tight enough so it was falling a part.Food: 4/5


Really nice place. Good food, family atmosphere.Kid-friendliness: Last time I was in there, a young kid was practicing on the violin. Very family friendly and nice place to visit.

Valarie Swaringer

Great Spicy Tuna roll. I will be back!!

Stephanie Rogers

The only reason this review has 1 star is because I had to pick something to post this. We had a pretty expensive meal this evening that no one wanted to eat. We decided to try Ogas because the other place we normally go to has gone down hill. Im sad to write this and more sad I spent 80 dollars for food no one wants to eat. Our sweet and sour chicken looked and tasted like pork. The meat was grey and most of the "chicken" (we will call it chicken because thats what I ordered), was overcooked and could not be chewed, it was like trying to eat rocks. The pieces of pork/chicken we could eat were maybe the size of a nickel and were mushy inside. The sweet and sour sauce tasted like vinegar, the wontons in our soup were almost all noodle with maybe a punch of meat, and no green onions in the broth. We ordered spicy general tso chicken, it was not spicy, and the chicken had no crunch to it. The fried rice that came with our combination meals was YELLOW and seemed more like steamed rice with peas/onions and had a odd lemon flavor to it. To try and salvage our dinner we tried eating our fortune cookies however they were stale. $80.00 for dinner and no one wanted to eat. I really wanted to love this place but sadly we will not be returning.

Chris Del Vecchio

Incredibly small portions.The first picture is the sashimi deluxe. The second contains $16 of sashimi and the roll cost $17 and is smaller than you'd find in a grocery store.Both pictures total $57. Decide for yourselfEdit: turns out the salmon is not fresh salmon it is smoked salmon. Even more of a disappointment ?.

David Clitheroe

Not great. Sushi pieces were small and already pricey even if they had been a good size. Watch out for the Nigiri deluxe. It’s says chefs choice but he’s not going to do anything special. Essentially just 10 difference pieces including two egg ones, a squid one and an abalone. Probably better off just buying the two pieces of tuna, salmon, etc. I won’t fault them for the Singapore noodles, probably just not a flavor I enjoy. Waitress was nice. She is going to burn out faking that high pitched voice though. Tired of getting ripped off buying sushi down here… Just another sugary/fried fast-food Chinese joint if you ask me… Expected more out of Leonardtown…

Chris D.

Incredibly small portions. The first picture is the sashimi deluxe. The second contains $16 of sashimi and the roll cost $17 and is smaller than you'd find in a grocery store. Both pictures total $57. Decide for yourself turns out the salmon is not fresh salmon as advertised it is smoked salmon. Even more of a disappointment .

Crystal Laneville

Always great! Never had an issue, whether I pick it up myself or had it Doordashed!

Robin Brickman

Awesome food, awesome restaurant, awesome servers. Absolutely delicious ?

Indigo B.

It's fine ig. The boba is quite good, but don't get the sweet and sour pork. Mine came with shrimp in the mix..unasked for shrimp. If you are craving Asian it's easy, but otherwise don't go here for like a date.

Tom Maddox

Ogas is my go to for take out Asian dishes. Easy ordering online or just walk in and place your order. Fast friendly service and great food

Jacob Martin

Oga’s is worth it! We enjoyed the food. The restaurant is clean and the staff is friendly

Cheryl C.

The orange chicken was just ok. I asked for medium spicy and it wasn't spicy at all. The "fried rice" was more like yellow microwaved store bought rice. Not authentic at all. The "doughnuts" was really good. Fresh and hot. More like sweet mini biscuits though.

Wanda Jameson

I had beef and mushrooms it was the best I ever tasted. The services was great..

Ryō Nishimiya

Amazing food, great service. High quality Japanese/Chinese Quisine while also being very laid back. 10/10 would recommend

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