Taco Bell

26501 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown
(301) 997-1401

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David Clitheroe

They open at 1030 which I bet is not what the big wigs at Taco Bell want. Need to update google. Thanks for wasting my time.

Susan Marie Sings

Stopped by with my family today because this combo location is the only one down in St.Mary’s…that I know of. Although they were low on available cooked chicken, Carlisa was very positive, polite, and ready to ensure we are satisfied with our visit and ensured quality of the business. She is a great employee and she talks good of her environment and co workers. I am happy and will return soon.

Krystal Wright

Really? You can do better! Ordered a spicy POTATO soft taco ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Kelsey Bruno (imma cookie)

Girl at window was rude and obviously didn’t care about her job.. responded with “what” when she forgot our drinks, and food was over an hour old.Would give zero if I could

Julie P.

We don't go but once in a blue moon. We are reminded every time why we rarely go. Never again will this Taco Bell get my business. Tired of giving them money for items we never get. It's like giving them free money for nothing. They can't do anything right. The orders are always incorrect and items left out. Taco Bell corporate office needs to take over and either do something with this restaurant, or else close down to put themselves out of their misery.

Zan FengShui

I would leave zero stars if I could. Woman outside on a break sees me walk in and I am greeted by an empty establishment. Needed a few moments anyway to think on my order, so thats fine. No one came to the register. Woman comes back inside and walks right past me without a word. Clearly they do not care here. Avoid the place


They do not have a breakfast menu at the Leonardtown location, very disappointing.

Greg Entwhistle

LOVE this KFC!!! Food is always great! We ate in last time and were the only people in the building other than the employees. Food comes out surprisingly fast after you order it too!

Greg Coombs

Like many have said, this place deserves 0 stars! Rude, lazy and incompetent workers, food made wrong or it just tastes terrible. I try to go here occasionally to get a quick meal since we live close but this place is just one disappointment after another. Simply put, this Taco Bell/KFC just sucks and I don't plan to go back.

Jason Freese

This location is a joke. Currently their hard shell tacos taste and smell like the cardboard box they’re shipped in. You can’t even wash the after taste away with their un carbonated soda. if it’s working at the moment. You’ve been warned.

Katie Montgomery

Wish I could say 0 stars they are terrible at customer service! THE WORST. I told the guy I needed a moment so he stood there on his cell phone even when I told him I was ready to order. Another girl came up to him while I was ordering to ask him for money so she could eat. Then they don’t have anything I wanna order. Their soda machine had watered down soda in it, and when I decided to finally eat my food it was COLD. As cold as the sour cream in it was. IT WAS HORRIBLE. I WILL NEVER COME TO THIS LOCATION. I HOPE THEY GET BETTER PEOPLE EVENTUALLY.

MrMojo Risin

Always some type of issue whenever I go to the Leonardtown location. They usually don't have whatever I want to order, seem to close at random times, no working registers, you name it, they've made the excuse.Most recently closed at 8pm on a Friday night. 1 time had to come inside because the drive thru register wasn't working. No idea why they couldn't just use 1 of the counter registers. Was mid pandemic when we could not enter restaurants, normally I choose to come inside over using the drive thru.. Always people having conversations heard from the drive thru speaker while trying to order. Another drive thru moment, after being asked for my order the employee started talking to another employee then laughed for a good 20 seconds while im attempting to place my order. Asked if everything was OK then they became even more rude. It's not all employees at this location because I have come across some very friendly 1s. Some have been very apologetic when any of the above happens, but many just act like it's my problem and not their's.

Natalie Lynch

Good service, wish I could say the same about the food. I tried talking my daughter out of wanting to go there but she didn't listen and got soggy tacos again. I got old fries and dried chicken. Disgusting.

Rocky O

So, if I could give no stars I would. Every single time we go here, either our food is wrong, something is missing, they are out of it or the employees are rude. It is not hard to make some food and place it in the bag and not mush everything. Spent almost $30 today and no one in my family ate. Never in my life, have I seen such incompetent people.

Lisa Stmary

Service is ok. They run out of chicken, on KFC side and the protein bowls on the Taco Bell side, ALOT!

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