The Slice House

41565 Park Ave, Leonardtown
(301) 997-6577

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Haley A

As the name suggests it is a good place to go if you just want a slice or two of pizza. Other than that I feel like there are many other pizza places that I would recommend. I like that they heat it up for you in the oven when you order it so it comes out nice and hot. The taste however is average and not something I find unique. It’s cool that they switch up the toppings every now and then though.The staff is always kind and get your order out as fast as possible. I do however wish they had longer opening hours/ days because I feel like whenever I try to go they are always closed.

Mike N.

So their Facebook page says they have two locations and we called because apparently the location nearest us no longer exists, we call and ask for the address and the very rude person who answered the phone puts the phone down and we overhear her say "I have to google this address for this lady, she's fucking nuts" Manager be aware this was about 5:30 pm on Dec. 16. I mean what do you say to that, Facebook page is wrong , what kind of chicken head doesn't know the address of the place they work. If your going to be nasty, hit the mute button. And in general how do you treat someone whose going to lay down cash for your product that way? We will find a different place to spend our money tonight.

Virginia R.

We love having pizza here. Great place for a date night. Brick oven pizza is little expensive but worth every penny. Unusual flavors for soft drinks, blueberry is particularly tasty. They'll take off the anchovies if you don't care for them and give you a box for the leftovers which you will have.

Shaneisha McMillan

The pizza was amazing. I ordered a slice of the cilantro chicken and cannot remember the other flavor. I need to go back and sit down as I liked the atmosphere.Food: 5/5


A very nice place to eat for the inviting atmosphere and phenomenal pizza options and it being a local eatery as well! I always tend to take my day off to go and snag a couple slices of the day for myself, and the wait is fairly minimal for those who want a quick bite! Their options are quite interesting, and something new always pops up, such as chicken cilantro or baked potato pizza. Sure, the location is sort of out of the way, but it is surely worth it for the friendly staff, delicious food, and hearty atmosphere to keep me going strong for my exploration of Leonardtown! Don’t be afraid to stop by and see what they have to offer, or you’ll easily miss out!

Adam Farmer

I love this place. The food is good and they always have something new and different for pizza slices. Judy the bar tender really makes the place. If you get a chance to visit, sit as the bar and experience the gem of the place.Food: 4/5

Zu D.

Pizza is delicious! Small place to grab a beer and watch games w/ friends! Highly recommended

James T.

Consistently good. The owner has also worked with our cub scouts to do a fundraiser. I definitely enjoy eating here the staff is really nice and the food is really good and there soda selection is different from most places so that's a nice change of pace. Highly recommend!!!

Matt Bauer

Great pizza and quick service. You will be glad you chose to visit this establishment. They have a good selection of beer on tap as well as craft ice cream for dessert. I will definitely visit again.

Joseph Bello (Joe)

This pic is from my dinner from The Slice House II Go, but it wouldn't be fair to not leave a review here, too, since it was the slices for lunch that made me return for a whole pizza from the other location. I went for one of their delicious subs, but I couldn't pass on the pizza special with fresh tomatoes and basil from the local farmers market. The Mexican street corn pizza special was great, too. This location has a great atmosphere, the staff are always friendly, and it's my go-to stop for lunch in Leonardtown. I highly recommend.

Ben Jammin

I do recommend this restaurant.The pizza was pretty awesome. Loved the cilantro sauce. Service was quick, attentive and friendly.The pricing was a little steep but not crazy.

Diane Peterson

So yummy! And a great selection of pizza! Great ice cream too. Family friendly as well as a place for friends to gather.

robert crowley

This place is awesome! Authentic New York crust pizza is the best pizza within 50 miles. And their beer selection is the best in the Tri county area, as far as I’ve found. I get overwhelmed by all the choices, so I’ve recently decided to let the bartenders pick my drinks for me. Everything they served me was new, different, and excellent. I can not speak highly enough of this local hideaway.

Erin Fanelli

I’m a native Jersey girl stuck in MD and was recommended Slice House when I was complaining about how there is no good pizza in MD. So we took a trip to give it a try and Slice House pizza literally took me back to being home in NJ. I’m so happy to find a place that makes actual NY style pizza. Fantastic pizza, worth the drive.


Best Pizza in Southern MD! I tried all the local pizza shops in southern md. They are all good. But Slice house has the absolute best Pizza! You have to try for your self. But if you like authentic new your Style pizza by the slice or a whole pie, this is the best.

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