40804 Merchants Ln, Leonardtown
(301) 997-0753

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Ashleigh Baker

I had to wait in the drive thru for half an hour at least.Food: 5/5

Chaz Pugliese

Got home to find out that the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger I ordered (The only reason I went to Wendys) was actually a pretty pathetic looking chicken sandwich with sad looking lettuce on it... Thanks for nothing guys.

Johnny Kenney

Got order correct. Wish fries were hotter is why 4 star.

Andrea Bloom

I like this Wendy's in Leonardtown, Maryland. They are fast, courteous and very professional. However, the only thing I wish they would do is have all their employees wear face mask, hair coverings and gloves, not just the ones making the food in the back. In this day and age of Covid and other easily transmitted diseases, they should be more cautious when serving food and coming into contact with customers because they are less than 6feet apart at the windows as they serve you. Other than that, their food is always hot and delicious. So yes , I would recommend making a little pitstop here for breakfast, lunch or dinner if you want something quick.

Dawn Murphy

They don't use real croissants and the food was nasty and we spent 25 dollars to throw it in the trash

Daisydoll Yerbie

Everytime i ordered delivery my food is hard. And today I found an ant in my nugget box. This place is ghetto I'm done eating here. Ppl don't eat here.

Owow 101

Coming tomorrow to get a free meal. Y’all messed up my orders to many times and this one I ain’t letting go. Late or not, do your job correctly. It’s not that hard

Lindsay Blanton

I’m not one to give reviews but credit is due. Went into Wendy’s today with my children. It was extremely clean, we were greeted by the gentleman at the counter right away. He kindly took our order using manners the entire time. It was a very pleasant experience.

Tiza Melazzo

Writing this as i’m stuck in the drive through line. 4th time I’ve come here within the last two weeks and they are out of frosties. Finally asked why and was told that they run out early. Every time I’ve come there is no sign signifying that they are out. And I’ve been in line for 10 min and will leave with nothing. What a wasted trip. And I’m still stuck.

Tonia Delozier (Tonia Deloziers)

Workers are not friendly. When you're told thank you and have a nice day You should acknowledge the person. Food was decent.

Joseph Southam

The management needs to stay on top of the cleanliness of the restaurant. Today, the floor in the seating area needed to be swept and hot mopped. Tables needed to be wiped down and the bathrooms needed attention. I understand when the restaurant gets busy it's hard but customer comfort and cleanliness are critical. You need to do better!

Matthew H.

Everything was nice and hot which was a surprise given fast food nowadays however the front of the restaurant was very dirty. On top of that the cashier was chatting outside so it took a few minutes till I could place an order and the employees were talking about illicit substances. Tldr good food, that's about it.

Therese P.

Worst Wendy's ever. It's currently 8:54 and it supposedly closes at 9. Placed a mobile order for my so. and went to the drive thru. Sat there for a few minutes and some angry woman just yelled "we're closed." Tried to ask how to get a refund and she just yelled we're closed again. That last 15 minutes is a bridge too far, I guess. I don't eat their food anymore because the same location gave me a cold chicken sandwich.

Rick M

Food just wasn't very good. Many of the items were too cold and the fries were near flavorless with a stale texture. Will likely avoid in the future.


Foods always quick and even threw in a free frosty tag as a Christmas gift. Staff is always smiling

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