4400 St Barnabas Rd, Marlow Heights
(301) 423-4545

Recent Reviews

Van Richardson III

At this time so sufficient.

Michelle Portee

I love Ihop it's one of my favorite breakfast places to eat. Like it better than Waffle House ?

Nick Sly

My half n half was actually that .Half on top and half on the bottom

Victor Etheridge

Quiet because no one was there BUT on saturday dec 5th which ever young lady was at the counter taking orders did it VERY well.

jr davis

Not a bad place ? I love the pancakes ? ??


The customer service is a lil wishy washy. No complaints on the food

Lord of the Jungle

Food was really good and on time

Rita Rustin

I love going to eat here. Domt have to cook and I feel spoiled

Gwendolyn Marcus

Couldn't get my sirloin tips correct (medium well or medium) after two attempts. provided a tough T-bone steak that I paid for. Service should have been comped on the 3rd order!

Kevin Franklin

Food come QUICK! And love the new to-go containers.

Brian Jackson

Just a decent all around Ihop

Lenes Armelin

Poor service and cold food........also they don't have change to give back,so make sure you have the right amount....

Jean Pierre

Nice place. Clean & professional

Adrian Wooten

I found a (black) hair net in my eggs yesterday when I placed a order for a breakfast sampler so I took a picture of it and I'm going to report them to the health department. The grossest thing I ever experienced, I will never eat there again

GodsTinGle TheSinger

Great service..hats off to the chef! My steak omelet was awesome!

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