4400 St Barnabas Rd, Marlow Heights
(301) 423-4545

Recent Reviews

GodsTinGle TheSinger

Great service..hats off to the chef! My steak omelet was awesome!

Miz Kookie

Food is made to your liking, its always hot and the service is good anytime u go.

Rick Middleton

This restaurant consistently provides good food quickly and the service is polite and professional. They have the same staff not someone new every time I come in.

Elliott Richardson

I love this place it is close to where I live and the service is better than great and you can not beat that.

R Reed

I ordered my food to go in 15 minutes they had me out the door. My steak was cooked to perfection and the vegetables was seasoned just right.

Kenny Jones

Service was slow. I had to call for my waiter several times. The food was good.

Crystal Curran

Thank you so much Buffy. What a wonderful time we had. The Currans. I don't think we've ever been treated so hospitabley. I know you are the Manager, but you went above and beyond your call if duty when you waited our table. We'll be back. Crystal Curran

louis johnson

Doing the time of day I was there service was good. Food was good I had the breakfast sampler. Bacon was just ok.


IHOP has the hot breakfast all day long!! I love my breakfast food. Especially waffles & scrambled eggs cook easy and soft. IHOP always get it right. Always have friendly employees on duty providing quality customer service. They play that old music that makes the time waiting for your good go by faster. Don't sleep on a good breakfast or meal 24/7. Don't forget to leave a good tip!! See you at IHOP one of my favorite spots.

Edvin David Galicia Portillo

Small place, but quick and to the point.

Crystal Banks

The waitress deserved that tip. My son and nephew were a handful. They made a huge mess and grabbed at everything on the table. She was so helpful and understanding of the whole "toddlers in public" thing. The food was delicious and the price affordable. Can't wait to come back! (Without the toddlers)

Natosha A.

They gave me floor food and refused to refund my order. They tried to give me a certificate to return, as if I would endanger my health again. No, thank you. Stay away from this IHOP if you value your health.

Soarix Channel

Very good, but the service was a little slow due to how small the restaurant is

Zalee Harris

We frequent this IHOP restaurant. This IHOP location hard to get to, it is very small, and parking is limited. It is always festive, friendly, clean, and the people are prepared to greet and serve you. Oh, and the food is cooked just like the menu declares.

Jason Broughton

Ordered the french toast. Really nice customer service. I visited very early in the morning. Not many customers who sat and dined in. There are lots of walkin locals who frequently drop in.

Annani Rucker

My waitress was really nice and tended to me. The food was cooked with love

Shirley Phillips

This was a late night run after our server was very attentive the food was hot and delicious.

Kriston Robinson

My favorite is the big great steak omelet""also there french toast

Elizabeth Anderson

Ihop Is my absolute favorite place to go on a late night to eat. They got great food and i can eat breakfast anytime of the day. I love there pancakes they are always so soft and fluffy.

Anthony Brown

Ordered online, when I got there they weren't even aware of my order.. had to wait 30 minutes. The omelette was burned and they just covered it in cheese. The staff were disorganized and the cook was cussing everyone out in the back which the whole restaurant could hear.

Taloria Scriber

Waiter wasn’t very attentive and we had to Flagg him down multiple times for refills of our coffee and fountain drinks. He only showed us attention when he was trying to settle the check!

Lisa Shine

Wow. The gluten sensitive menu here has me speechless. I have no words to describe how good the burgers were and the pancakes left me almost in tears.

Donald King

Had the new chicken and waffle dish. It was good. Great service. Clean restaurant.

Regina Hockaday

Great service, clean, good food, inexpensive.

Jaime Prado

I ordered a pancakes and it took about 10 minutes to get 'em. My waiter wasn't nice at all... Even though I had a little discount for that, i hadn't feel comfortable in the place. It could be way better than that.


Ordered food online and picked up, the crepes tasted like grease and slimy couldn't eat them. The pancakes were dry like cardboard and they forgot the hot chocolate. Food was very bland no seasoning. Waste of time and money.

Autumn king

The cook was so busy singing he messed my order up twice.. He seemed to have an attitude about fixing it an the servings were so small we would have did better to go to McDonald's. Our server was nice a sweet she was the only plus in the place

Maria Perry

Always love IHop, I love breakfast food and I always get good service.

Joshua Temple

Had t bone steak and eggs steak very tough did not njoy

Devan Green

The service was good and the food came out hot and tasty!

Kitty Green

Didn't give them a perfect score because the food was lukewarm. Was a little upset because two police officers came and sit down after us and when their food was delivered I could see the steam coming from it. Anyway, I was seated immediately. The waiter came and took our order waited less than 15 minutes.

Carlos Juarez

This place has a terrible atmosphere. There is not much of veryone is so close to each other you can see the cashier while you eat! When I order my food I ask for fried onions rings and I got French fries instead. The food took to forever and when the waiter brought the food it was over cooked and not all of it was brought at once we had to wait for the rest of the food to come. The waiters were kind and was helpful but they couldn’t do nothing about the food. Some tables were dirty and the floor was dirty too. When you come to eat you expect for good food and for it to come in a quick amount of time , but here it’s the opposite. The bathroom was also dirty and my daughter went to the bathroom and said it smelled bad and that the stalls are not clean. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone, look for a different ihop.

Nashon Kornegay

This IHOP was the worst experience I ever had at any IHOP in the USA... There was only one waitress ahe was nice but overworked and the kitchen was terrible it took 45 minutes for our food to get cooked and then I still had enough of this bad servixe and walked out.. Without eating anything .. Never go on off peak hours bad service

Bonita Parker

Loved the environment and wait staff so polite. Food was wonderful!

Charles Simms

Great service. Food served fast and hot

Cornelia Bell

I enjoyed myself at IHOP because the waitress was very courteous and pleasant. She made sure we were enjoying our food and that everything was fine. She was so good that she got a $20.00 tip.

Melanie Barnes

This is one of my favorite IHOP in the area. Always plenty of staff on hand to assist with your orders to go as well as dining in. Food is usually on point ad well. Try the new chicken and pancakes, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Arnell M.

I know...don't have high expectations of an IHOP. But I do expect to at least be treated with common courtesy. The story begins with a new server who spills my hot chocolate all over the table. He's nervous...and new we've all been there. I can deal with that. He never comes back to the our table after we get our food...In this area I've grown accustomed to not receiving stellar service. Ok, I'm not happy but again I can deal with it. My food was lackluster to say the least, the "churro" pieces of my pancakes were so hard I could've broken a window. But I tried something new, I didn't like it. Oh well. I was STILL willing to spend my money and order another type of pancake so I could eat. I never was given the opportunity. After having to get up to find our server, we received our check. And...it's wrong. Now I'm hungry and irritated. He says he has to get the manager....after THIRTY...1,2,3...30!!! Minutes of waiting to have our check corrected. We received the adjusted bill. The manager never even bothered to come out to address us. Yes this fix was minor, but the wait to have it fixed?!?! Unacceptable. 10.86 for a hot chocolate and a churro rock?! Had she came out to assess the situation she would see that I hadn't eaten any of my food, and possibly acted accordingly. But then again who knows? My relationship with IHOP ends here. I will not pay my money to be disrespected in this manner.

Michael Power

The food at IHOP is good we not take great it's comfort food and very predictable


Family friendly environment...and the food was enjoyable too...