19 N 3rd St, Oakland
(301) 334-3302

Recent Reviews

Wilfredo Vazquez

Tonight’s crew is on top of the game. Very attentive to customers.

king brock

Great and humble employees so far I have ever been in McDonald. You don’t get this type of treatment in other locations

Emily Burlington

Walked in to a clean building and not too busy. Ordered my food and then went into the bathroom. Which where I was then spanked by an employee with a spatula. The food was decent and I’m kinky so that was nice but the food was only decent so 4 stars.

Bryanna Coddington

I, along with 6 other cars were all pulled forward in drive thru, which I do understand, I've worked fast-food. But a man was given my food, he told them it wasn't his so I tried to yell and flag her down to tell her it was mine. She ran inside with the food the man didn't want, and my boyfriend had to go inside with 5 other upset people, and reorder our food, just to end up getting the EXACT cold bags of food the worker was trying to put through a man's car window... ps, it was night shift. Around 8pm

Audra O'mary

They're food has a weird smell to it. The people working were rude. But it was a pretty clean store for what it was.Food: 3/5


The food was ok. The place was as clean as it could be bc of the amount of customers. The food had a really gross smell tho and sometimes the fries taste like chemicals

James Beeman

They didn't get my order right need to pay attention what they are doingFood: 3/5

L.E. Malcolm

I love it when my filet of fish is hot and fresh and all ingredients were stacked neatly on the bun - I love it when that happens

mary wells

Customer service at this location needs some serious help. Staff is very unfriendly. I understand they may be understaffed or business but it is not the costumers fault.

Holly Pelton

By far the best McDonalds I've ever been to. Crispy fresh fries and nuggets, good coffee, and nice service ?Food: 5/5

Ashley Hinebaugh

My kids love their food. Their service is always quick.Food: 4/5

Dan Roth

They, are slow and disorganized and wait on the drive through customers first before the walk in customersFood: 1/5

Steven .Campbell

Food was Fine. However. No napkins and missing condiments, as ordered.Which made eating unpleasant.Do we have to order napkins nowadays?If so. Add them prominently to the menu.Food: 4/5

Anna Park

Ordered ten cheese burgers, for the hunters in the family. One had a long dark hair hanging out of the bun, most of them had to be put together at home, burgers weren't even half way on the bun. Very dissatisfied, be a long time before I get anything there again, if ever!Food: 1/5

tim summerfield

Probably the most consistent of the McDonald's I've seen. Not bad.

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