California Tortilla

18101 Village Center Dr, Olney
(301) 570-2522

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Karl Cruz

They bit Chipotle style and I hate it. They made my 2 blackened fish tacos "as shown" and it only reminded me slightly of how good they were before they remodeled. Took out the "redbox" style soda machines...the employees seem happy about that...but those were positives in my opinion. Seemingly much less of a hot sauce selection as before. Seating has changed and the knobs for the Muzak volume gain are left unguarded...but probably not long now. I have absolutely no interest in going back ever. I'd rather be eating at the Olney IHOP...they at least have crayons.


I'll order their chips and salsa's and queso all day long. But all of the regular menu items give you make two tbsp. of meat and half the amount of filler ingredients and costing more than qdoba or chipotle. Staff is very kind and awesome though.

Ian Wilmot

I feel like I recall them being better but it may have been a different locationIts fine and the price for chips and any dip is kinda absurdId take Qdoba or Chipotle over it any day thoughIf you have the option skip all 3 and go to moes though

Kelly Woodside

As my son and I were entering California Tortilla at the Olney, MD location. We had time to look at the menu and was not pressured at all to order. When we were ready to order a lady who I later found out her name was Shelby, I asked her if the pork was good. She said yes. I tried the pork and it was delicious. I appreciate her honesty and she was very pleasant and nice. While my son and I were eating inside, I noticed Shelby doing everything. She helped with orders, she wiped off tabes, she swept, she was very good at multitasking, even answering the phone. I hope California Tortilla knows how lucky they are to have this young lady. I applaud her for her hard work and super customer service skills. I plan on coming again and I hope Shelby will take my order.


I got really bad food poisoning from the steak fajita burrito that I ordered from here. Won’t be ordering from this restaurant ever again.


Love Jennifer at olney, MD store. The Best!!

Thomas Long

Quality Mexican fast food. Had big slices of freshly cooked grilled chicken breast and delicious guacamole.

Andres Ledesma

Been coming here for over 10 years, lately the quality of the food isn’t as it used to be, more importantly the quality of the preparation is awful. Service is terrible, employees talk bad about customer in spanish. Waited 25 for a the Nashville hot chicken for them to tell me they don’t have it and then goes on to make me the wrong order after I told them I wanted a burrito they give me a bowl with barely any portion to satisfy a child. Been having bad experiences one after another, sad cause I really used to prefer this place over chipotle and cafe rio.

Jamison Moore

While I love the wall of hot sauce, the food is always a bit bland. Order time is also all over the place, so book a few extra minutes even if they aren't busy.

Kristine Dixon

im not coming back again until you guys fix the AC, its too hot in the dinning room. i cant imagine what your employees are going through

Matthew J. Bowerman

Delicious. Get it? Delicious.Awesome staff service, reasonable prices. Great anytime.

Jill Greenstein

Always lots to choose from. Clean and friendly. Good place for the whole family.

Matthew Bowerman

Delicious. Get it? Delicious.Awesome staff service, reasonable prices. Great anytime.

Genevieve Frace

We had a great experience with California Tortilla. we held a Spirit Night for our daughter who has epilepsy and she is trying to raise money for her seizure dog! thank you Karen Dewitt and everyone at California Tortilla for the great experience

Mary Harris

We've had uniformly delicious food and pleasant service here.

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