Jersey Mike's Subs

3494 Olney Laytonsville Rd, Olney
(240) 345-4222

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Eran Cullinane

Sub makers are either terrible at listening or purposely mess your order up out of bias, every single time. Never have had this problem at other Jersey Mikes Subs anywhere else in the country.

John Watkins

Everytime we order from this place one or if not all of the sandwiches are incorrect! All I ever get is I'm sorry from some kid the put in charge. They have given credit towards your next order, that's great like I'm going to use that! They just need to close this location!

face kiya

Easy to notice and they have tasty lunch & dinner good place to stop by.

Brian Matos

I can deal with the couldn’t-care-less attitude I get half the time we go here, but why do they always lock the door at 8:30-8:40 when they close at 9? If you close at 9, you stay till then and leave at 9:30 after you clean up. Don’t cheat the customers out of half an hour just because you want to go home early. Happens all the time. Just laziness

Lara Coombs

My review has nothing to do with the food. The food was fine. I wrote a message via the app. Hoping to get a response to discuss my issue.

Phil Buckberg

Sandwiches are always delicious here. Good staff too.


Truly incredible the staff members are polite and kind. The lady cutting the deli meats and cheese was cordial and professional. You don't see that kind of service everyday. First time trying this restaurant. Everything was delicious. I'll be back for the good service and delicious subs. Thank you!!!


No matter what you call them (subs, grinders, foot longs, hero's, etc) Jersey Mike's has excellent subs with classic east coast flare of the sub sandwiches you remember as a kid. Gotta get it Mike's way with "the Juice" and all the seasonings. Due to Covid they are struggling with labor supply and this particular store didn't seem to run with the efficiency and process that we usually experience when getting a sub. Don't let that deter you though because their product is still a superior product and their rolls are classic.

Kelli Chambers

This place is probably the worse place to get an Italian sub. They put no meat or cheese on your sub. Literally. Even asking and paying for double meat this is what it looks like….. go to another location this place isn’t worth your money! Wheaten, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg actually make a good sub. They don’t skimp you on meat or cheese and charge you 15$.

Kelli Chambers

Scanty portions literally no meat even asking for double meat. Waste of money!

Darya Dew

Absolute worst experience ever!!! My husband ordered subs online through Uber eats and waited over 45 mins and the order was wrong and everyone was waiting and no one to talk to!! It was an outrage!!!! Never coming back again!!

Juju Y

It’ll be faster to wait in line and order vs ordering online. I had a 1240 pickup and 30 minutes later I’m still waiting on my food. Maybe they should prepare the food in order of pickup time. There’s a 115 and 145 that’s already ready for pickup on the table.Employee just told me that the boss instructed them to prioritize people on the floor. Apparently already having my money, i don’t matter. The only reason i got my food faster is because I complained otherwise who knows how much longer they would have made me wait.*check your order because i heard some People complain they had to come back because they had missing things from their order.Edit: my sub was cold and too salty. My brother sub was only partially filled. Definitely not coming back here.

p dub

We ordered from here (the Olney location) because a friend brought the box of subs for a previous function (obviously from a different location). I should have known that this was not going to end well when I could not order online because the site was down. No one answered the phone number listed on the website so I called a different location to get an alternate phone number which worked.As for the subs... I ordered 4 boxes of subs (12 in each) for a total of 48 subs at a cost of over $350. I ordered extra meat for all of the subs. There were maybe 2 pieces of thinly sliced meat on the sub that I ate (I was too embarrassed to ask others what they thought). No vinegar and oil was included with the order even though I was told that it came with it.On the bright side, the bread was good and the subs were packaged neatly.Unfortunately this soured me to Jersey Mike's and I will not order from them again, I cannot recommend them to anyone either. This location is harming the Jersey Mike's brand name.

Sean Barnes

We’ve been coming here and ordering from here for years and always enjoyed it. Good quality and fast service.

Mark Beall

Very friendly staff. Jersey Mike's subs are better than any other franchise sub out there. Freshest subs!

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