Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

3410 Olney Laytonsville Rd, Olney
(301) 570-3378

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Candace Avonne

There service is horrible. I go BC my son likes chicken. They need to take a class on customer service

Juan M

This is one of the worst Popeyes I have been before. Starting because the employees don’t seem to like working there. There is not a friendly service here. The employees are very rude starting with the males. They don’t treat customers with gratitude, not even a good afternoon or good evening. Buddy if you don’t like your job you should quit because you’re the face of the restaurant.Employees are always yelling each other. Also, I asked for spicy chicken, as soon I start eating I noticed you guys gave me plain chicken. You just ruin my night, I hope you all get fired !To the owner of this restaurant: You really want to make some changes with your employees because you are losing a lot of customers, not because of your food, it is because they are terrible employees!


It's okay, a little loud the staff members having conversations not laser focused on customers. It wasnt the best experience service wise as i saw others have similiar experience. Food was really good consistent quality. When i had questions on the menu the server was unsure as well. I didnt even get any sauce offered. I asked for spicy i received mild. They were too busy chatting with each other to know what my order was.

Astrid Obando

I bought a family deal and when I asked for sauce they said you have to pay for each sauce. Not even one complimentary sauce was given. I have never been to a Popeyes that doesn't offer free sauce. What world are we living in now ??

Gregory Bern

Awesomely good fried chicken sandwich. On line order was filled perfectly for on time pick up. Friendly staff.

Elissa Clayborne

The restaurant was busy but the line moved quickly. The cashier who took my order was professional, patient and quickly got my order packed up and I headed home. I will definitely return the next time we want Popeye's.

Pat S

The chicken is great but their prices have gone up. Also today when I went, they had no idea when they would have more macaroni and cheese and they didn't even offer their featured blackberry cheese pies even though they were advertising it.

L Still

Popeyes in Olney: 09.03.21 a/r 9:40p (LaborDayWknd)Had to wait f/ spicy chicken. None ready.Price of large fries appeard to have doubled?Ordered 1pc of fish & 1 small fries> waited 10minutes = w/ only 4 customers ahead of me. The One guy manning Front register wasn't multi-tasking well. He should've told us how long wait times were gonna be?

David McGowan

Got the spicy chicken sandwich and a box of fries for lunch ?

Scott Spillers Sr

Not the best Popeye around, just the closest.Other Popeyes in the country are better.

Nikki Wars-Hayes

Cashier couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand what I was saying finally I pointed at the picture and now we are cooking now. Sandwich bun was burnt too Making it really hard to taste the actual chicken but chicken was awesome

B Soldier

Popeyes is losing it now. Not as crispy and big. Bk is actually more crispy, fresh and more spicier.

Jasmin Hollywood

Small location with great food and friendly employees.

margaret spencer

The chicken sandwich was delicious and the service was great.

Milton Vasquez

Service was Great very good customer service but the chicken was stale like it was made at lunch very dry

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