Euro Liquors

WE DELIVER, 10512 Reisterstown Rd 2nd fl, Owings Mills
(410) 998-9463

Recent Reviews

Bridgette Defreitas

Great people great event

Kendra Wilkins

Fast delivery good service

janice williams

nice store are reasonably priced alchohol beverages.

yuri bellys

Language barrier understandable . I've been going here for over 20 yearsIf you want good price come here , cheaper then anywhere elseAnd yeah, they do say hi

Davene Chadwick

Very pleasant helpful courteous and polite like family

willie grant

A great selection and customer service.

Freda Coleman

Cozy liquor store in Maryland, they have everything you would want to drink.

John W.

Wonderful little independent (non-chain) liquor store, with some excellent Russian & Eastern Bloc stuff you won't find elsewhere. I have Lithuanian ancestry, and went here on a whim while looking to buy some decent vodka (as I live close by). The place introduced me to "Lithuanian Vodka" (figured I'd try it due to my lineage, and had heard they made some good vodka as well in that country back in pervious centuries) which like a lot of the other lesser known brands seems middle of the road at a decent price--but with good flavored options if you're into that--but the limited edition black: $20 a bottle and on par with Grey Goose, (filtered through gold mesh and shungite mineral--which I'm guessing from experience, the bottle notes "gold mesh and carbon mineral") smooth with an ever so slight hint of smoky flavor as an aftertaste! There is plenty else too. A hidden gem of Owings Mills.

Christopher Brower

Staff is cool and its clean. Nice spot

Nathaniel J. Boston

Convenient at the time.

David Woulfe

I have had the pleasure to purchase from here twice in the last two weeks.Both times my delivery was prompt and accurate. I could not order from here via the D app, as it showed no available locations. If you have a special request, add it to your order (cold item, special packaging) and they will try to comply. Great place to get deliver from - THANK YOU!

Gabrielle Brown

They're 1 of the few liquor stores that stay open past 10. Nice variety of beer/wine/liquor.

John R.

While he prices are decent, the service is pure TRASH!!!! Cashier banged on the counter for my attention and never greeted or spoke to me... When I told him cancel my transaction, his whole attitude changed! Will never return!

Keisha Thomison

The staff is awesome and the prices are competitive

Carlos Garcia-de-Quevedo

Excellent variety and prices

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