Bowman Restaurant

9306 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 665-8600

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Tabitha Walden

My family has been going to this restaurant on Thanksgiving for a few years. The food is always good and the staff always professional and friendly. Every year staff has been kind enough to make my husband, a vegetarian, a grilled cheese sandwich, because there is never anything a vegetarian can eat other than fries and salad.My main criticism is that this year, the staff was not allowed to make anything off the menu. I get it, you want to stick to the holiday menu. However, then you should have at least ONE vegetarian entree. Salad and fries just isn't enough.Vegetarian options: noneKid-friendliness: the staff was nice to seat us by the window, that entertained the kids a bit!Parking: good

Carla Jones

What an unexpected surprise. I always believe that gems can be found in neighborhood establishments. I was not disappointed. I had the baked brie for starters. What a treat. Steak cooked to perfection and a good crab cake.

Starr Wallace

It has been at least a year since we visited and I’m happy to say the food was delicious and owner and staff were awesome. The patio is always a nice place to eat on a nice cool Autumn night.

Rachel Jackson

We held our Halloween themed wedding of 120 people at the Bowman. The staff did an amazing job and made my night as a bride easy. Best of all it was very affordable for a couple on a budget! To the staff- you did an amazing job and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being great at what you do!Food: 5/5

Brianna Jackson

Food was great, full of flavor. But the best part was Liz! I appreciated her genuine energy and attention, couldn't ask for a better experience for a random weekday family night outKid-friendliness: Chicken tenders and fries, spaghetti, Mac and cheese, mashed potatoesParking: Go to the parking lot on the left, there's more space

JoAnn Fairfield

Great food was served! I loved everything I received. Even the warm bread had a great flavor. Everything had such great seasoning.


Super service! Cream of Crab soup was delicious! Hot rolls just like Mom use to bake! Entre of chicken francais very good!Got to go back real soon.Food: 5/5

Denise Siegert

The food was good, but it wasn't special, if that makes sense. The staff and service were awesome, but I won't actively go back unless I'm invited. The best way to put it, is everything was kinda bland. Or at least the stuffed shrimp and mashed potatoes were. I tried the fries and they were really good, the cream of crab soup was YUMMMMMMM. Not bad but not great.

Tom Ellis

The restaurant provided a private room, good service and decent food for our group retirees' luncheon. Conveniently located just north of I-695 on Harford Road with plenty of parking.

Helene Discher

Ate at Bowmans today with the church group, the food was horrible. in fact one of our lady’s ordered her food took one spoonful of it could not eat it, when we spoke to the manager the manager not only took the bowl away, she actually charged her for the food. The sour beef and dumplings were horrible ..the service wasn’t that great ..brought rolls to the table ..we had asked for butter ..the waitress only showed up twice to refill our drinks. This is not the place to go if you want a nice meal at a reasonable price ..the food is overpriced and not that great ..our church group goes out once a month every Sunday to nice restaurants 15 to 20 of us Bowmans will now be off the list. We have no problem with spending money on the food we want to eat but Bowmans will never see our group there again. What kind of Restaurant take somebody’s plate of food knowing that they did not eat any of it except for one little bite and not take it off the bill .this is ridiculous . Do yourself a favor.. don’t waste your time and your gas to aggravate yourself with the low quality food, poor service and poor management there’s too many good places to eat.

Cheryl Dansberger

We had a very nice lunch after a funeral. Several of us got the sliced beef bistro sandwich and the beef was cut to thick to bite through easily. All the other meals were fine.Parking: We were able to get handicapped parking easily. Wheelchair accessibility: We had two Wheelchairs in our party and it worked our very well.

Madeleine Sharp-Smith

I went to the Restaurant today again after about 15 years and I went with a lovely lady who is a close family friend. She treated me to a lovely lunch with some of the best French onion soup I have had in years and an absolutely amazing crabcake. She had a steak cooked to perfection with a baked potato and another vegetable and she enjoyed them immensely. The food was amazing but the highlight of our experience was our server, a handsome young dark-haired man whose name I believe was DJ. It’s after midnight and I truly have just forgotten but he was professional and pleasant and he made our experience more than worthwhile. He came back to check on us frequently to see that everything was going well and that was so appreciated . It wasn’t crowded so it was perfect, and it was a lovely way to spend the early part of the afternoon. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful restaurant and such an amazing employee. And DJ, if I got your name wrong just remember I’m older than I was when I came in.

Robert Kern

Food and device were very good.Just wish they would open the dining room. The atmosphere in the bar simply isn't the same.

Elaina J.

We've lived in Parkville my whole life yet I had never gotten food from Bowman's. One night it popped up as an option to order from on UberEats. So I decided to try their Cream of Crab Soup , their Crab Dip, their Broiled Stuffed Shrimp, and the Chocolate Mousse Cake. Ok, so for starters, there was no crab meat in the soup. Plus it tasted sour. Totally inedible. The crab dip would've been better had they given soft bread slices to dip and eat it with rather than hard pita chips. I was most disappointed in the Stuffed Shrimp. The Imperial was NASTY. It had a bitter chemical-like taste to it. And the shrimp itself was very chewy. So there went my dinner. I then attempted to eat the chocolate cake. *sigh* It was stale and hard like it had been left out in the air. So I tried to eat the soft parts to attempt to salvage it. Anyway, this meal ended up being a total waste of $82. I won't be back nor will I ever recommend this place to anyone.

k k

The food is delicious , the Place is so amazing and their service was great. I will recommend this restaurant

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