Chipotle Mexican Grill

7711 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 663-0167

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Tacky, ghetto, rude. 7:50 pm. No cheese, Guacamole, no salsa, nothing. Ok, so will u discount the found, NO, and rude about it. I can’t stand ghetto. Despise places like this, when ever one and the manager is tacky. Never coming back.

Tracy J.

SMH.... The servers rush preparing your food. I was not finished with my order and the server disappeared as if though it was my problem so now I have to stand in a very long line for the remainder part of my order.....there were not any green peppers or onions..... as much as this food cost the service needs to better. This use to be my go store but now no more chipotle for lunch. Please continue to rush the customers right out the door....


It's chipotle, so uh ya know, it tasted like chipotle. Food was quick and everyone was nice !Food: 5/5

Gerhard Ziegler

Chipotle needs to hire more people. I waited about 35 minutes until I finally could order my food. There were only four people in front of me.Food: 5/5


From door dash to just making a order in the store doesn't matter staff are rude and unprofessional and 90% of the time gets the order wrong. They talk and worry about their phone and getad when you are ready to order and seemed irritated. Not if , but a matter of time before the right customer snaps on one of them. That's how bad it is.

Christina Solomon

Their food is okay not that great ,however there are many issues with this chipotle. First off the staff especially the ladies in the front have a horrible attitude. Next, the food for some reason does not taste like food from different chipotle locations,The serving sizes are also very small as you can still see on my picture that is zoomed in,This location is extremely slow it took a while for me to get one burrito bowl,and finally chipotle is known for being a more expensive fast food restaurant.Thus the value of all of this food is not high.

Jason Leonard

Have not been having much luck at this Chipotle over the last year. The food quality is pretty standard with most other Chipotles but accuracy of order is often am issue. Portion sizes are very inconsistent as well.

Davian Bryan

Service was excellent, the food was tasty and the place very clean. Will definitely be back. I had a double chicken with black beans and brown rice. Fantastic!

Jesus Christ

Yall be skimping on the meat like it comes out your own pockets. smh….literally counted 4 slivers of steak in my burrito bowl.gonna start ordering in person and harassing yall for this.

Donald DonaldM

The staff was rude all except a Hispanic lady working there ...the one black lady prepared my food as though she was saving it for her self.... and the girl who rang me up never said hello and after charging me twenty seven dollars... you would think for that kind of money she could have said have a nice day ! There are lots of places I could have eaten at much cheaper and in the future I will and it was at lunch time. I deserve much better more food and feeling appreciate for spending my hard earned money !

Mike Anderson

How is it possible that this location NEVER has hard shells for Tacos?Is there a hardshell shortage? That only this specific location has?Does somebody show up when the doors open and buy every hard shell in the store?Yall smashing them on delivery?

Brandon Dellangelo

Food was good but their bathroom was absolutely disgusting!!!

Nicole Norman

Ordered via Uber eats and I’d give 0 stars if I could. It’s ridiculous to charge what they charge and send a burrito that is HALF the normal size of any other chipotle burrito. I should have gone with Qdoba, chipotle has been going downhill with service and quality for years

Sebastian Corbin

I ordered online through GrubHub, I got the $17 protein bowl and a burrito, the burrito was just fine but the protein bowl they did not completely fill, very disappointing, what's wrong with customer service these days, if I ever order from this location again I will go in person so I can see what they're doing versus getting ripped off on a delivery.As you can see in the picture below, they advertise this and the deliver that. ??

Jeff Brown

Chipotle has consistently had good food. The last 2 times we’ve ordered pick up we took the food home only to realize they messed up the orders.Yesterday we ordered Guacamole on two salads and with a bag of chips. I picked up the order, and took it home. There was no HUAC on either salad or with chips. We paid extra and didn’t get it.

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