El Taquito Leon #2

10615 Reisterstown Rd, Owings Mills
(443) 409-1332

Recent Reviews

Connie Caballero

Was excited to try this place out because they have great reviews. unfortunately was very disappointed . We spent $63 in total. All of the food was cold and the Al pastor meat was extremely sweet. Which upset me because we ordered 4 al pastor tacos and 2 tortas. The pupusas were also not good tasting. Main reason was because the food was cold. Will not be returning to this place.

Chris Bowers

Review for the Timonium location (Marathon station) - hands down the best tacos I've ever had in my life - nothing comes close around here, or in general. Every meat was fresh and flavorful, tortillas were perfectly done. Excellent.

Isilma Jaime

The torta and tacos de asada we ordered was really good. I would go back

Carlos Arroyo

The carne asada is to die for.

maria gornopolskaya

Best food ever love the California tacos

Mitchell Sye

Food is amazingly good... the team working the truck is always friendly.... I've had different stuff but the go to eat is the giant quesadilla but do chicken instead of brisket.... now understand the brisket is awesome but the chicken is on another level yummmm ????

Marlo Palmer

Never knew about this food truck, so glad it popped up in my Google search. I ordered the Birria Tacos and they were absolutely amazing. The only thing I wish they had was the comsume to dip the tacos in but they were so delicious it truly wasn't missed much. Definitely will visit again.

Brandon Rupert

Great food, terrible service. They told me to wait 20 minutes to order so they could finish health inspection. After 30 minutes they would not serve me even though the inspector said she was allowed to make food while she was there.

Kibreya M.

Wow I went here based off reviews big mistakes the food was DISGUSTING they make up there own prices the lady was rude and the cook said he been working there for 3 days please go somewhere else Jose Is right down the street from here with better quality my food looks nothing like the picture my sauce was in a Bag

Elena Knupp

The carnitas tacos were fantastic, rich and tasty.

Oswald D.

Seems like people in these reviews are expecting 5 star service and food from a food truck. It's a food truck. It's light years better than anything you can find in the Reisterstown/Owings Mills area. Food is hot trash in this area. Birria tacos are very good. They are inconsistent but not in a bad way. Seems like they might have different cooks so every time I've had it it's slightly different but still very good. It's a little on the expensive side but at this point what restaurant isn't.

Tahya #LesCook Jones

The best steak tacos I’ve had. Hands down. Skip all the rest of the Mexican cuisine near here, and stop or pull up to this truck. Sip your margarita in the parking lot if you want seating and a bar. The bestttttt

Katherine F.

Honestly is way to expensive and the food is not even good had some birria tacos and damn they were oily asf !!! Deff not worth it plus they dint come with consome you have to buy it on side which is small n 4$ just that order was around 21$ deff not worth it .

L R.

Great tacos! The pastor and lengua were really delicious! No other places in the area have this amazing flavor! They just got a new loyal customer!!

Angelina C.

The food was good overall. Also had the chicken empanadas, they were good until I seen hair in the container. The tacos were great! The cosome on the other hand, more so was oil & cilantro mixed. Def can do without it. Slightly expensive, $13 for tacos + $4 for the dipping sauce. Glad I finally tried it though .

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