Flaming Wok

2313 Cleanleigh Dr, Parkville
(410) 661-8845

Recent Reviews

Veronica Wheeler

Order bourbon chicken it was hard with sauce dry then went back to exchange for beef and broccoli and there were like 3/4 pieces of beef with 1000 broccoli it has to be new Management or something

Flor Martinez

they take too long to give you your food like what 20 minutes and not even busy

Bun B

It was fast and pretty good.. definitely would order again and reasonable price

LaShawn Milton

I would give zero, I ordered shrimp egg foo yung and the shrimp were mushy , they dissolve in my mouth I didn’t have to chew them, I threw the whole platter away I should’ve went to china ex like I been doing.

stephen sanders

Very good meal

Tori Moulden

Extremely rude customer service made the whole experience sour and the food isn’t exceptional enough to order again and put up with that attitude.

Adam Laws (Seriustruth)

Horrible experience. Had I not paid for my order in advance I would've walked away from the ordering window, as I'm not accustomed to paying for bad service. The counter help was very rude and dismissive. Once my order was ready it was placed on the makeshift counter, and the staff member walked away without any departing salutations.I'm assuming, and I never pull the race card, but the treatment of a caucasian customer ahead of me was stellar. It was only when they looked ahead to me that his smile disappeared, and the attitude surfaced. I don't know, maybe he had a bad experience with a POC before I arrived. No reason to take it out on me though.As for the food, even if I was treated like my dollar mattered, wouldn't go back. The food was bland and appeared to be rushed. The rice was undercooked, dry, and the rest of the dish also lacked appeal.Definitely not a place I plan to patronize again. Like I said, I refuse to pay for bad service.

Kelly Lombard

I have eaten at a lot of Chinese food places, this place by FAR IS THE BEST!! Shrimp fried rice is the best I've ever had! The quality and quantity of food exceeds all others!I won't go anywhere else!

Leslie Addison

Best Chinese food I've found in the Parkville area.

Ether Channeling

She really used the tongs they cook with to grab the money. No prices are shown so they can charge with they want and yes look a lil dingy from what you can see from the curb. Yes curb they serve you through a window in the door

philomenia alexander

I love shrimp egg foo yung?????


The food is excellent. I especially love their eggrolls.

Stephanie Dickus

I ordered shrimp toast ( ate 2 peices), a egg roll and dumplings. I have thrown up twice and my stomach is killing me. Please kill me now

Ilana Johnson

I love them n always leave a tip❤️

rob b

Great communication. Fresh and hot and ready as promised. Delicious. Be back soon.

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